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Julika-Skai Mar 2022
After day comes night
After night comes day
When the sun rises in the sky
And the sky is heavenly blue
I wonder if the blue that's growing inside of me
If it's you?
You may be so small and precious
Adored and loved so dearly
Not knowing but expecting
A God-worthy wonder
I carry you
The wonder that you are
My baby blue.
If you want to be
Disappointed, lone and hurt...
Then, start expecting!
Another name of "Expectation" should be disappointment...

Read this poem if u want😅😅... in case u've missed it 😅😅👇👇👇
still not enough
two cold cups of coffee later,
once the morning show has ended
and Boss quits yelling through walls.

jingle bells leap through the door,
an alert to be alert.
yeah times are tough,
but we're tougher.

keep on smiling,
another threat will leave
and you’ll still have a job
and you’ll still have a bed.
so they’re not satisfied
with the color palette,
big deal.

escape route would be nice,
but then it’d be You vs World
and there’s just too many of Them.

at least soon there will be
one more of Us.
for M.S-P.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I would like to figure out why I was blessed

With the talent I write my words with

But that is impossible to answer

Not impossible like "how?"
But a close second

My rhymes may never be important

As paying taxes owed

So I will do my thing over here not expecting a thing in return
Every letter is tax-free ;)
colette alexia Aug 2020
I can’t wait for the day I hear your little heart beat
I can’t wait to play with your two tiny feet
Or to hold you and watch as you start to fall asleep
How much joy you’ve already brought
By just being who you are
You’re doing such a wonderful job staying snuggled safe and warm
I hope you feel welcome to always be yourself
Knowing we will always be contented
After all you haven’t even taken a breath
And our hearts have already melted
I thought the best thing your mother has brought to me
Was her loving loyalty and friendship
Then she told me she’s expecting you
And my whole perspective shifted
Not only her, now also you, my heart exploded at the mention
Of the possibility to know and love two Muñoz women
Jenny Ochoa Jul 2020
I found out I was expecting...
I wasn't sure how to feel...
At first it was a bit concerning....
and then it felt extremely surreal...

I found out I was expecting....
I was later filled with pure joy....
for I knew soon I'd hear a little heart pitter pattering....
and then pondered at the question, little girl or little boy?.....

I found out I was expecting...…
Our hearts were made complete....
Seeing our little jelly bean quickly growing....
and waiting anxiously for December so we can finally meet!....
annh May 2020
If you place me on a pedestal,
I can’t help but disappoint you;
For no one is infallible,
No one survives unbroken,
No one remains unchanged.

When it all turns to custard,
Who do you blame?
Me for letting you down,
Or yourself for doing the same,
By expecting too much of me.
To shamelessly paraphrase Yotam Ottolenghi: ‘I am inordinately fond of pedestals...and...custard in any shape or form.’
Luna Maria Aug 2019
what if God
regrets creating
a human
like me?
what if I never reach his expectations?
emma hunt david Jan 2019
moving that morning felt easy
my lifeline was long and thick
my head was normal size and not any thicker than normal
the cats were in good spirits the art on the wall was patient but not expecting anything
I'm not expecting anything
I woke up and I was not expecting anything
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