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Ylzm May 2019
Gun in one hand, bible in the other.
Is not the word a sword?
Why need for a gun too?
Or is it a justification to ****?
The same as a rocket launcher on one shoulder,
and the koran in the other hand.
Or a flag in one hand, and a sword in the other.
The image says justified intimidation.
Fear me, for I have the Authority.
But really, the Authority is only as valid
as there are fools who submit.
And the only true authority is the gun, or sword,
as you certainly know it.
And the flag, or bible, or the koran,
are but for your own conscience.
or cover for your lack thereof.

The bible and the gun:
an oxymoron;
a display of faithlessness,
the defilement of holiness,
a blasphemous act;
affirming the proud fool you are,
that says in its heart, there is no God!
Negative light in the dark
Like a dog's tail chase
Deleting every trace
Of a world dipped in blood

     Can't remove Cain's Mark 
Design of each face
Embedded in each race
And what is in the blood.

--Daniel Irwin Tucker
Doctor,  Doctor
We need your help!
Our vital organs
Are in a
State of atrophy
And our arteries
Are hardening.
Help us to see the need
To receive your
Blood transfusion!
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