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Hussein Dekmak Nov 2020
She is made of sun, radiating hope, love and beauty.

Hussein Dekmak
ohellobeautiful Sep 2019
the untold power
in your own strength
plant seeds in the hurt
where others threw dirt
use your tears
to water the cracks
your heart once lacked
those are the places
your light shines through
your darkness is a reminder
that all you’ve ever needed
is radiating from you
Asante' Nov 2018
Somewhere there are stars
Even when they're out of sight.
They are shining in the Heavens
Making radiating light.
So even when it's cloudy
Or the world is feeling grey,
Remember somewhere there are stars
That can brighten up your day.
Brandon Amberger Sep 2018
You know you're like the sun.
Radiating beauty naturally
and everlasting.
Dee Bach Sep 2014
I’m radiating a smile,
In this moment I’m unstoppable,
I can do anything.
No one will break this smile,
For smiles are the most beautiful,
When worn for not everyone,
But for yourself
When you know you are
I’m radiating a smile
Because I know
I Will Be Okay.
Brittle Bird Dec 2014
Cash registers and sleepy morning smiles
swept with the exciting smell
of new-old things.

He greeted me at the end of the line and  
I asked him how he was-

          "Cant you tell? I'm radiating with joy!
           Every breath in my chest is a light
           charged and glowing through my bones.
           My throat is sore from laughing,
           my cheeks from smiling,
           and it's the sweetest pain I've ever known."

   -and he was.
The manifest has been written
And she will be sought
But when I meet her face to face
How will she react?
With a simple embrace?
She's so beautiful
Smooth skin and a sweet grimace
She's always fresh and sharply dressed
It's been so long that I've dreamed her
Yet her image is so vivid in my mind
So many times I thought I could just reach out and grab her
Only to awaken to a disappearing mirage
But alas dreams become reality
And I feel like a groupie around her celebrity
Unsure if she's aware of my quiet insecurity
Even though I've dreamed
Do I deserve to be here?
But she merely smiles
As she beckons me closer
With each step I pinch myself
To make sure I truly exist
Just as soon as I reach her
I close my eyes and enjoy the ride
Her embrace is like a sweet kiss to my pride
Humbling me effectively
Causing my soul to smile and shine
Radiating like new armor
I open my eyes to drink in my newfound skin
And like magic she is gone once again
And then I realize
She is finally part of me
And no longer is reality only in my dreams

— The End —