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Many days and many nights I couldn’t reach catharsis.
Narcissistic dialogue and lust was how it started.
Lust for power,
Lust for ***,
I balanced on the wire.
Built my tower,
Learned to flex,
Never thought I’d tire.
While looking for a diamond crown I made my way to glory:
Carved a track through youthful bliss all while writing my own story.
From troubled teen
To filled with dreams,
I formed the squad into a team.
I wouldn’t scream when things got tough;
I’d always keep composure.
Intelligent with malevolence
Was how I’d learned to soldier.
No disclosure,
Never trust,
Looking to manipulate.
Made it known
It was a must
For opponents to capitulate.
Things were moving well enough
When dear old lust in whom we trust…
Reappeared back on the scene,
And of my feathers
Began to preen.


Doubled down,
Went for the crown.
Changed the crew,
Time it flew.
Golden status
Seemed so near,
But red and blue
Were in the mirror
News had spread;
My walls were breached.
Of loss I had no knowledge.
Prison bread;
Amongst the freaks.
Twenty-five for living lawless.
For God had turned and dealt a blow
For all of those bad seeds I’d sewed.
And blow for blow
In social woe
I’ve lived my life in shackles.
Among our bouts of adolescence
Lies a fire deep, its kindled presence
Enough to start a war on naught
For war was all we ever wrought
Upon this Earth. We yearned to change
Their rules that lie, that rearrange.
We rose to see our efforts fail
And mightiest supporters fell.
So now we lie in iron chains
To rot away whilst our foe gains.
Both pedigree we put to shame
And allies free, who saw us lame.

In years of darkness, brooding thought
Had tortured us. We sorely bought
Our lives away through sundry act
Instead of holding nation’s back:
Oblivious to horizon’s edge,
Unable to see beyond law’s pledge.
Complete with shame, at prison’s leave
We traveled home to sadly grieve
On unjust scars our souls have made.
We left our past to slowly fade…
But still, we lack our rightful place
While sovereigns rule our lives to waste.
Written: 01/23/19
Revised: 02/08/19
Levi Jan 2019
11 comes 12, then 1 for a new rotation
a fresh start too close to previous victory
"This is what you're made for !
Only you predict the sun"
yet here is the heresy

the sun will only be measured
as a cup is filled to brim
and when each value is tested and weighed
small gold surpasses tin

so when a watch serves its one purpose
who determines its value?
Prisoners can serve one purpose
as leaders do the same

What makes them separate?
What dictates gain?
Condemnation without future reconciliation is too much for humans to bear. I think we’re designed for more than this
A Presidential pardon for all inmates and the expulsion of every American's arrest and incarceration record. Change the lives of forty million people and see the economy roar the Lion's head.

What could be more,  Christian?
America never understood the message of Jesus and still does not get it.
B Moreaux Apr 2017
Tears drown my cheeks as the brisk air caresses my chin
The unerring coercion calls itself
This vice-ly steel; these foreign teeth
the man beside me asks
"who were you"
I answer
"I was a lot of things."
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
So many things
the eyes were no meant to see
very many tales
ears weren't meant to hear
reeking stench
the nose was not meant to smell
a million stuff
the tongue wasn't meant to taste
but because of this
heart no longer sings
the world's in ecstasy
no more inspiration wells
it's no more joy living here
we're a babel, Chinese and French
we've turned universe into Hell
Humanity's rough, survival's tough
to nowhere we're going in haste
chained ourselves, lost the keys
If you stare out of a window
Across a bleak garden some September morning
If the neem tree in the garden reminds you of home
Vast, old, timeless
If you remember playing under a neem tree in Allahabad
And you can almost hear the laughter of children as they play
In the heat of a sultry afternoon in June
And because the window is small and barred and cannot open
Because you want to breathe freedom
Because you want to shower without them watching
Because you silently swallow your screams
Because your mind is starting to get fuzzy
Because your tongue is starting to slur
Because you have started drooling
Because your fingers shake when you write
Because the words Ritalin Prozac Depakote Lithium
Have started sounding like poetry
Because you feel your resistance slowly dying
Because you start to say the words they want to hear
Because you know the glazed look in the eyes of others
Is in your eyes too
Because this confluence of muscle and bone is wasting
Because you sleep for hours
Because you now smile at your doctors
Because you scream when the ECT paraphernalia is wheeled in
Because no one cares
Because once you’re labeled, you will be forever
Because asylums were once freak shows
Because asylum is not what it means
You go back to staring
­ Staring
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