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Abby Jo Sep 2020
Who I was
When my heart was broken
Has sent backup
I have gone through hell
But now I'm back
Only with scars to show
Danica Feb 2020
Hey it's been a while
How was your shattered heart?
Has it been mended?
Erian Rose Nov 2019
They watched each other’s footprints tremble against an entangled bliss, captured in fond devotion of those they wished to miss. The sirens rang but they whose hearts crumbled down their walls. Different lengths as the story did sing. Their melody’s patching from the grasp in the moonlit dawn.
Nothing as though sang the same, as their fervor drew them at the closest reach. A notice so unseen, depth by emotions too far to be unscathed.
Unnoticeable, as they, farther and farther as the weakening sun.
Broken hearts waiting for them, but mended into one.
ClawedBeauty101 Jul 2019
I was dropped...
And now thought to be broken

But I'm still in one piece
However, now dented

But even broken and dented things can be fixed a mended
With time, wounds can heal
Kirsten Claire Jan 2018
Once long ago
You and I were two flowers
Rooted in the same soil
Bonded by a life
Grown from love
And we were inseparable
But one day you
Lead me by my hand
And took me to where
The leaves were the greenest
The trees the tallest
And life most vibrant
And there in the forest of dreams
With a love too ambitious to contain
We planted our own seed
And waited for a new life
That would soon grow from our love
But as fall shed its skin
There was no bud to be found
And praying to Mother Nature
We begged for the seed to take root
But with all life She grants
She can also take
And there in the forest of dreams
Our precious seed did not grow
To be the flower we wanted
But instead laid way
To a soil more fertile and precious soil
And now in the forest of dreams
Where the trees are tallest
And the leaves greenest
There lie upon the soil
Three flowers
Rooted in the same soil
Bonded by a life
Grown from love
Love can give life.
mint Jan 2018
there was a crack in my soul
then you picked me up and mended me
putting gold in the cracks

and then you dropped me again

now there are many cracks  
and the dust of the fools gold you left behind-

why does thinking about not having her anymore make me feel so broken
Debanjana Saha Mar 2017
I met myself last night after a long time
I buried my face in my blanket
as tears fell off crushing my heart.
I didn't know what to tell
or just be there for myself.

I kept quiet in tender stillness at night
I went across my heart & mind
and asked them how they are?
I know you all are exhausted
but still be with me.
I know its hard, but still
don't leave me apart.

I had a long conversation with each territory within me
longing through all the episodes of my life with me.
I know you all never make a fuss over my each day's agony.
I know its been 12 years long
to keep me alive
and trust me I am trying hard to keep you all up too.

I know you all need to repose
and make your way towards a little more pleasures in life.
Trust me I will yield all of that for you all
As I have only you all within me
so I will caress you all
caving in with love with all of me
mended in smiling pieces of you all with me.
I was with me last night for hours long and things have settled
Philomena Jan 2017
And from the tree I fell letting the wind take me where it pleased
so lifeless I'd float through the sky
where did all life go that use to flow so peacefully within my soul  
the beauty faded and the pain grew
the tears fell and it all ceased
every person I loved seemed to take a part of me as they left leaving with pieces that I don't know how to fit together , I would say I'm broken but that'd imply I could be fixed. People like me can't be Mended, our hearts have stopped far too many times and cried far too many songs of desperation, wore out due to a lack of love needed to keep pumping. People like me are not broken we are simply the dead disguised among the living
Ravanna Dee Sep 2016
Like, the red and blue chalky color of pain,
Their words bled from me.
Then, like, the the sweet and minty taste of happiness,
You cleaned and mended the wound.
A writing prompt.
Alaska Apr 2016
The parts of me that you broke
are all mended,
but the parts from my past,
don't seem like they're
going to mend together
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