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Jennifer DeLong Nov 2020
As his words crawled into my eyes
Dripped down my throat
They landed on my heart
and that's where they stay
Poetry like his
so raw so true
opened my soul
and it was there
on those pages
we shared a bond
His words forever
captured right here
in my heart
His words
© Jennifer L DeLong 11/08/2020
Ashleigh Mar 2019
Bruise me, beat me
Make me bleed and cry for more
Choke me till my breath escapes
Tell me to beg you on my knees
Pull my hair, whisper in my ear
"Don't forget, you belong to me."
Collar me, don't let me go
I am yours forever more.
Sometimes my mental illness makes me feel like I'm entirely submissive to it. It makes me feel stuck in a relationship I want to be in, but one that's to controlling.
IC Jan 2019
One cannot be without another
Some are connected
and cannot live without each other
Call it love, or more an illusion
But the feeling is real
Like an explosion of stimuli and emotions
A band that cannot be broken
And nothing that breaks the bubble
underestimated Nov 2018
We are bonded
The stupid things we do
Just bring us closer together
We have super powers
We are indestructible
We are more than just friends
We have three strong qualities
Faith, Hope, and Love
We would crawl through each others windows just to be together
We find joy in the dumbest things
We stay up and watch the sunrise together
We are crazy
We are a beautiful mess
We are best friends for life
Best friends forever
They hate that I'm not confident
They see me as
Funny, crazy, smart, a good friend, a great friend, their best friend
And I see them the same
The time we spend apart from each other is torture
But when we see each other all the pain goes away
I could be filled with rage
But they would be able to calm me down instantly
Can we be split apart?
My friends are the best thing in my life...
Alexander T Sep 2018
I hope nobody trusts you again
like I did you

I pray you never hurt another person
like you did me

You carved into my soul
And have taken peices
They will never grow back

Dont ever say that you want to help
because you will just hurt again
you will destroy
and you will ******

This is the perfect story
for a broken heart

you made me feel good
and I just dont understand
how you killed me

I told you everything
and you continued to destroy what was left
and turned me into this

a grumpy
suicidal being
Who you illusioned
believing all was good
while you tore me apart
and extracted my heart

I hope you never have somebody
like I thought I had in you

I hope you get what I got in you
because your time is due
you earned that

I hope nobody trusts you
because you will hurt them too

You will tell them what they need
and when its time for you to work
you will never be there

Give us that fake smile
the one that used to push the clouds away
but I know now
that the tornado is coming our way

you make things seem okay
seem liveable
just to gain your unholy power

Hurt is a childs dream
compared to this terror

I have lost all hope

you told me you will help
the only thing you helped
is to ****

Never talk to me again
I cannot bare your lies
For anyone who has ever felt this way
Sakhi Dec 2017
What is my skin for?
To cover up my thoughts so sore?
Thoughts that fuel me like gasoline,
As a candy does to a kid on Halloween

My thoughts are far beyond this world,
But suppressed by the hearts so cold,
People say dream big and shoot for stars!!
But for 18 years they tell us what to say bout isobars

Thoughts are never given freedom to be expressed,
All this world wants is people who can impress,
My thoughts if revealed would drown you all,
And hitting the ground you all will fall.

Why do my thoughts only haunt me at night?
Why do they always wanna stay out of sight?
Maybe because that's what we are being taught,
Bitter thoughts should never be caught.

Let me just scream my thoughts,
A day like this is all i sought,
So don't expect people to stay quiet all the time,
Because with that we are just not fine.

Let my thoughts burn your soul,
Leave a scar, one so gold,
Let me leave a mark on the world,
In this world, let me make a swirl!!
Elaina Jul 2016
Lying beside me
Trusting soul, content, carefree
Bonded, one family
LJ May 2016
We are the lonely children
Who get lost in the wood
Yet find peace in each other
We are the lonely children

Bonded by our ancestors
To carry the light of the garden
Yet we fell and heard our beats
Bonded by our ancestors

We live in dull ghostly towns
Crowned in the dark alleys
Yet we stomp and the world shakes
We live in full ghostly towns

You play with the cobra fearless
I run in fear , my fate, my dear
Yet you can encase me from danger
You play with the cobra fearless

In the gust of the wind I love you
Take my words as the solid truth
Yet circumstance let us queue
In the gust of the wind I love you
Liam C Calhoun Mar 2016
Dandelion dreams wisped from
The lips of summers past,
Lips tasted
And gilded became the cage,
So to, ushered,
My sense of belonging.
I tried to move on,
An couldn’t
And she knew it;
She knew that I couldn’t
The moment –
I’d fallen upon her lap
As she grabbed one more
And took one more breath
And blew the dead petals
Whilst making the wind somehow
Dance, and I,
The fool once more –
In love and unable to flee.
She asked me to "stay in her bowl," and I did; I'm still there and I'm a-o-k with that.
Flo Nov 2015
After more and more time we spend
With each other
We start to feel connected
Bonded by the same occurrences
Linked by the same pain

You know how I feel
By feeling the same
Always knew what to say
No need to be ashamed

We're sharing a lot of history
Been experiencing quite a lot
You might be the only one
That truly understands
My chasms caused by society.
Sometimes there is only that one person, that can really relate to what you're going through.
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