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Oct 5 · 672
Deepest Caverns
"When your turn finally arrives," he says,
"you'll understand why the wait was really long.
You'll see why the storm was rough and strong,
Why the Ocean was endless, the sails torn.
When your turn finally arrives, every tree in this jungle will make sense.
You'll appreciate each wound and scratch for the beautiful scars they are.
You'll finally see adventures in your endless journey.
You'll realize that the burdens and weight you couldn't bear
were merely the crucible where your strength was forged.
The wrecking heartbreaks, the tears you've shed,
You'll learn chiseled your spirit and your character made.
When your turn finally arrives, you'll understand that
The purpose of going through the deepest caverns and the darkest tunnels
was to unearth hidden gems, like precious pearls in funnels.
When your turn arrives, amid life's daily stumbles,
You'll discover that each loss you picked up along the way
collectively turned you into the masterpiece that you are."
Sep 10 · 471
Civil War
"There are a few good men like you", she says.
"Men out there are gods, born to be worshipped
they were told good women aren't created with tongues to talk back
Men out there are tyrants in their kingdoms
they are broken and their women die trying to mend them
blinded by ambition they can't see what's in front of them
and have seen terrible things happen to men like you so they don't believe.
Men out there are burdened by expectations,
they shoulder the shattering weight of society's pressure,
Lost in their minds, they forget to be present...
They're a civil war and the battle sometimes returns with them
fights lost resolved using the punching bag they married at home...
Every step forward, they're pulled five steps back,
Entangled in a web of a perceptions they can't unpack.
Men out there, like caged birds do long to be free,
Yet the bars of expectations deny them the key.
They're deafened by their own silent screams but they refuse
to lean on anyone, after all, growing up they were told big boys don't cry."
Aug 23 · 127
It’s never easy for us
It's always as hard as draining water out of marble,
a battle against resistance, each drop a struggle.
The weight of the world presses, unyielding,
Like Atlas carrying the cosmos on his shoulders,
Bearing a burden that threatens to shatter every bone.
We're forged in the crucible of adversity,
Tempered by flames that lick at our wounded edges.
The endless path we tread is a jagged road,
Lined with the fragments of shattered dreams,
Every step taken is just another excruciating *****.
The walls we build are fortified with concrete pain,
Constructed brick by brick from the remnants of heartache,
A fortress to protect what remains of our fragile selves.
Our foundations are tectonics, quakes are born beneath us,
We walk holding hands with the next wrecking storm.
It’s never easy, for even when hope softly knocks at our door,
it’s a whisper in a hurricane of doubt, a fragile cry amidst the roar,
an uphill climb on a path strewn with precarious boulders,
a single ray of light in the depth of the night.
It’s never easy for us...
Aug 22 · 90
Let me guess, you were lonely when she came,
So you gave away your whole heart because all its rooms were vacant,
When you heard whispered promises from the ocean of her eyes.
After all her highly explosive smiles ignited flames in your skies,
You have always been an artist, so you painted a love not as it was but as you perceived,
Even though what was on the canvas was a big contrast to what you received.
You had failed at love before but really believed she was your craved shot at success,
And sculpted beautiful moments, carving memories with chisels of your affection.
Gifts like petals, delicate and rare, but they couldn't mend the fractures in the air.
You wrote poems, she was always the theme even without mentioning her name,
A serenade under moonlight's gentle touch, yet her heart remained distant, out of your clutch.
You wove a basket of stars in her name, each twig a promise, yet she remained the same.
You sought her heart like a sailor aground, yet love's current swept you further from the shore.
For sometimes things just fall apart, and the artist's touch can't change a heart.
Aug 17 · 498
Do not read this book
Do not read it, you will not like this book, it speaks about your pain,
It reveals your scars, the ones you don't want us to see,
It tells how lonely you are and happy you used to be.
You will not like the reminder that you once really believed in love,
That your heart was a beautiful castle, this book calls it rubble.
Its pages will unfold like the layers of your forgotten dreams,
Revealing the cracks where hope once happily lived .
You'll find remnants of the light that used to dance in your eyes,
Now muffled by the cello tape of countless goodbyes.
This book is a mirror to the cold nights you spend alone,
When only the stars see your tears, and onto your groans the moonlight shines.
and her light sings the melodies of your shattered symphony,
The tune of heartbreak and bittersweet agony.
The stories it holds will reopen the septic you've concealed,
The wounds that time tried really hard but miserably failed to heal.
In these pages, you'll meet the demons you've known,
As the pain within you is a dynamite waiting to be blown.
this book will drug you deeper into the labyrinth of your past,
Aren't you, exhausted from trekking the same miles when you've just washed off the dust?
this book brews with the wrecking storms thought to have passed...
Do not read this book, it will drive you insane...
Aug 16 · 437
She is sore
She is sore, burnt by sparks from the flames of desire
there is no treasure to find in the land far away;
yet, the journey home is as tiring as the stay.
The ocean of opportunity, once pictured in vibrant hues,
stretches before her in muted tones, its waves carrying
not the promises but the weight of disillusionment.
The sky above, once a canvas of dreams, now painted grey with clouds of doubt,
casting shadows on the path she knew, or thought!
The laughter that lingered is drowned by the silence of shattered dreams
The friendly whispers, once a soothing melody, now resound as hollow echoes,
stark reminders of friendships dissolved like mirages in the desert of reality.
The road paved with anticipation is a maze of uncertainties,
each turn leading to a dead end of unmet expectations.
The once vibrant petals of hope have withered,
replaced by the thorns of disappointment, pricking at her spirit with every step.
The starry nights that were supposed to hold her wishes
now seem like distant constellations, beyond her reach,
lost in the vast expanse of unfulfilled aspirations.
The roads of life are perilous now more than ever
for her knight of courage upped and left in the dead of night ...
She can't even tread on the shore of optimism
as what should have been warm sand is a swamp of alligators waiting to bite...
Aug 13 · 350
They say she was molded from Angel wings,
that her face was brushed with star dust.
That she was bathed in a meteor shower,
And alloyed in an asteroid crust.
There was an eclipse each time she blinked
and when she cleared her throat an earthquake.
They say her heart was so big it could empty the Atlantic ocean,
that her smile was silver marinated with pure gold.
She caused solar flares when she flirted, global warming when she farted...  
Her presence, osmium-strong, held so much weight,
that all marveled at her, as sapphires were her eyes
and her mystic gaze held the aurora in their depths.
Her feet were cosmic, galaxies born with each step,
Her mind a black hole of infinite wisdom,
some thought her alien, others titan,
for she clutched the universe in her palms...
and her handshake was a bridge to uncharted realms.
Her hair flowed in dollops of molten amber and liquid silk,
and her hug they say was a gentle breeze across the desert sands.
Aug 11 · 105
Handwritten Letter
She was art and art was something he obsessed over,
A painting of the sunset hanging from a wall,
Colors ablaze, a fiery sky dipped in gold,
Captured on canvas, a moment to  behold.
She was a quiet resort far away, a tranquil escape,
Ancient engravings, in perfect size and shape.
Unearthed yet intricate pottery with patterns so fine,
She was the echoes of artisans from another lifetime.
She was a handwritten letter, each word a brushstroke of care,
A fragrant bloom, delicate and rare.
She was a vintage record, the soft crackle of nostalgia,
A seashell's whisper, a gala, a cultural memorabilia.
She was starburst in the night, a sparkle's gleam,
A clear flowing river, an artist's dream.
She was a fragment of a meteor's cosmic flight,
A glimpse into the universe's sheer might.
She was a mosaic of moments, a gallery of sights,
A constellation of dreams on endless nights.
She was the fragrance of rain on dry earth,
A treasure trove of memories, each one with worth...
Aug 5 · 457
A Piece of myself
When I make a friend, I cherish them deeply.
I create a special place for them in my heart,
where they can grow and thrive,
becoming an inseparable part of who I am...
so that uprooting such a connection
would mean losing a piece of myself.
Aug 5 · 381
Worth More
All I did was write, until the pen accepted me.
Until the pain escaped from me, or became a part of me.
All I did was dive into the ocean of ink,
Where emotions sail, and dreams interlink.

All I did was write until the labyrinth made sense,
Until I imploded within and was no longer tense.
Until I figured out where every letter would go,
Shooting for the stars, this has always been my bow.

All I did was scribble down as I was always told.
They said between my ******* is a worth more than gold.
All I did was believe in the power of my mind,
That the words I share can touch and bind.

All I did was create, like an artist's hand,
Giving life to my musings, a world to understand,
All I did was illuminate with the written word,
Attempting to bring warmth to the hearts of those unheard.

I was shattered, these words kept me whole,
All I did was let my pen trace the map of my soul.
Jul 30 · 391
This War
This war started long ago with your great grandfather,
The difference being he was fighting to stay,
For the same reason you're fighting to leave...
He was fighting for this home which no longer is,
For the gods you now call pagan, for the culture you deem fake,
And the minerals, now heavy jewels around your neck.

This war started long before anyone thought it would,
When the iron snake started wriggling from the coast,
Spreading its poison across the land, carrying modernity with it,
When they killed the protesters of Tsavo and called them man-eaters.

This war started when Kinjikitile failed to save us from the fire spitting sticks,
When nyungu ya mawe fell, when the imperialist found the trade routes.

This war started long ago when your ancestors developed a taste for salt,
And were told to give away a few of your kin to have it...

This war started with that book that you believe in,
the one that speaks about sticks turning into snakes and people walking on water.

This war started when your great grand Uncle believed and collaborated,
even long before that, when the kabaka agreed to split this land.

This war started when we accepted the names the colonialist gave,
to our lakes, our rivers, our springs and then to our children...

Yet here you are pumped up like this war has just begun...
Jul 29 · 100
I want you to remember this day,
I want you to know that I wanted to give up.
I wanted to take back my love and seal it in tunnels,
where you would never find..

I wanted to walk out, put cotton in my ear, and never again answer your call.
I wanted to find something else to obsess about,
I wanted to erase your name from my mind and burn the pictures.

Today I wanted to walk out of this book, forget this story,
I wanted this to be my very last sorry.
Today I was exhausted, tired of this war
I felt like a conscript longing for freedom
And almost left without notice to become a deserter

But I didn't, so if I ever stop fighting for this,
I want you to know that today was one of those days
I gave us another chance.
The one who will love you shall come like the wind,
With a gentle breeze or a tempest within.
Their love will caress you with a tender touch,
And bring comfort, like a warm, gentle clutch.

Like a meandering stream that flows so serene,
Their love will be constant, a calming routine.
Through twists and turns, in every season,
Their devotion will remain, beyond any reason.

Their love, like autumn's vibrant display,
Will bring colors to your life, in every way.
With passion and warmth, their affection will bloom,
As leaves gently fall, they'll banish all gloom.

The one who will love you shall come like a flood,
A torrential force, rushing in, fierce and unshut.
Their love, like a bushfire, will spread with might,
Engulfing your heart in a warm, glowing light.

As a mighty avalanche reshapes the land,
They'll reshape your world, with a touch so grand.
Their love, like a soaring hurricane's gale,
Will leave no doubt, as emotions prevail.

Just as lightning strikes, unexpected and bright,
They'll electrify your soul, with love's pure light.
Like a tempest at sea, they'll stir your emotion,
A love that rocks your heart, with relentless devotion.

Like a shooting star, streaking through the sky,
Their love will amaze you, as it passes by.
In the depths of the ocean, so vast and profound,
They'll explore your heart, where true love is found.

Just like the moon's pull on the relentless tide,
Their love will draw you close, with nothing to hide.
In the quiet of night, like a twinkling star,
Their love will guide you, no matter how far.

Their love, like the sun, shining bright and warm,
Will bring light to your life, through any storm.
And just like a diamond, so precious and rare,
Their love will be cherished beyond compare.

They'll erupt into your life with fiery passion,
Leaving no doubt, it's a love that's meant to happen.
For in the journey of love, so wild and free,
You'll find the one who loves you, and you'll see,

So open your heart, embrace love's profound art,
For the one who will love you, shall conquer your heart.
Jul 27 · 497
Infinite Vase
He gifted her stars, but left them in the sky,
so eternities would witness how brightly their love would fly.
He bought her the moon but lent it to the night,
So that forever, the night would bask in her gentle light.
He planted for her roses, with petals soft and red,
A fragrant promise that their love would bloom and spread.
He gifted her the ocean, with its vast embrace,
To carry his brimful feelings for her, an infinite vase.
He carved for her a statue, but placed it in the park,
A symbol of their unity, a love that would leave its mark.
He crafted for her a sonnet, but whispered it to the breeze,
A verse that spoke of forever, a love that would flow with ease.
He built for her a castle, but perched it upon a cloud,
So that she would always be down to earth
He offered her a map, with uncharted lands to explore,
Lands too far but she had come to stay and never soar.
He granted her a wish, but told her to keep it,
Its magic they'd store for when they'd need it...
I am an ocean at times, with swings akin to the tides – rising and falling.
My continental shelf stands proud, while beneath, I grapple with planktons.
My scars, akin to reefs, find concealment within blue lagoons.
Yet, the remnants of my past, the plastics, wash and pile in my depths.
Within my vast mind lay sunken ships and fossils, some forgotten.
I am that place where tranquility and turbulence intertwine,
Where the sun's radiant beams upon the surface brightly shine,
While in the dark abyss, mysterious creatures lurk, unseen...
Bioluminescent wonders illuminate where the light has never been.
I am the dance of currents, a choreography of grace,
Softly caressing shores, yet fierce in their embrace.
In the shallows, life teems with colors that enchant,
While the deep conceals enigmas, daunting and grand.
On stormy days, my wrathful waves like thunder do roar,
Testing the mettle of sailors who dare to venture and explore,
But when the winds are calm and the sea lies still,
I am a mirror of the sky, reflecting its tranquil will.
In my heart, a chorus plays, the haunting calls of whales,
While above, seagulls glide on gentle breezes,
A juxtaposition of sounds, a harmony that pleases.
My essence is change, from high to low tide,
A conversation with the moon, a million miles away yet forever by my side.
I am a world within a world, a universe untamed,
Yes, sometimes I am an Ocean, wrecking, drowning yet unashamed.
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Jul 22 · 91
Dreams Have A Price
These dreams have a price, it's you to choose how you pay,
You can give the gold of silence, burying your desires deep,
Or the late-night silver, for endless pursuit trading sleep,
Or the nickel of patience, a virtue to withstand the wait.

You can offer a pound of resilience, a currency unyielding and true,
For when challenges arise, it's one of those things that gets you through,
To forge ahead and bring the imperceptible to view.
Or you can pay with the copper coin of dedication.

An emerald of courage is acceptable, bravery to face each daunting choice,
Venturing into the unknown, silencing fear and finding your voice.
There's the sapphire of perseverance, a gem of unwavering determination,
To persist in the face of adversity, continuing despite dissuasion.

The diamond of belief, a gem that sparkles with unwavering trust,
In yourself, in your dreams, in the belief that the climb is a must.
You can pay for your dreams with the ruby of sacrifice,
For grander aspirations, some things you relinquish.

The opal of wisdom, platinum of passion, the bronze of ambition,
To aggressively strive for eminence, emerald of kindness,
Choose your currency as you please, their value is vast,
For in the currency you choose lies the key.
Jul 20 · 84
She has a liquefied smile, it melts hearts,
And they who partake of it can never have enough,
A fiery glow in her voice, a concerto of harps.
A divine web with many entangled in her cuff.

Her ruby lips are a vivid reminder of the winery,
Her feet, a canvas embellished with invaluable ivory,
Each step a delicate brushstroke, a masterpiece of art,
Enchanting all who watch, right from the start.

Every man she meets craves to poach her in admiration,
A hunt for love, her ocean blue eyes a dream destination,
Within their uncharted depths, one can sail forever,
She is a rare and sweet delicacy, an essence to savour.

Her laughter, a sapphire's shimmer in the skies,
A beauty beyond the beholder for all gasp with sighs.
Jul 20 · 85
When Again You Fall
When again you fall in love, may it be with someone you can have,
Within your reach with the care that you truly deserve.
May it be golden enough to enrich your soul with desire,
A love that sets your spirit ablaze, a big fat ember on fire.

As you give generously, may your needs be met in return,
A balanced connection, where both hearts fiercely burn.
May you receive even more than you selflessly give,
A love that nourishes and allows you to truly live.

May it arrive on time, not a second too late or too soon,
with the signs as clear as water in a limpid creek and a full moon.
May you have butterflies and twinkles for a story written in the stars
And however imperfect, may it be an adventure yonder venus and mars

May it come with hot constellations and may they never go warm,
May it be a love that ignites galaxies within you yet feel like home.
Jul 18 · 914
Cruelty of the Sea
In the dusk's fading light of youth , a ghostly spectre stands tall,
An abandoned wreckage at the old dock's forlorn sprawl.
Once majestic, now decaying, she's a vessel of despair,
The timbers of her heart weathered and worn, beyond any repair.

Like a fossil of forgotten tales, she stands in solemn gloom,
Haunted by memories, whispered secrets, and tales of doom.
The ocean's embrace turned hostile, her beauty eaten to decay,
As the years wore on, stealing her magnificent colors away.

Anchored in the stagnant waters, trapped in a wistful trance,
An epitaph of dreams dashed she's a vessel caught in circumstance.
Tangled in seaweed's grasp, her sails once proud and taut,
Now a haunting reminder of a journey that was never sought.

Tempted by the tides of time, her fate was sealed,
the undying resilience broken, her septic wounds revealed.
There she lingers, forsaken, a relic of forgotten glee,
A rotting boat, a silent witness to the cruelty of the sea.
Jul 13 · 97
The Words of my Uncle
My Uncle spoke of your temper, an emission of cosmic proportion
He said women like you are a pent up volcano waiting to erupt
that you are desolate planetoids to be approached with precaution
He warned of your dormant fire, ready to rupture and disrupt.
My uncle told me to stay away from women like you 
because you come carrying huge planets on your back 
He warned about your bags of continents I would have to unpack 
with secrets to explore and a trail of spiky asteroids on your track
He said women who wield galaxies cannot be tamed, 
They are constellations of scars, their hearts are maimed. 
they are the reason worlds collide and dimensions bend, 
a fusion of impossible realities, a voyage without end. 
Each step you take leaves stardust in your wake, 
Traversing realms unknown, a cosmic path of terror you make.
A supernova of strength, a force too vast for any man to grasp, 
My Uncle saw in you a void in space, he called you a sting of an alien wasp.
He warned of cosmic storms swirling in your core
an extraterrestrial plague that would leave me sore
my Uncle's cautions echo, an undying diminuendo from afar
"Beware of celestial wonders that hide the bizarre."
Poem number 1000 on HP
Jul 9 · 404
A Palm By The Sea
Love is a pink diamond, it's ice cold sunshine
An invaluable antiquity that can't be sold
It's the dance of the moon to the music of the stars
Love is a quiet whisper of the tides in the storm
a new shock absorber smoothing an off-road adventure
It's the joy of weaver birds praising the rising sun
the swashing sway of trees in the early morning breeze
Love is a palm by the sea, a chain of liberty, a key
an invaluable painting hung up the walls of a heart
a slow roller-coaster that lets you savor the view whilst on the ride
Love is kids playing in rain, letting nothing steal their thunder
Love is the Masai mara, a breathtaking wonder
Love is a spark that sets hearts ablaze
It's an eternal flame, in a mysterious haze.
Jul 6 · 85
I Used The Pain
I used the pain you gave me, built a trampoline,
Now I bounce back higher than before with each fall,
No longer confined to the depths of sorrow within
I found a propulsion, with every end now I begin.

Your hurt, once heavy, now launches me high,
I rise above the wounds, embracing the sky.
The trampoline of pain, a transformative art,
Turning anguish into a launching pad for my heart.

I've harnessed the power to rise and stay.
With each rebound, I gather strength to reclaim,
The light that was dimmed, now shines with a flame
The malady was a remedy or so I can say.

So, thank you for the pain, though it once brought me low,
I learnt the beauty of a fall is to rise, to flourish and to grow.
Jul 6 · 69
In Magic's Keep
There are creatures that crawl through veins,
Unseen, yet felt, like ethereal chains.
They slither and coil, with secrets untold,
They blow hot and they blow cold.

They creep in the shadows, elusive and sly,
Their presence unseen to the naked eye.
Mysterious things, their essence profound,
Leaving traces of slime as they slither around.

In the stillness of the night, their whispers arise,
tormenting the wakeful, igniting wild cries.
They walk with dread, hidden and deep,
awakening monsters locked up in magic’s keep.

These creatures and monsters when set free,
Feed on terror, death brings them glee.
They gobble in the night, unheard of in the day
Embrace their whispers, they’ll ****** your soul away,
Jul 4 · 58
Father Used To Say
Father used to say, grow up, you will see,
Live long enough and your wisdom will decree.
You will distinguish what's real, from the shams and the fake,
Maturity shall guide you through decisions you'll make.

With time, you'll comprehend, his words were true,
Storms will reveal who'll support you through.
The enchantment of kindness, not mere illusion,
Its magic will nurture you, with a gentle infusion.

Through the passage of years, unveiled shall be,
Life's allure, its essence you'll perceive with glee.
A wand may not wield it, but kindness indeed,
An enchanting power, fulfilling every need.

In the midst of life's chaos, a hand will hold,
Providing solace, reassuring and bold.
The storms shall pass, and right in their wake,
will stand the truest of friendships, their bond won't break.

So when you grow up, my dear, listen to time very well
that's how you'll tell the poisoned chalice from the holy grail .
Jul 4 · 391
Her Mother's Daughter
Her mother lied, spun the horror of reality into a beautiful tale,
Of perfection and grandeur, painted calm from storm and hail
She always whispered, "My princess, you're beyond compare,
With a big heart like yours, love will always be there."

But lies dripped from her lips, painting a mirage,
A portrait of non existent affection, like a flickering collage.
She claimed that men would **** for eyes that bright,
While truth hid beneath the surface shrouded in night.

Her mother lied that men would scramble for the warmth in her arms,
that her smooth and silky hair carried with it fairy charms
She blinded her to the grotesque of reality she had seen
and masked her from the sweet stench of where she had been

Her mother told her that hips like hers made men want to stay
that the man for her wouldn't show up just for a roll in the hay
her mother showed her how ugly she looked with a frown
that her smile was for a queen, and she should never let go of that crown...

the only truth her mother told her was to forever be down to earth
and to never ever let anything or anyone undervalue her worth
for whatever life would turn out to be years later
She would always remain her mother's daughter....
Jul 2 · 85
A Canvas Of Dreams
Sometimes stars compete in the night's grand stage,
Each twinkling light vying for an admiring gaze.
They shimmer and sparkle, in cosmic display,
A universal dance in their own vibrant way.

The aurora, some call it, the birth of an enchanting northern light
for as much as each star in the sky has its own splendid blend,
each shines magnificently, uniquely adorning the night
so together a spectrum of hope does upon us descend

The vast expanse above is a ***** canvas of dreams,
Where the stars hold a paintbrush, bursting with beams.
With radiant hues, they weave a celestial tale,
a twinkle of whispers, an ambient flap of a viking sail.

In this prismatic play, their rivalry inspires and ignites,
as they compete, pushing each other to astounding heights.
Jun 30 · 83
When love finds you
When love finds you, may you discover a home in their embrace,
May the longing to share your day be met with genuine grace.
May their voice become a soothing melody, calming your soul,
And may they become the better half making you whole.

May yours be an album of cherished moments, building memories to last,
May their touch ignite passion in you, an eternal flame cast.
May their smile be a beacon of light, perpetually guiding your way,
And may you find solace in their understanding, day by day.

Through life's twists and turns, may you navigate hand in hand,
With them as your rock, the hardest of storms withstand.
May your magical bond chain your hearts even when Oceans apart,
And may your love story be a timeless masterpiece of art.

When love finds you, may it be ocean deep and never cease
And may it bear the sweet symphonies of the seas…
Jun 27 · 108
He knelt and begged her not to leave, not again
his salary, elusive and causing unbearable strain
He pondered all the patience and the pain
Enduring hardships, hoping for financial gain

When was he going to learn, he wondered aloud,
That salary's fickle and loose not to mention proud
Still he pleaded, "Stay with me, be my loyal friend"
"This time I'll budget and save, let this menacing cycle end"

But salary whispered in a cold, distant tone
"I'll come and go as I please, you'll barely notice that I am gone"
Yet he clung to her, with a desperate plea
Begging, "salary, please don't abandon me."
Jun 26 · 82
How Connected We Are
As secrets whispered through its flow,
The world around me began to glow.
In nature's embrace, I found my peace,
Where worries and troubles began to cease.

The wind, a gentle caress on my face,
Whispering secrets with its soft embrace.
Carrying stories from lands afar,
Reminding me of how connected we are.

The sun, with its radiant smile above,
Illuminating the path with warmth and love.
No longer seeking solace in the moon's light,
I basked in the day, shining ever bright.

The river, a companion in tranquil grace,
Its hushed waters reflecting nature's embrace.
A silent witness to the tales untold,
As its currents carried memories of old.

In this symphony of earth and sky,
I felt a oneness that made me sigh.
The wind, the sun, the river's song,
A reminder that we all belong.

So I embraced the touch of the wind so mild,
Smiled back at the sun, like a cherished child.
And in the river's hush, I found solace deep,
A connection to nature's secrets to keep.
Jun 26 · 323
A Love That Lingers
They are like puzzle pieces missing their link,
floating in affection, yet in doubt they sink.
A beautiful story, they're out of ink,
Always in proximity, but never in sync.

They are like the moon and the sun, so near yet so far,
As distant yet as bright as the morning star.
Their connection, a tantalizing cosmic tease,
A love that lingers on the edge of celestial seas.

They are rushing rivers yearning to converge,
parallel to divergent, a traveler and a mirage.
Like the ebb and flow of tides, they wax and wane,
In a dance of longing yet forever in refrain.

They're mountain peaks and the sky above,
Always in sight, yet unable to touch and love
They are like the morning dew and the rising sun,
One glistens briefly, while the other's journey has just begun.
I don't know whether to be glad or sad
that sometimes it's easy yet sometimes it's hard
I don’t know whether to be amazed at how how well I wear these scars
for I wear them better than a clear night wears the stars
I don't know whether to pat myself in the back for finally having the courage to leave
or for the strength in me still telling me to stay a little longer,
I don't know whether to smile or to grieve
I don't know whether to be selfish enough to understand
that the wreckage of our affection cannot be salvaged
or just stay in your cold shoulders hoping that someday we'll drift to the shores...
It's heaven when it's good, but the hell of it has burnt my heart to ashes
and yes, our love is a cat, 9 lives but I am weakened each day that passes
I don't know how to live without this soothing pain you cause me
but maybe beyond the pleasure of a life without you lies a pain worth hurting for
So today I say no to the fear of losing,
I am taking back the kindness you're abusing,
We've fought all the wars it takes to find peace, I am fed up of bruising
you're my addiction and today I have quit using...
Jun 22 · 73
I Envy You
I envy your resolve, unyielding and true,
For the effort you put forth, even when dreams seem askew.
In moments when the tides of fate don't sway your way,
I envy your faith, shining bright, come what may.

Amidst grotesque days, you still find hope's embrace,
Loving where others would choose to hate, leaving no trace.
With a plate full of challenges, you chew with grace,
Dreaming of profits amidst losses, finding your own space.

Oh, how I envy your unwavering belief,
In the face of adversity, you find relief.
Your spirit soars, refusing to be tossed,
I admire your resilience which takes no account of the cost.
Jun 22 · 72
A lifelong dream
These passing nights and tireless days,
where you dream through countless ways,
The late nights, shrouded in their silent grace,
Shall someday bear the fruits of effort, in their own space.

With weary feet that tread on paths unknown,
Seeking purpose and a place to call their own,
A time shall come to heal the ache and strain,
As soothing touch brings respite, a tender refrain.

Someday, the sweat that glistens on your brow,
Shall carry the scent of victories attained somehow,
For in the quest for triumph, you persist,
And through hard-earned successes, you insist.

Let the world bear witness to your worthy quest,
As each step forward brings you closer to the crest,
In that moment, dreams shall find their sacred birth,
And your name shall be whispered, celebrated on this earth.

So hold onto the hope and wake the patience inside,
For as long as you're still in quest, let not your resolve subside
Someday, my friend, the pieces shall align,
And your long life dream shall brightly shine.
Jun 22 · 58
Treat your Towel Well
In realms of mind where thoughts do dwell,
I have a wonderful tale to tell.
Of towels and faces, be my guest,
here I am, to give my best.

Treat your towel with utmost care,
Its fibres soft, your burdens bear.
For in the morn, you might regret,
That towel's touch shall change your fate.

The part once used to cleanse behind,
Shall rise anew, your face to find.
A whimsical journey, unforeseen,
From buttocks clean to visage pristine.

So, treat your towel, oh, so well,
For its touch on cheeks will surely tell,
That in life's twists and turns we find,
Surprising paths, so unconfined.
Jun 20 · 978
Gently she raised her dress, revealing where the axe struck the tree,
"Here, a forest once thrived," she whispered solemnly,
Then came the scars, pathways for plastics to reach the sea,
Regret's sewage flowing through springs, an unwanted decree.

Landmines left pockmarks on her face, remnants of war's blight,
Awaiting the innocent, seeking to maim and to ignite,
Deep incisions from perilous landslides, a haunting sight,
A testament to the struggles endured day and night.

She revealed the melting snow, beckoning an avalanche of change,
Witnessing a road where an unsightly swamp once held its range,
Broken ships and skeletons, remnants left estranged,
Abandoned in the depths, hidden in ocean's grange.

Finally, she pointed to the scorching sun with teary eyes, "It didn't burn so fiercely until this heart carried its demise."
Jun 20 · 69
Sour grapes
She was a wild fire, he burning ice,
Drawn to her gaze, the flames entice.
She, a sky, he a cloud for the rain,
Falling for her, pleasure entwined with pain.

She was a dream that stole his sleep,
An elusive reality he couldn't fully keep.
Like a grape on a branch, he kept on staring,
Yet no sour grapes, no bitterness sharing.

She was a wave in an uncharted sea,
He an incomplete circle, seeking harmony.
She was his everything, yet he remained silent,
Living in shadows, his words distant.

She soared like an eagle, he an avid observer,
A steadfast tree, hoping for a moment to serve.
She encompassed his world, his heart's sublime,
While he, a silent admirer, running out of time.
Jun 20 · 102
I am an artist, painting smiles on faces,
Bringing joy to the world, filling empty spaces.
But on my own canvas, a different scene unfolds,
An unpleasant surface where ink rarely molds.

It's ironic how I bring color to others' lives,
Yet my own canvas remains untouched, deprived.
The brush hesitates, unwilling to leave a mark,
As if my own existence is lost in the dark.

But perhaps there's beauty in this untouched space,
A rawness that holds a different kind of grace.
For the canvas that yearns for color and ink,
Can inspire empathy, making others think.

In my imperfections, there lies a unique art,
A vulnerability that touches deep within the heart.
For it is through our struggles and untold pain,
That true empathy and compassion can reign.

So, as I paint smiles upon each sad, empty face,
I find solace in knowing my own canvas holds its place.
An artist with an unfinished artwork, it's true,
But a story that speaks, creating a different view.
Jun 20 · 65
Yes, I'm still the guy you found charming,
The one who halted your self-harming.
I'm the lad who sparked your rebirth,
Helping you break free from addiction's curse.

As the one you once called family,
I remain the lost talent, Emily.
Child of a man who nurtured your growth,
The lad who treated you with respect, not loath.

I cherished the sound of your laughter,
Guiding every chapter, together after.
I ignited the fire of your deepest desire,
Yet that flame eventually expired.

I took on the blame when you were just a school kid,
In that night you sought solace in smoking ****.
I was the one you bowed to and thanked,
Teaching you basketball till you slam dunked.

Though our paths may have diverged,
The memories we shared will never be purged.
For I was once a significant part of your story,
An influence that shaped your journey to glory.
Jun 20 · 67
She says she cannot love me now, for I lack money,
She deems me unworthy, not sweet as honey.
But love should transcend material wealth,
A connection rooted in heart and soul, not material stealth.

For love is not measured by the size of a bank,
Nor by the sweetness of honey, a temporary rank.
It blossoms in moments of care and compassion,
In genuine gestures and heartfelt expression.

True love sees beyond monetary gain,
It cherishes the essence, the joy, the pain.
It values the depth of character and soul,
Far beyond what material possessions hold.

So let her choose the path she deems right,
But know that love cannot be bought with a plight.
For when love is pure, it embraces you for who you are,
Regardless of money or honey, it transcends far.
Jun 20 · 139
Wagons with bands
None will understand the footprints in the sand,
The magic held within, the wand in your hand.
Bangles on your wrist, an untold story they bear,
And wagons with bands, creating melodies in the air.

None will know the bond, like I do,
Between the sun and moon, forever in view.
Flowers that bloom, their colors so bright,
Gone too soon, in the realm of day and night.

In goodbyes and gloom, an affair only shared,
Like chess and its pawn, a game of hearts bared.
Home and alone, in solace we find,
And in the cold, the horn's mournful grind.

The secrets they hold, the ocean's blue hue,
In between, the unseen, a connection so true.
None will perceive, only I have the clue,
In these whispers of life, shared between me and you.
Jun 20 · 312
For you
I am the lad who'll take on the world for you,
With unwavering courage and love so true.
Through mountains and valleys, I'll fearlessly roam,
Facing the unknown, making your heart my home.

In battles of life, I'll fight by your side,
Defending your dreams, with love as my guide.
No challenge too daunting, no distance too far,
I'll conquer it all, just to be where you are.

For you are my light, my reason to strive,
Together we'll conquer, as love comes alive.
In this vast world, our love will endure,
A bond so strong, forever secure.
Jun 20 · 64
Unclipped Wings
Maybe we were going nowhere or somewhere,
Our paths uncertain, destiny's secrets to bear.
But in our comfort, we clipped our wings and feathers,
Forgetting the dreams that once bound us together.

Lost in the solace of finding one another's embrace,
We settled into a rhythm, a comfortable space.
But in the process, we stifled our flight,
Denying the yearning for adventures and new heights.

The winds of change whispered their gentle plea,
To reclaim our wings, to set our spirits free.
For comfort can breed complacency, my dear,
And complacency extinguishes the flame we hold dear.

So let us dare to spread our wings once more,
To chase the horizons we've longed for before.
Embrace the uncertainty, the thrill of the unknown,
And rediscover the passion that once brightly shone.

Together, let's mend our clipped wings and feathers,
Rekindle the fire that burns for grand endeavors.
For in finding each other, we discovered a spark,
A shared desire to soar, to venture, to embark.

No more settling for comfort's gentle snare,
But to embrace the journey, with all its flair.
With wings mended and feathers intact,
We'll chart a course, side by side, in love's impactful act.

So let's set our sights on somewhere further,
Embrace the unknown, with hearts full of fervor.
Unfolding our wings, we'll explore, hand in hand,
Discovering the beauty of a limitless, boundless land.
Jun 20 · 400
A Girl & A Tumor
Ever heard the story of a girl who coughed out a tumor?
I'm not sure it happened, it was weaved in rumor.
Whispers spread wide, painting a bizarre tale,
Of a medical marvel that seemed too surreal.

They spoke of a girl, consumed by a dire plight,
Who, with each cough, expelled her own inner fight.
A tumor expelled, escaping her fragile frame,
Astonishing many, leaving them lost in acclaim.

Yet skeptics arose, questioning the grandeur,
Doubting the truth of this remarkable lure.
Fact or fiction, the legend remains unclear,
A tale that lingers, shrouded in doubt and fear.
Jun 16 · 154
The Door of No Return
Finally, the door emerged, bound in chains they stood,
Immobile and oppressed, their spirits misunderstood.
A blinding light ahead, rendering them sightless, blind,
Their burdened minds weighed by the ashes left behind.

Pressed together, yearning for one backward glance,
Denied even a fleeting chance, their hearts in a trance,
Before stepping through the door of no return,
Leaving lives and homes, forever spurned.

In that somber moment, sorrow weighed heavy on their hearts,
Facing the musky boat, unsure if a new day would start.
Crossing the threshold, bidding farewell to their past,
Embracing the unknown, the die of doom was cast.

With a resounding thud, the door closed, severing ties and fears,
Silent weeping, lost in the sea of their silent tears.
Bound for distant shores, spirits eternally broken,
wrapped in cold melancholy, their tragic story spoken.
Jun 16 · 49
The Merge
I once pondered an alternate path to tread,
Yet choices elude souls like ours, confined instead.
Wanderers of fate, we never linger to find a home,
With every departure, our nomadic spirits roam.

Destiny leads us where it deems best,
Life an exam, acing each grueling test.
Fearlessness our creed, despair we defy,
Through tempestuous seas, we sail high.

Another route I could have chosen, it's true,
But options were scant, so any I pursued.
Resistance is foreign to my existence's plea,
A bird in flight, surrendering to destiny's decree.

Perhaps, I could have fought and held tight,
Embracing expectations, ready to ignite.
Yet, I flow with rivers, carried by their course,
Driven far by forces, exertion no remorse.

Different streets I might have traversed in vain,
But in the end, streets merge, indifferent to their name.
For in the mire, we find ourselves knee-deep,
No matter the road, the struggle remains to keep.

Perchance, I could have chosen the other way,
If it meant a lighter burden to bear each day.
Jun 8 · 372
The mysteries of death loom in our minds,
Questions of what lies beyond, we often find.
Will we continue choking when hearts cease to beat?
Or does a new existence offer a different feat?

Is it the final chapter, the ultimate end?
Or a new beginning, a journey to transcend?
Will there be a community, souls to befriend?
Will we face another war or embrace peace's trend?

For those left behind, will sadness befall?
Or will a new form of bliss envelop us all?
Though answers elude us, uncertainties persist,
Perhaps in the realm beyond, truths will enlist.

Until that moment dawns, let's cherish each day,
Embrace the present, love in every way.
For life's intricate tapestry weaves joy and strife,
And in the face of the unknown, let's embrace life.
Jun 8 · 911
The Bitter & The Sweet
In the pursuit of victory, defeat may prevail,
Love's intensity can sometimes birth hatred's trail.
Chasing dreams may lead to stumbling on the path,
fully trusting yet betrayal may incur its wrath.

Truth's pursuit may uncover layers of deceit,
Efforts to receive can leave us incomplete.
Reaching for the stars, finding emptiness instead,
Building bridges of hope, encountering despair widespread.

Embracing vulnerability may invite wounds to seep,
Fighting for justice but injustice's grip we cannot keep.
In life's intricate tapestry, contrasts intertwine,
The bitter and the sweet, in harmony they combine.
In the little things we found delight,
The gentle touch of warm sand on our feet,
The sky's pale blue, our favorite seat,
Golden husks shedding skins, grains of white,
Rails and metals rattling with train's might.

Bathed beneath the gutters in stormy rain,
Rode roller-coasters on wet clay, ached with pain,
Saved up for Christmas clothes with utmost care,
Basked in pride, every gaze we dared to share.

Chased butterflies and grasshoppers with glee,
Distilled moonshine, pure elation for we,
Every sensation, from sweat to tension,
Ate corn meal and salted fish in smoky kitchens.

Spit bones for kittens on the floor,
Swam in a ***** pond, hoped for more,
Noons in the jungle, owls and crickets' sound,
Played hide and seek in the yard, love found at the creek, profound.

Took evening strolls, stole glances at shy girls,
Homeward bound, darkness sent shivers and twirls,
Danced under moonlight, heard tales that sent a fright,
Listened to fables from peers and elders, in their wisdom's light.

In these little things, life's essence we found,
The moments that truly mattered, we truly did astound.
Jun 8 · 74
A sunset on the blue waters of Maldives,
The Colosseum, a field of sunflowers swaying gently in the breeze,
The graceful saunter of a lion in the Serengeti's expanse,
An evening at the Eiffel Tower, a romantic dance.

I want you to see these places,
So you can grasp the depth of how your presence embraces,
Painting my soul with beauty untold,
A love story that's destined to unfold.

I want to show you the world,
To reveal what I'd sacrifice, my heart unfurled,
To love you unconditionally, beyond measure,
Discovering depths in you, hidden treasures.

I want to carve a landmark of passion on your heart,
To weather storms together, never to part,
To hold your sails, guiding you through life's tides,
Just as you've held mine, our love a gentle guide.

No matter where you wander, never feel lost,
My affection will shine, a compass at any cost,
Through scorching deserts or darkest night,
I'll be there, holding your hand tight.

In the rhythm of your heartbeat, the melody of the night,
We'll build a monument of love, shining so bright,
From a tiny seed amidst life's adversities,
Blooming into a wildflower, defying impossibilities.

I want to etch your name in the depths of my mind,
To cherish the magic you bring, one of a kind,
To give you a peace that surpasses all dreams,
Creating a world where love eternally gleams.

You are the poetry I'll never stop writing,
The story that unfolds, endlessly inviting,
Together, we'll count the sands on Earth's countless shores,
And gaze at the stars for our souls to forever soar.

In search of the lost fairy of forever we'll roam,
But above all, my love, I yearn to make you feel at home,
To be the reason for your infinite bliss,
For you've rescued me from an abyss.

I simply want to spend my life by your side,
Repaying you with a love that will never subside,
Knowing that no words or gestures will be enough,
But I'll cherish each moment, every tear and every laugh.
Apr 2021 · 608
A Durable Canvas
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2021
She's a star that fades not, even in daylight
Sun that shines bright in the pitch of the night
an exhilarating adventure on an endless path
an antique jewel of tremendous worth.
She's the calm after a ferocious storm
a mystic place metamorphosed into an affable home
a fragrant red rose in the rain with some bit of thorns
yet a clear pond carpeted by a ballet of snow white swans
She's classical music harmoniously retailed by a violin
tectonics whose cosmic shifts made my melancholic existence spin
a euphonic crescendo of hope that finally entrapped
the cacophonous diminuendos of my despair
She's an ice cold drink on a sweltering day, a breath of fresh air...
a durable canvas upon which I've drawn life lessons
an intricate piece of heaven, she's an artistic impression.
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