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happycoollove Nov 2019
in stillness
such bliss
takes me higher
asanas and breath
open up a path
to the heart
of the divine
away from
the thinking mind
to the light
how sweet it is
such bliss
in stillness
this poem is dedicated to all of my yogi fellows out there: namaste. may your yoga journey take you higher.
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2019
In you
I could see
Something divine
Something close to magic
 Something beyond words

Whole life
I could be thankful for
Keeping alive
The writer in me

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: To all who emit inspiring vibes
Jayantee Khare Jul 2017
A fruit and vegetable vendor,
simple and humble,
Always seen with his handcart,
alongside the road, which was parked.
On my way back
from the gym,
Bought the fruits and vegetables
daily from him.

Neither the quality!
Nor the variety!!

But his  greetings "Namaste Didi" with that innocent smile,
caught my attention for a while.
That friendly gesture
made me feel familiar.

Balming the lonely and tired soul,
in the foreign soil,
in this city of strangers,
accommodating many dwellers.

While lost in own thoughts,
or busy in the cell-phone chats.
But this simple guy never failed,
seeing me come, he sweetly hailed.
"Namaste Didi"

Once, when I resumed
after a vacation,
Found dozers, excavators
busy in construction.
An all new road, footpath
for beautification,
It's the "smart city" project's
much awaited implementation.

I realized, that something was amiss!
"Namaste Didi", welcoming, friendly voice!

I looked for him all around,
Standing near a pole, he was found.
Neither cheerful, nor fruit or vegetable?
Uttered him, now the business not feasible.
Not allowed to park his cart anywhere,
As "The Smart City Mission" started here.

Go to the big stores now,
for the daily needs,
Roadside vendors
pulled out like weeds.

Neither friendly smile, nor simplicity!
"Namaste Didi" swallowed by "the smart city"!!

Do we really need a "smart city",
or simply a city?
addressing the needs of all,
retaining its simplicity.
The social warmth
and existing friendliness,
Accommodating all
with self sustenance.

**Isn't socialism, just a myth!
No offence, this way I think!!
Didi means sister in hindi....people address didi to the ladies showning respect and warmth....
Some people are so simple and humble that you can't ignore them..
Since i am advocating simplicity in this,
I have written this poetry with the use of simple words...
It's a true incidence happened nearby..which made me think like this.
In india smart city mission is in progress...
Hailyn Suarez May 2017
“namaste” she says- as he holds a gun
her words a whisper, to cold blue eyes
but his hand shakes- she has almost won.

the sand is dry and the sky is only sun
it’s quiet – the wind begins its sighs
“namaste” she says – as he holds a gun.

the woman is hidden in black, like nun
the bodies pile ‘round her – rotting – covered in flies
but his hand shakes – she has almost won.

her beautiful onyx hair, forced into a bun
his composure falters, his eyes turn soft, ruining his disguise
“namaste” she says- as he holds a gun.

he curses the sky and sinks to the ground hoping to be numb
he’s become a monster- a killer- one who terrifies
but his hand shakes – she has almost won.

she stands up, gets ready to run
but then puts out her hand- to somehow

“namaste” she says- as he holds a gun
but his hand shakes- she has almost won.
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Maybe in the symmetry of life were all the same,
just mirrors in the flesh driving each other insane.
You think you're so different, you're the one to blame.
Imagine us as sand, were all just grains,
imagine us as grass, were all just blades,
imagine us as the ocean, were all just waves.
it's okay to be different of course, that's not what I'm dealing,  
but just don't gloat about being better like nobody else has feelings.  
We're all the same, all got brains,
unwanted pains, all binded by chains,
trying to escape the insane.
We all just want honesty.
written on 2/26/2014
Val Vik Apr 2017
I present to you... the Gift of Breath
in the palm of my hand...
the Life Portrayed...  I share with you!

As if the heavenly bodies in the endless sea
of the Universe have fallen into my eyes...

Love has become the core of all the World
and the orbits which streamed into the wines
grew... as our celestial creations.
Elaina Oct 2016
One with all



Perfect knowledge
Right action

No harm

Forever grateful
Always thankful

Each morning
Elaina Oct 2016
I know you feel
Intelligence flows within
Thanks be unto you
Janay Jul 2016


I honor the universe's light, beauty, love,truth and peace.
Because it is in me, and you;
it is, me and you.
Praying, for you to come unite with me in our heaven
where we are;
one thought,
Viola Densden Apr 2016
My words fail me
Most when I need them
Like a babe, dumb to speech,
A mouthful of nothing.

My words fail me
Most when I'm with you
Because our souls pray "Namaste"
And never stop talking.

And my words truly fail me
When I can see what you want me to say
And all that I can mutter,
Might as well be thrown away.
Words are a drug with all its ups and downs
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