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Anam Asif Apr 2018
This strange feeling we have,
Since we stepped here.
Pure are the whites,
With flaws are born , the blacks.
Brought up in the Indian culture,
That tea had the inferiority complex,
Fooled were we that a cup of tea would make us dark.
Glad were we to be not among them,
Sure we did avoid the tea.
Now that we think,
Why is color an identity?
We shall not forget,
All of us disfigured it.
I seek it,
For I am not white.
Can't call me black either,
I'm not discerned as you want.
To those beautiful people,
By all means, I call to you.
Don't conceal nor fear it,
So are you extraordinary.
Lock up your woes, flaunt all your shades.
And when they provide contrast to it,
I'd be ashamed of their deeds.
I lay my head down once again,
As I hear those people,
Pray that their color changed.
Trust me, I feel the pain.
I ask myself over again,
Will we ever end this cruel game?
Ignatius Hosiana Aug 2015
If we were courageous enough to lift the blame
After starting the spark to deal with the flame
If we were weak enough to fight for success
And strong enough to admit our failures
If we were blind enough to feel for others
Or had a perfect vision to be as kind as mothers
If we were hopeless enough to search and find
Or filled with hope and wisdom to be kind
If we walked slow enough to wait for the outcasts
Or ran fast enough to rescue those who hunger and thirst
If we were voiceless not to insult the defenseless
Or had loud voices to condemn the merciless
If we were too lazy to even manufacture a war glove
Or had super strength to truly make love
If we didn't have the knowledge to fly into space
And rather worked our fingers to the bone to change the world
If we only rejected people for who they are not
And accepted all of us for who we are,black or white,Afro or bald
If the entire human race in unity signed a peace note
The world would be by far a better place
When will we
not let history
repeat itself again?
Let us fight for equality for everyone on Earth. We shall try our best to eradicate prejudice, genocide, discrimination and all  acts of injustice.

— The End —