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29.1k · May 2015
Ignatius Hosiana May 2015
The innocent chilled beautiful sunshine
Lay lonely abaft the ravenous-globe cavature
Chained in manacles of Dusk
21.3k · Apr 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
Someday I'll hold you like you me charms
Look you straight and deep in your eyes
And let you know how much I lust for you
I'll pull your soft body with me masculine arms
Dead close to mine so that you realize
How glamorously my  **** tightens for you
Someday I'll touch your neck with my teeth
I'll graze it so softly that you won't quit
And then pour magical whispers into your ears
The much I've dammed up all these years
I'll place my hard palms beneath your shirt
To softly hard caress your skin so that it'll sweetly hurt
Then I'll place my head onto yours and sigh
Because by this point I'll already be high
Someday I'll be this close and I won't miss
I'll peck your forehead but your lips kiss
You'll shut your eyes and savor my taste
I'll take it one step at a time with no haste
I'll patiently unbutton your outfit
You won't stop me for you'll feel me heat
Someday I'll **** at your beautiful *******
Draped like two cute oranges on your chest
You'll mourn like you're grieved at the pleasure
You'll beg me to quickly find my way inside
But I'll try and keep my control and decide
when to partake of your juicy treasure
Someday I'll explore further down your thighs
Me whom you much loathe and despise
You'll arch like a bow at every touch and laugh like a clown
Yet mourn as I navigate every street of tuna town
You'll beg me to pass through the tunnel of love
And just then I'll swiftly embed myself into nature's glove
I'll place myself above you,I'll be a long awaited burden
You'll hold my posterior as I plough through your garden
Since you say there's no love around here
Further apart your thighs will obediently split
While we make it
Someday we'll walk a thousand miles with no rest
We'll surf the ****** waves till we hit the viperous crest
14.4k · Apr 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
The beauty of patience is in letting the sun
rise when it rises and shutting our eyes
when the dusk dawns believing the secrets
of life will come in the wake amidst the
crowing of the roosters.
Notes (optional)
12.4k · Apr 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
Dear Math,
I wrote this letter to let you know how I feel about you. The thing is much as you love me so much, we can never be an Item when all you do is torture my brain and break my heart.
You claim to be a linguist, yet you know none of my languages. You don't know Kiswahili neither do you know English and only speak Algebra and statistics...I loathe you for all you do is play on my mind with words like Sigma and Meu, factorial and co-factor.You claim you want to be the only one but still ask me to find your X without even telling me Y.Well, grow up and solve your own problems because I'm tired of solving them for you.Just walk out of my life forever and not temporarily like the dew. You have hurt me enough with razors of matrices, pinched me simultaneously and never asked me whether I believed in your ancient beliefs like those of Pythagoras or not. We were never meant to be. I found a new one, her name is literature and she loves me so much.I won't apologize for saying I hate you because It's unfair apologizing for saying the truth.
Yours with anger
11.5k · May 2015
Ignatius Hosiana May 2015
I wish I didn't have these arms you scratched
This broken heart you deeply touched?
Imagine the idea of making no **** oath
If I wasn't given such a sincere mouth
What if I had no arms to hold you tight
Or I were an imbecile whose mind thought nothing right
What if I was a strengthless ******* who couldn't fight
Imagine I had no eyes to see you the day we met
If I hadn't taken that road that sealed our fate
If I was soul-less, if that makes some sense
And lived free of guilt without conscience
To walk out on every lady like you did to me
Imagine it was sold ,the much I'd pay to be so mean
What if I wasn't human to trip and madly fall
Or I had no mobile to helplessly answer your call
Imagine I was deaf to apologies or created without ears
Could I have shed these oceans of tears all these years?
Imagine I had no nostrils to master your fragrance
Or palms to get adicted to the softness of your ambiance
If I had a stiff neck which could never turn
Imagine, me without looking back the far I would run
Imagine love was already made and we hadn't made it
Imagine I could decide who charmed me, not fate's merit
Imagine I erasing all the sweet moments and enjoying the sour
Wouldn't my pride still be as high as the Babel tower?
Just take your time, take away my eyes, feet, heart, soul and mind
And see what I'd be, a dark lonesome beast of its kind
So as you're walking away and sending me into a trance
Imagine walking back and this time having no other chance
Thanks to all who have complemented through liking, reading, sharing and inbox ...I'll try to appreciate all personally, but where I fail to shake the beautiful hands of kindness in return, I hope this little message will do. xxxx much love
9.2k · Apr 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
8.2k · Aug 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Aug 2016
Our souls met long before we
dreamt of ever setting eyes on
each other, otherwise why
does it feel like I've known
you for a thousand years?
7.9k · Jun 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
Being alone doesn't hurt me
neither does loneliness.
What really hurts is
realising that
I should be
with you
we are
in the spokes
of this absurdity,
and karma just seems
happy to see us worlds
apart, dying of nostalgia
What hurts is missing you.
7.8k · Jun 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
the pieces fall into place
the place falls into pieces
7.7k · Apr 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
7.4k · Jul 2016
SpeaK Up
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2016
Keep speaking up without fear
Someday someone'll beyond hear
Keep championing for change
*Albeit it does you estrange
6.9k · Jul 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2015
I will love you till the birds give up flying
Till eyes give up the habit of crying
I will love you till the cats make a truce with mice
Till probabilistic algorithm needs not a dice
I will love you till the Nile pours water into Victoria
I will love you more than war is cherished by any warrior
I will love you till Butterflies become caterpillars
And even if It's samson pushing the pillars
The pillars of my passion will never crumble
I will never change course even if I stumble
I will love you till the Doves stop to sing
Till entangled bees cease to sting
I will love you till the Sun grows cold
And the moon burns hot and grows old
I will love you till it snows in Hell
I will love you till Ants stop living in hills
Because I need you just as Snail needs her Shell
I will love you even when human heart no longer feels
I will love you till all African states unite
I will love you till old age steals my sight
I will love you till roads cease to have potholes
I will love you even after my destiny calls
I will love you till poems no longer rhyme
I will love you till the end of time
6.9k · Aug 2016
My Stuff
Ignatius Hosiana Aug 2016
Say this Life's a bible and I am
Moses, could you perchance be
my Stuff and help me
strike the Sea of
loneliness apart?
6.1k · Apr 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
Deadly wheel
Tough and weak
Not only
You and I
5.9k · Apr 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
5.6k · Jul 2016
Silent Eloquence
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2016
I peer at the world
And all I see is
possible impossibilities
fictional realities
counterfeit originality
impotent functionality
locomotive staticity,
and rigid elasticity
beside Beastie humanity...*

I look at the world
and all there's
are peaceful wars
Less Mores
widely locked doors
criminal laws
a stinking rose
and fragrant "choos"
I look at the world
and sadly I see all those...
I even see stepped on toes
on sand-less shores...
5.3k · Apr 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
Dream voyage
4.9k · Jul 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2015
A man who hasn't ventured thinks you risk falling off the Horizon by walking close to the edge of the world,travellers know that It's merely setting new limits & curvature.
4.5k · Apr 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
4.2k · Apr 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
not be afraid
of big dreams...
4.2k · Aug 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Aug 2015
If only and only nature had cared enough not to place us worlds apart
Without big beautiful blue Oceans lying proudly betwixt
So that each and everyday I had you tight in my embrace as you are in my heart
My thoughts would not wonder and my emotions mixed
If there was no single mile separating two great souls
Would not be contemplating the much to enable us journey that far
If only we could find a way to break all these walls
Or if I was extraterrestrial to rocket to you like a shooting star
Every night to steal your fear and leave you courage
To stitch your wounds and heal even the scars of fate
If only you weren't so near yet so far like a mirage
Then we'd only have the length of eternity to contemplate
If only I was close enough say right across the road
The burden of living would be lighter for we'd share the load
4.1k · Jun 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
My spirits are low
No more inspiration
No matter the perspiration
The stars have refused to glow
It's probably because I'm happy
But why should happy make ******
And poems not worthwhile
Well feel like frowning this smile
Even just for a little while
I wish inspiration was at a dial
Well, sorry poets, not feeling like poetry since I received an email that I made it through to the Barclays young leaders mentoring program..
My essay was among the best.So I have a lot of anxiety and strange emotions.
So used to feeling empty, I even don't know how to be happy anymore :o
4.0k · May 2016
I Wish I Could Be More
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
I wish I could be enough for you,
I wish I could be your other half
I wish I could please you beyond
the measure of just friends
I wish I could be on your mind
like my sad image in your eye
and the succulent apple of your eye
I wish I could be close to
your soul as I'm usually close to you
I wish I could touch your heart
like I touch your hand
I wish you could also tremble
in my unnoticed presence
I wish the thought of me
could make you sick in my absence
I wish I was as handsome
as he is, with the cash he has
I wish I could also show up
driving myself in the posh cars
I wish I wasn't a tattered
fabric with patches of scars
I wish I amazed you like a
clear night sky filled with stars
I really wish so much,
I wish you could read my mind
and see the million words left
buried, the emotions left behind
I wish I could be the first and last
thought as you sleep and wake
I wish the little I have to give was
the much you crave to take
I wish you could believe when
I say these feelings started at hello
that I die subduing my passion
threatening to overflow
as soon as I set eyes on your
beautiful breathtaking face
you would laugh at how
nervous my heart loses pace
I wish I had the qualities
you are looking out for
a height, light skinned, courageous,
and quite physically fit
but I lack such a physic, those
qualities are embedded
within the core of my invisible
self, a person you can't see
I wish you knew that your presence
throws me in an ecstasy
I wish you knew that I have
burning flames of desire
fueled by my highly flammable
affection which you inspire
I wish you could consider someone
like me,maybe I would reveal
but even if I do you can never
give me an opportunity
I'd make a double loss, swallowing
my pride, that bitter pill
you can't bear someone like me...
you never will
yet I still find myself wishing
you could for real
albeit I too would never
waste your valuable time
dragging you through this
hell of my boring life
I wish I was something more
than a lover of rhyme
maybe then I'd stand a chance
of calling you "Wife"
I wish things were different,
I wish you could know
how much I wish I could be
someone deserving of you
I do, I wish I could be more
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
I'm so lucky to be from the pearl of Africa
where democracy is just but a name
where independence was given but with chains
where a thousand busk in the millions' pains
I'm so lucky to be from a country where reigns total freedom of speech
as long as you're not a member of the opposition
a country where freedom of speech only lasts until the speech is made
if only you could ask the hundreds incarcerated,most are dead
for what? for not not realising the freedom doesn't count after speech
I'm lucky to be from a country that gives no **** about human rights
especially these meaningless developments
like right to internet, what a sweet place to live
no Whatsapp, no Facebook nor twitter and why?
Tomorrow is the swearing in of our new old President...
not that age is important, after all it's just a number
tomorrow we usher in a very comprehensive government
one which has managed to stretch its tentacles across three decades
tomorrow we will see fat bellied millionaires
on screens of those who can afford televisions
congratulate our president who's filled with enthusiasm
to rule a poor mass who voted for their corruption free bellies
and thus social media could be used to bomb our young innocent leader
black mambas beautify our streets while jet fighters ornamentally
buzz across the blue skies, as if Osama has resurrected in Kampala
to the visitors, we are not at war...those are salutes to our most cherished one
the visionary, the most trusted, the compassionate
the one who wouldn't hurt a fly or swat a mosquito
we can't take any chances, just tune your channels tomorrow
for first hand glimpse of the merry and youthful dances
social media is a destruction yet our president deserves all ears
in the sky, on the streets from the hopeless unemployed
tomorrow we speak not of change but change without change
tomorrow we usher in steady progress for another five years
tomorrow we start to smile and wipe the tears
for tomorrow we acknowledge the old man is here to stay
I hear even the Zimbabwean tortoise is in the country
ready to congratulate his associate...these boys fought for their countries
they freed us from crucibles into their heavenly hades...
we should appreciate they have sacrificed too much...
tomorrow is public holiday, forward to conservative past we match
back from the beautiful future we don't deserve
tomorrow like helpless dogs we bow to our master's collar
tomorrow we bury our hopes for change and feed on this yellow muck
the swamp of greed, we can't risk defiance, we're stuck
we're like the long horned cattle of the west
for tomorrow the fat ticks start to **** and ****
but I wonder, for how long, for how long will we just talk?
when will we do more than just silently sob?
I bleed for my country or a country I once thought was mine
I bleed the taxes, the ruthless beatings, the tear gas
I bleed like a slave being whipped by these fatigued caravans
I bleed despair and melancholy and wander
like a headless chicken,for how long though? I wonder!
I bleed for God and my Country
for Uganda, I bleed...
I've cried reading this after writing...
it hurts loving my country...
3.9k · Jun 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
It wasn't her fault as far as I know
I made it not alive out her womb
Not the drugs, not her liquor,No
I was just destined for my tomb

It wasn't her choice I took this route
Tell her train of depression not to hoot
It wasn't her making to be that small
She's a special mama, among them all

It couldn't be father's fault, It's fate
Yes, let her not love the man with hate
I know I should have been her first
But she shouldn't think she's cursed

Tell her to give motherhood another try
I know she thinks it was a 9 months' lie
Wipe her tears please, don't let her cry
It wasn't her making for me to die

Steal her sorrow, I'll pay the fine
Do all you can to see she's fine
She can have another to wear
& dine
In all treasures she says were mine

Give my mama joy, God set her free
You know she's barely twenty three
I bleed seeing how bad she's broken
Yes, give her a child, another token
Was just trying to do something different
It's a dedication to all mothers and those thinking their problems are the worst
Just be strong, somehow somewhere life will right the wrong
3.8k · Dec 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Dec 2016
but I guess
*I just hope you've also heard that
               I think you're the one I've been looking for.
3.6k · Feb 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2016
You are shattered and so am I
And thinking that I'll forget is a lie
but can't we find a way to fix each other instead of hurting alone
can't we get the two broken
hearts to stand as one
Don't you think two broken
people could truly be loyal
after all they've known the
incinerating ache of betrayal
Can't we find a way of making each other feel at home
like support each other,not only cuddle to feel warm
can't we share our experiences and
find a way to accept they happened
and instead of feeling sorry
you be the page and I the ink
and together we write another love story
can't we find a way to find contentment in each other
instead of whimpering over spilled Milk
wasting tears mourning loves that never were
yet we could find merry if we jump and fall again
I mean ain't you even just anxious to find out
without having a single speck of doubt
if all love ends but sadly and in searing pain
We could hold on to history forever but it
still would make no difference
or we could let go,finger by finger until we free fall
after all the ball's in our hands,it's our call
we could choose to focus on the past wishing
things had taken a different bearing
and freeze in the cold air of biting despair
believing our hearts are shattered beyond repair
and keep going down the rumbling doldrums and not care
or we could decide anything is worth daring
stick to and play by the ruthless rules of "it's over"
and give "us" a shot, by starting over
for so long we've been nothing but two crazy sad friends
How about we just take the lovers road, see where it ends?
3.6k · Feb 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2016
He didn't listen hence he did stumble
He lost all his stake in one big gamble
For he called my advise mere mambo jambo
Till he finally saw the game end at an angle
for he no longer watched, his heart did rumble
He's now silent with regret and humble
for they who think they know the jungle
meet with uncertainty, and get eaten like mango
He lost all his stake in a giant gamble
chasing after the big win,the bundle
Now even in sleep all he does is mumble
his regret and stress, though he says he can handle
I see despair in him as hope does dangle
For the future's a locked door, a dark tunnel
After he lost all his stake in one big gamble
he wears gloom as beautifully as a bangle
3.6k · Apr 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
She knows exactly how I feel
She swept me by me heel
She stares into me charmed eyes
She must be seeing paradise
She holds my arm to feel me pulse
She instead feels something else
She sees a lad with much affection
Feels fragile warmth that needs attention
She holds me tenderly in her embrace
She places my arm about her ***
She raises hers and lowers me head
She steals a bite of me lip instead
She then whispers words like magic
She probably senses me past is tragic
She slides her arm 'neath me shirt
She asks "was it so bad, the hurt "
She has her reply before I give it
She guides me through to her room
She believes it beautiful I assume
She starts for me lips soon as we sit
She has her way with me and I obey
She pauses for breath,eyes bright as a ray
She holds me firm, can't keep me calm
She sighs as I go above and on I turn
She's a ****** afraid I might do her harm
She obeys when I tell her it'll be a balm
She sees it'll soothe as I take off her dress
She shuts her eyes in honey grace
She screams as I cut to the chess
She sheds a tear, maybe she's badly hurt
She clings on when I lose my hope
She turns me down, she's now ontop
She whispers, "started it, I'm the one to stop
She's something from far outer space
She takes me up on a slower pace
She knows I'm her car,carefully she drives
She's a good swimmer,how perfect she dives
She then disappears soon as I'm on the crest
She leaves me in the dark, can't stop the rest
She's no Angel, I have to deal with the cream
She's an illusion,they call it a *******
She's just a nightmarish dream I honestly hate
She leaves me cursing my pants,they're wet
3.4k · Jun 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
After five good years of drought
It rained kisses and warming hugs
After my heart emaciating from rejection
I have experienced a resurrection
She kissed me wholly and deep
She sowed and had to reap
Could not recall the feminine grip
Even how to undo a lady zip
She kissed my upper and lower lip
Then around my body took a trip
Tore my favorite shirt,no time to unbutton
She ate my skin softly hard as a glutton
Not sure it was her mouth on my ***
Cause I couldn't open my eyes as she did it
She passed her soft fingers on my chest
Luckily I hadn't on my fitting vest
Crawled about my belly like a worm
While my ****** heart beat loud as a drum
She said something I didn't hear
Because passion had blocked my ear
She then undid my belt and my trousers
Quicker than all internet browsers
Then...then put the muzzle in her mouth
Was she aware of the bullet, I doubt
She cleared all the rust through the years
While in pleasure I cried happy tears
She knew how to hold the whistle and blow
Between where she knelt down low
Her palm around me was a soft tight glove
Felt she's the one that I deserved
Like a snake she crawled back up
And astride the volcanic plug sat Asap
Not afraid of the sharp edges causing harm
She kissed me violently and hurt my gum
I just couldn't care less at such a moment
Of a soothing ride, a welcome torment
Soon overtaken by my inner animal
I realized I could not take it anymore
And took charge of the walk to heaven
While the clock alarmed, think eleven
She arched tout like a hunters bow
And her eyes brightly seemed to glow
My journey deep was careful and slow
But the return as swift as Pacman's blow
I loved the way she clawed her nails
Into me, she reopened all my wells
I wanted to take her for a longer ride
But the wave of passion killed me,I died
Even when we were done I remained inside
Watching her skin as pale as transfiguration
Out of the joy we had shared, I'm glad
I received my emotional resurrection
I cut the poem short, too exhausted to type it all
3.4k · Feb 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2016
Despite everything that's happened
Despite the mistreatment of our own
Despite the suppression & oppression
Despite the mambas in big numbers
Despite the silencing of the nation
Despite the heavy deployment on the streets
Despite the gas that our eyes mistreats
Despite the despair prevailing in the air
Despite the scare,the arrests that are unfair
Despite the government condemnation
of those battling our incarceration
Despite the fact that some are starving
because electronic mobile money transfer is off
Despite the looming loss and fraudulent tally
Despite the gloomy faces we all wear, the sully
Despite the rage burning through us for many a reason
The main one being the compromise of our peaceful
struggle out of the manacles of this corrupt regime
despite many being voiceless in prison
Despite the treacherous Telecom companies
assisting the tyrant keep us on our bruised knees
Despite the malnourished kids along the streets
despite the expectant mothers fearing for their life
because the best Hospital in the country has no doctors
& the disgruntled interns trying to help and teachers
despite the lives lost in the election scuffle fueled by police
despite the opposition constant arrest and release
the rise in the prices of everything but value of nothing
despite the arrogance of those profiting from the tyranny
despite the dishing out of cash to bribe voters
& the lining up of cattle to have more votes than voters
Despite the furthering hope for eminent change
despite the lead of the incumbent by a ridiculous range
I still love my country and I still believe change will come
even if the despot rules for a thousand a term
I still believe a day is coming when we shall say
"At last, the man is history,this country is now for the people"
I dream of that day, it should have been yesterday
But despite the fact that any dictatorship
tends to want power for permanent keep
Someday from the fountains of change we shall sip
I still believe,albeit such freedom isn't a one day trip
On behalf of all who turned up to cast their votes
thank you for not just talking but also walking
thank you for the courtesy you're giving to the next generation
at least we know we shall have answers in clear narration
to our children and their children, each and every question
Don't give me the fight is just started
And still, even a president has got but one neck
Change is guillotine, someday it catches up
Don't give up for you have come so far and see so much
If you were about to surrender, I hope this your heart can touch
Despite all the challenges our struggle is facing
Let's stay focus toward justice and fairness chasing
Yes, we have fallen more than we deserve
it may feel but someday someone will appreciate your love
One Uganda, one people... in change we believe
For God and my country, I love Uganda
I love you all...Don't give up
For everyone in struggle against dictatorship. I'm proud of you
3.3k · Apr 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
To the strongest I am weak
And to the weakest I'm strong
To the righteous I'm wrong
Unto the condemned I'm meek
To those in power I'm a threat
Yet to the oppressed I'm power
To the mighty I'm an unwanted storm shower
To the voiceless I'm mighty thunder,I'm great
3.3k · Jul 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2015
So all of them knelt down to pray
For their comrades who were gone too soon
In the soggy swamp where they lay

Weaker and weaker they grew, day after day
Cause battle had intensified throughout June
So all of them knelt down to pray

They wished to rewind time least to May
With the rhythm of their Heartbeat out of tune
In the soggy swamp where they lay

Clouds had cast a thick canopy allowing no single ray
To touch their bloated bellies threatening to balloon
So all of them knelt down to pray

From a distance they heard a Donkey in horror bray
Sending shock-waves through the battered platoon
In the soggy swamp where they lay

They'd agreed to wait for aid on a tray
'Course help would come but they needed it soon
So all of them knelt down to pray
In the soggy swamp where they lay
Niamh used it, so I decided to give it a try because I like the style
Thanks Niamh :))
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
There was an Oak tree in Kampala,
Whose leaves were always blossomed in color;
and its life was dumped to the dogs
When they cut it down for timber and logs
That ornamental Oak tree in Kampala.
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
There was a road which led to a desolate hut
an outrageously long road, winding and rough
her ticklish humps and portholes made passengers laugh
whilst they cruised through the dusty dirt
upon that road which led to the desolate hut
I love this style **excited * *
3.1k · Jul 2016
Marry Me
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2016
I'm like other guys... I drink, I
cheat, I throw tantrums, but I
want to love you anyway.
I break hearts, I've broken one
too many... yet I am asking you to
entrust your heart with me.
I'm asking you to try me, I'm not
different... I got the dude stuff
you know and somehow this isn't
just about love... albeit I hope you
can be the peg that tethers my
lust... I want you to swallow
and never spit me... I want you to
be my last... I want you to be
the lady my kids call Mama,
the very last drumbeat of karma.
I want you to be my fate, to be
family that never goes stranger...
I want you to share with me this
vaguely baked cake of the rest of
my life, I want you to be my wife
and if these words cannot prove
to you that you mean a world to
me then I'll peacefully walk away
because I know we cannot force
affairs of the heart... The Heart
cannot listen to what it doesn't
want to hear... I love you and that's
why I'm standing here... I need to
know whether I stand a chance or
not... I'm not different and I'll
never be... I just hope I'm worth
climbing thorny trees for, worth
the rough roads, worth the hills
for that's what true love is in my
bible, it's about two people holding
hands and walking past the rough
and the smooth, past the hard and
the soft, past the hills, valleys
past the winding and the straight
road, true love's combining effort
to lift the light and heavy load...
knowing that the prize of love is
having someone to share with the
good, the bad, the happy, the sad.
Am I that person you'd expect on
this lifelong journey to eternity?
will you be my honey through
bitterness of waves waiting ahead?
Will you take the discomfort of a
ring for me?
Will you marry me?
3.0k · Jun 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
the race to good leadership
is open to whoever's
brave enough to
pick that button...
2.9k · Apr 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
Brain totally understands
even if I'm having a little
trouble convincing my Heart
to follow suit
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
There Was A Strange Lady with A Big ****
Who frequented the bushy path by my Hut!
I could tell from her ogles and giggles
that she knew I melted at her wiggles...
That antagonizing strange Lady with a Big ****.
2.7k · May 2015
Ignatius Hosiana May 2015
Arms that rested on her wide hips
I miss her 'grape-ulent'  lips
How onto me she tightly clung
While my harmonic mp3s sung
The walk by nature's green
Moments we dared to dream
She sung alongside Dido
Oh gosh, the "Darling" title
How occupied she kept us
Cut my wings,back down to earth
For all that's happened was worth
I miss placing my arms on her ***
And towing her close to my body
I miss her soft grip on my "daddy "
The look in her eyes when in control
I miss ******* her glorous beach umbrellas
How she ardently put off the lights
I miss the many long and busy nights
Freezing and so I miss her furry furnace
I miss the soft moans of pleasure
She was an undisputed treasure
I long to drink again from her chalice
I miss the tear filled hazels of lust
Thighs like tectonic plates in Earth's crust
I miss being trapped by those stalactites
Her harmless but arousing  love bites
I miss having her thrilling ride
My body would yield and abide
Her little laugh when things got real hot
My rock hard cable in her USB port
I miss the warm cool of her wetness
The milking machine greatness
I miss how whispers talked
Till late after we'd ******
I miss diving alength
I miss losing strength
2.7k · Apr 2016
Welcome To Africa
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
where presidents die in power
the opposition die trying
Musicians die on stage
police in the line of duty
nocturnals due to *****
Soccer players on pitch
teachers while they teach
soldiers die fighting
refugees and paupers die crying
drivers die on the wheel
painters die with a quill
thieves while they steal
addicts die of smoke and pills
nobody wants to retire
even at Robert Mugabe's age
they all cling to talent and power
so tempting and inviting
won't we poets too die reciting?
2.7k · Jun 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
Once again, love knocked at my door.
Someone gorgeous I could adore.
It offered me wings to get up and fly.
I stayed put and gave it no **** try.
Love came this close, lip to lip.
And said she was mine to conquer and to keep.
Love rested her soft hand in mine to hold.
Promised warmth to save me this cold.
Love said she's seen doubt in my mind.
But thought they said love was blind?
Love rained down and washed my hurt.
She said she can stitch my torn heart.
She told me to give her another try.
That ain't no way she'll make me cry.
Shook me and sent volcanic shivers up
my spine.
When she said in a voice so sweet and yet so fine.
That if I let her in,she'd forever be mine.
Sounding honest ,charming and divine.
*There was no way this could have been a lie.
This was my only chance to recover and kiss my suicide plans goodbye.
I was lonely for months high and dry all I did was cut myself and cry.
I've spent months in the dark
searching for someone to be my guide and light me a spark.
All I had was a broken heart and cracked lips with blood that
dripped out from time to time.
I was left alone with nothing but agony and pain
A situation I won't deny drove me insane.
Love came over, dried my tears and helped me get up and put on these wings.
I told her as I let out my gentle sigh
That I might as well give them a try.
Moonlight like rain came down pouring on us both.
The flowers around us giggled and blushed.
She touched my hand and brushed the chaos I had off.
She softly caressed my skin with her fingertips.
And before I knew it she snatched a kiss and washed me from sin.
That was the moment my heart felt another love story was about to begin
(A collaboration done by Ignatius and Carolin)
Bold is Carolin,italics is Ignatius :))
2.7k · May 2016
Blisters of Her Sacrifice
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
I gave her the permission to uproot you whole from my Heart, however painful, however unfair it feels
because I believe I've waited enough...
I've waited until I've reached the end of my patience
where holding on is no longer a valid option...
I love you so much but sometimes true love is just knowing
when to let go,when however firm one grips to the past,
nothing changes and nothing ever will...
I gave her a go ahead to pluck the memories leaf by leaf
from the wonderful hello to the sour goodbye,
it isn't an easy process and I'm only going through it
because dreaming of us together is telling myself a lie...
I once preferred (to living without you) rather to die
and picturing back to those times makes me want to cry
I have to forget you...
I've allowed her to cut the logs of hope right from the root system
so that whatever I feel for you should whither instead of bloom..
I've charged her with nursing my wounds till they are cured
and collecting the smithereens you left behind
I've implored her to bear with me till the raw and tender love
I feel for her has matured,till the memories of you have disappeared
It's really *******'s killing her, it's written on her face
how difficult it is to fill the emptiness in this place
to heal the wounds, to warm the cold and stitch the cuts
she's trying to submerge it but through her smile
I can see the melancholy and how much it actually hurts
that's why I'm sure she's willing to go an extra mile...
she's blistered and really hurting but most of all
she's cutting and cutting and cutting...
because I gave her the duty to complete our parting.
2.6k · Apr 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
I take it by the tears dripping
That a fragile heart is breaking
The burden of regrets written on your face
Tells me your soul's another empty place
Right to think the worst of me,I'm an ingrate
I felt it in your cuddle which was rather cold
Didn't think it'd hurt less truth to be told
I just thought you would understand
How and why I took that stand
I'm bleeding too watching you exit my story
I love you but I do her more,I'm so sorry
I'm sorry that I let you explore so deep
Thought I had control over my heart
I don't know when I lost that grip
Out walks another victim of my hurt
The one that got away is too deep a first cut
I thought I had finally cracked the nut
Don't become me, let you time heal
Forgive me, none deserves the pain you feel
2.6k · May 2015
And such is life
Ignatius Hosiana May 2015
My trust was the knife
You used to stab me in the back
But all in all I wish you goodluck
2.6k · Jul 2015
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2015
And I fight hard,fighting the battles all alone
It doesn't matter whether I lose but I have to win
So I fight with love and courage in my bone

I fight for brothers and sisters gone
Getting filth of guilt on my soul hitherto clean
And I fight hard,fighting the battles all alone

I ensure my foes regret why they were born
Slaying them with neither Calvary nor shoulder on which to lean
So I fight with love and courage in my bone

Its for my people's safety and for my own
I don't want to see them chained in slavery where I've been
And I fight hard,fighting the battles all alone

I want them to cross to safety and not drown in jeers and scorn
To blind their sight to the injustice and despair I've seen
So I fight with love and courage in my bone

I wont dare let my family groan and moan
I can't forgive myself if they are trapped between
And I fight hard,fighting the battles all alone
So I fight with love and courage in my bone
2.5k · May 2016
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
Is the book too detailed beyond
the cover's revelations? Are there
some topics hidden too deep,
aspects that need vivid
reading to understand...
Or are you the open book,
every detail etched
on the cover.
Must I flip through all pages
or does the title
"You get what you see"?
say it all? Are you what
my eyes think you are
or there's pretty
much more to the
untold story than
can be revealed
by a single
Ignatius Hosiana Oct 2015
Started with hanging posters on my bedroom walls
to battle rapping for status up in the school halls
just call me double sushi thought I was too raw
and hip hop was my home, I had my shoes off
6'3 in high school I skipped the hoop dream
if I don't blowup then maybe I'll try the school thing
I went to college to do my family a favor
but I couldn't pick a major cause I wanted to be ma-jor
I tried selling work, but it didn't work.
so I worked - shoppers seen a clerk, fi'n go berserk
lunch break seen me writing 16's over micky dee's
skipping class making beats over 60 keys
and I love it even though I'm just chasing
selfish ambition couldn't tell your boy naything
watch out all you rappers cause they filling Lecrae in
but I was sleeping on the sun like the 'days inn'
and you could have the money, and you could have the fame.
but me I want the glory, I'm living for the name
see life is just a picture, I see outside the frame
I'm living for the kingdom, and I ain't of the same
yeah, and I'ma chase that. I'ma I'ma chase that
found the key to life and best believe that I'ma plate that
glory I'ma chase that, I'ma I'ma chase that
glory I'ma chase that, I'ma I'ma chase that
ugh, I remember chasing the green feeling blue
only check I'm counting is the mic check (1, 2)
all I wanted was the money and the fame and the new
somebody on my arm when I walk inside the room
all I wanted was doomed, the same kind Alexander the great felt
when the earth ran out of room
he conquered all he could but yet he still was consumed
by this never-ending quest for glory he couldn't fuel
like a typical fool I would go hard - shooting for the moon
but there's only one Son, no co-star.
chasing glory I shouldn't own,
stead of living to make His name known I'm running after His throne.
I thought being on TV where everybody could see me
was nothing short of the easiest way I could see to please me
I'll never be who I used to desperately want to be,
I'm too worried bout the Lord getting credit instead of me
and you could have the money, and you could have the fame.
but me I want the glory, I'm living for the name
see life is just a picture, I see outside the frame
I'm living for the kingdom, and I ain't of the same
yeah, and I'ma chase that. glory chase that
found the key to life and best believe that I'ma plate that
glory I'ma chase that, I'ma I'ma chase that
glory I'ma chase that, I'ma I'ma chase that
I used to wanna do it big.
when you're only focused on yourself - that's small
and they, they used to tell me as a kid
that I could do anything that I wanted cept fall
and now that I recall, I was chasing my goals
and every time I caught em they multiplied into more
I never even thought about whether the Lord approved
call it selfish ambition I call it "I'm making moves"
but history repeats itself, evil's what it is
cause lucifer was cast away for doing what I did
created by the God that spoke the earth into existence
instead of chasing the Father's glory he was chasing his
he lies to us all, told Adam he could ball
"why you following God when you can go get it all?"
I tell you what's better, or better yet worse.
chasing your own glory while doing the Lord's work,
so holla if it hurts, but we were made for greater
our greatest satisfaction is making His name famous
so if we're never named among the greatest,
they don't critically acclaim us,
ain't nothing to be ashamed of we gave it up for the savior!
I'ma chase that, I'ma I'ma chase that
and the Lord's goodness you should you should taste that
and you ain't living till you're living for His name
glory I'ma chase that, I'ma I'ma chase that
One of my favorite Lecrae Songs
2.3k · Apr 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
2.3k · Apr 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
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