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Jul 2020 · 242
Healing Sleep
Elaina Jul 2020
My sleep is healing and renewing. I wake with a smile, refreshed, happy, thankful, and energized. Eagerly taking action, living this new day.
Elaina Jun 2020
Longing for just the right words
Finding them tucked away
Go to write them down
The memory just isn't what it used to be.
Some of my best poems are the ones that slipped away.... ;)
Mar 2019 · 444
Pure Freedom ~Haiku
Elaina Mar 2019
Letting go of wants
Release all expectations
Bask in pure freedom
Mar 2019 · 602
Embrace Emptiness ~Haiku
Elaina Mar 2019
Feel the emptiness.
Embrace the still, calm, presence.
Let this become you.
Aug 2018 · 380
Peace ~Haiku
Elaina Aug 2018
Quiet amongst noise.
Inner acceptance of self.
Nothing desired.
Dec 2017 · 2.9k
Recognition ~Haiku
Elaina Dec 2017
It's been a while
Life's been good, been kind, been blessed
Immense gratitude
Words with meaning.
Elaina Apr 2017
I am the winds whistling in the red canyon.
I am the whites of the hard-boiled egg.
I am the pupil in the eye of the fly.
I am the time moving slowly.
I am the depths of Earth.
I am the fur of the cat.
I am ink on paper.
I am a vine.
I am.
I am a vine.
I am ink on paper.
I am the fur of the cat.
I am the depths of Earth.
I am the time moving slowly.
I am the pupil in the eye of the fly.
I am the whites of the hard-boiled egg.
I am the winds whistling in the red canyon.

You see I am alive, I am alive.

I stand in good relation to all living things.
I stand in good relation to my friends.
I stand in good relation to my family.
You see I am alive, I am alive.
This was written by my daughter Danielle when she was in Middle School. A knowing soul.
Apr 2017 · 1.4k
Writing Poems ~Haiku
Elaina Apr 2017
Favorite is Haiku
The classic five, seven, five
A thoughtful challenge
Apr 2017 · 976
Origins ~Haiku
Elaina Apr 2017
Beyond the heavens
Among the cold and dark void
Is where I began
Mar 2017 · 2.9k
Eyes Love Life ~Haiku
Elaina Mar 2017
Look into my eyes
Notice only depth of love
Gratitude for life
Mar 2017 · 5.7k
Thank You
Elaina Mar 2017
Two words
8 letters
Seemingly not much
But they contain everything.
I will always be
For your help
Your support
Your friendship.
Always know
How great you are.
Feel it
Own it.
You are so caring
So good at what you do
Who you are.
Never ever
Let another's
Poor words
Change who you are.
Feb 2017 · 502
Elaina Feb 2017
Have none, not any.
Free's your life, your mind.
Sooths your soul, your whole being.
Feb 2017 · 602
Energize ~a Haiku
Elaina Feb 2017
Be the catalyst
Summon strength from deep within
Motivating all
Feb 2017 · 694
Experiences ~a Haiku
Elaina Feb 2017
Compressed into life
Lived each day, gone in a flash
Oh where did time go
Feb 2017 · 376
Live These Words
Elaina Feb 2017
Live life simply
Few possessions
Even fewer cares
Lightens a heavy heart.
Expectations weigh one down
Expect nothing
Gain everything
Live life simply
Jan 2017 · 784
Desert Night Snow ~a Haiku
Elaina Jan 2017
Seldom seen beauty
Crisp night air, strangely bright, calm
Silent snow falling
Dec 2016 · 735
I Radiate
Elaina Dec 2016
I radiate Blessings
I radiate Kindness
I radiate Gratitude
The me I strive to be.
The me I hope I am.
The me I want to be.
For All
To All
Nov 2016 · 3.6k
In Gratitude
Elaina Nov 2016
All my yesterdays
have led to my today.
Today is nothing
without them.
For my sister who is being Baptized today,
November 19, 2016.
Nov 2016 · 390
Elaina Nov 2016
Take time.
Fret less.
Be kind.
Love more.
Live and let live.
Just because....
Nov 2016 · 313
Elaina Nov 2016
What did we miss?
A line in the sand?
Metal in a box?
One's life?

Nothing was missed.
We just didn't see.  
The divide that haunts us.
That won't set us free.

Coming together can unite us.
It's all for the ultimate goal.
For deep down we are all the same.
It's at the surface where we differ.
Elaina Nov 2016
It's just a game, right?
Nope, strong memories, binding love.
Long shared emotions.
For those who know, no explanation is needed.
It's a life time of
Nov 2016 · 220
Better Than
Elaina Nov 2016
Me: How are you?
You: Okay
Me: Good! But may you get better than Okay real soon!
To all who need it.
Elaina Oct 2016
....the ant.
Determined, hard working.
I learn from you.

....the bird.
Nurturing, driven.
I learn from you.

....the fish.
Independent, yet moves in unison with others.
I learn from you.

....the horse.
Strong, immense stamina.
I learn from you.

....the dog.
Loyal, comforting.
I learn from you.

....the plant.
Unselfish, protective.
I learn from you.

....the mountain.
Steadfast, yet evolving.
I learn from you.

Look around,
no matter the source,
I learn from all.
Oct 2016 · 3.9k
Elaina Oct 2016
The mix of life.
For most,
you don't get what you want without feeling anxious, nervous,
and excited.
These feelings
help make the achievement
of what you want
even sweeter.
Oct 2016 · 429
Time.. ~a Haiku
Elaina Oct 2016
Harmonic, flowing
Endless, pure, roaming freedom
Time, unencumbered
Oct 2016 · 1.7k
Thankful Prayer
Elaina Oct 2016
One with all



Perfect knowledge
Right action

No harm

Forever grateful
Always thankful

Each morning
Oct 2016 · 320
These Words (10w)
Elaina Oct 2016
Wrestle with these words:
That's life, just get over it.
Oct 2016 · 810
Tell Myself ~double Haiku
Elaina Oct 2016
Can't it just be fun?
Does there have to be meaning?
Keep it simple please.

You're the vehicle.
Don't struggle with what to write.
Just let the words flow.
Oct 2016 · 414
Why do we? ~10W
Elaina Oct 2016
Do we
For the profound,
to please?
Thoughts -Do we do it for others or for ourselves?
Oct 2016 · 2.2k
Hot Air Balloons ~Haiku
Elaina Oct 2016
The awe of it all
Globes, glowing in the dark sky
Takes your breath away
The feeling of watching hundreds of hot air balloons add their magic to the dark sky. Incredible sight to see.
Oct 2016 · 4.5k
Plants ~Haiku
Elaina Oct 2016
I know you feel
Intelligence flows within
Thanks be unto you
Sep 2016 · 375
Life is....
Elaina Sep 2016
Life is.... what you give back in return for all it gives you.

I know that I could never give back enough.
Aug 2016 · 2.4k
Bird Over Water ~a Haiku
Elaina Aug 2016
Majestic in flight
Soaring over the water
Shadow glides below
Jul 2016 · 318
Elaina Jul 2016
Always smile.
Especially when you don't feel like it
when you need it
the most.
Jul 2016 · 422
Begin Again ~a Haiku
Elaina Jul 2016
What was, is now gone.
              Begin again, start anew.
The canvas is blank.
Jul 2016 · 250
You Know
Elaina Jul 2016
That sudden feeling when....
.... something goes wrong.

The pit of your stomach....
.... drops to your feet.

Your chest tightens in knots....
.... The heart skips a beat, and then another.

Breathing is, well....
.... stop holding your breath!

Yea, you know that feeling....
Jul 2016 · 1.2k
This is Freedom
Elaina Jul 2016
While existing behind the bars of hate, fright, and constraint,
living mindfully amidst the chaos.
Jul 2016 · 673
Our Cat ~a Haiku
Elaina Jul 2016
Lying beside me
Trusting soul, content, carefree
Bonded, one family
Jun 2016 · 1.5k
Hidden Smile ~a Haiku
Elaina Jun 2016
Seen from ground below
Under flower's downward gaze
Hidden smile grows
Jun 2016 · 417
Passing ~a Haiku
Elaina Jun 2016
Passing, gone in life
Goodbye is not letting go
Forever they stay
Feb 2016 · 2.8k
Awaken ~a Haiku
Elaina Feb 2016
Awaken, smile
Wings soar, peaceful welling heart
Smile, awaken
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
Elaina Sep 2015
this peace fills me.
I'm calm,
Aug 2015 · 320
My Child
Elaina Aug 2015
Holds so much of my heart, my mind, my soul. Down to the very core of my being. Filling cracks and crevices I never knew were there. So powerful. So.... not wanting it any other way.
May 2015 · 378
Elaina May 2015
Wasn't she just born?
        Eighteen years ago.        
    Flies by so quickly.
Done with High School already?
        Yes, and I'm so proud of her.
    She's grown, matured, persevered.
Where did the time go?
        Where it always goes.
    In friends, in learning, in life.
Nov 2014 · 282
You + Me = All
Elaina Nov 2014
I am you
You are me
We are one.... with all
Oct 2014 · 751
Elaina Oct 2014
Relationships and material items can be gone at any moment. It's what one learns that lasts a lifetime. Learn much, learn well.
Oct 2014 · 425
For Me
Elaina Oct 2014
I like what I do,
it isn't for you.
I do it for me,
it's my special key.

Complex it's not,
and that's what I got.
As long as it's mine,
Simple is fine.

It's the meaning that matters,
emotion on platters.
To air this one's soul,
is my only goal.

This venue provides,
a place with no sides.
It's somewhere to post,
what helps me the most.

So it's time to end,
this one rhyming friend.
Say good bye to the light,
and hello nighty night.
Oct 2014 · 371
Made for you
Elaina Oct 2014

Infused in each fiber
Stitched with great love
Forever emanating to you....

Belief in yourself
Life filled with purpose
Abundance of strength
Nurturing comfort
Kindness to all
Encompassing joy
Thankfulness always
Given to the daughter,
A blanket made with great love.
Sep 2014 · 461
Lobo Howls (10w)
Elaina Sep 2014
He howls into the wind,
She bristles from the sound.
Sep 2014 · 412
jumbled thoughts
Elaina Sep 2014
That one special moment.
It's all in the sand.
Written in the folds.
Basking in the rays.
Tossed by the wind.
The vastness of it all.
A comforting silence.
Nurturing strength.
Recognition of life.
Spinning so fast, yet we don't even feel it.
Take a moment to pause.
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