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ogdiddynash Jul 14
majestic adjectives of contrary harmonies,
adverbs in adversity that modify our satisfactions,
gut punch our eyes, scramble the taste buds,
now inoperable, incapacitated to distinguish
what is disturbed - what is sweet - what is impossible.
my days ending is nearer to my god than thee,
the crumblings of what I’ve got left,
stale panko crumbs,
here come they in 1000 radium-tipped projectiles of
serious humorous self-destruction,
gifted to you few itinerant followers
brave enough to follow me into the deeps of
radioactive incomprehension,
in no particular disorders
a thousand times
Desire Mar 23
Mates mingle, mash, and match,
a mystery so miraculous.
A magical manifest of our
majestic and marvelous Maker.
Magnetize and magnify,
making it magnificent,
modest, meticulous,
measuring each minute's bliss.
Movies and moonlight,
moments made to memorize.
Memories that mesmerize,
meant to last a millennium.


Inspired by: the Hewitts
I am a rainbow
The product of the rain and sun
Majestic elements
You ran to find my *** of gold
Eagerly searching
Though you were too greedy
Because you missed my vivid colours
And captivating curves
Now I disappear
And you are left wishing
I have always loved rainbows, and after a heartbreak I realised my worth and I am a rainbow, full of life and colour, the product of the good and the bad, the rain and sun, happy always.
Badshah Khan Feb 11
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 52

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

On your chosen road towards your noble destiny,
Your chosen road may look like a majestic peak,
You may not discover the familiar path from the below,
But there is consistently a possible path above the majestic peak,
You naturally need to climb and see properly by yourself!

On your chosen path you will typically encounter with those,
Who are positively a unholy and a dear saint, each and everyone will;
Naturally direct you diverging the path in many possible directions,
Towards your noble destiny, if you are mystified or undoubtedly lost
Then rest and hold your breath and listen politely to your noble heart!

Listen carefully towards your almighty creator who heartens your dear soul,
He, the specific one who certainly cause you walk, naturally make you climb;
And undoubtedly discover the unknown path above the majestic peaks,
Who divinely revealed the moral truth about the dear saint and wicked to you.

Carefully hold your faith firm and walk towards your noble destiny.
Remember keenly, every noble destiny promptly provide a direct path.
And every chosen path gratefully acknowledges an ultimate end.

Either it’s yours or mine!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Poetic T Jan 5
We are woven in the majestic
                      verses of past voices.
Made silent by time,
           but etched within the fallen trees
that hold these voices
                                      within them.

For every moment is a page turned.
           A collection of reflections that
                                             when read,
collect within a picture  
           of every ballad concealed within.

So many compassions of emotion are bonded
                                                 within sentences.
When a tree falls it makes no sound.
But the words its carries afterwards,
make those inspired to reach higher
                            any branch that soared before it.
s Willow Jan 4
The green fire dragon
Really a sight to see.
The green fire dragon
Isn’t something to describe.
You must witness it for yourself.
The event of the green fire dragon
Will come one day.
Everyone will experience it’s beauty and destruction.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
First and foremost, You flourished fullest!
You balanced the masses all surrounding,
Yet are You the finest ever ahead, upon You,
The cast of masses all cascade to the end,
Before glorious, You are seen in full,
And they all re-rise up to You, greater
As yet You remain to be seen!

When You cast time's captivating views,
Upon Your own, on to Your vast heaven;
Beyond even the embodied, paradise dwelling,
The proud soul rise, wrought by You!
Yet Your divine revelations causes them all,
Like Your majestic rhythm, relatively
Innovates them all on the way you come and go!
Violet Moretti Aug 2018
Dear me
the me that I always wanted to be
the me that I can still be
you are so strong
not hiding behind a screen
because you finally aren’t terrified to speak the words with your mouth
you are so brave
letting your voice be heard
and not minding the attention one bit
you are an amazon
a woman, yes
weak, no
despite their words
you are fierce
you are a warrior
depite their degrading
you are beautiful
you are majestic
you are a bird
not the sloth
not the water bug
you aren't lazy
nor are you scurrying about due to fear
you just flap your wings and soar above
above all of the people that said you wouldn’t make it
above the ones who said you were never good enough
above the pain you felt because you told somebody that you are different
that you are more of a pink and blue
than just a blue
that one color doesn't intrigue you by itself
because you love both just as much
the abyss of deep and dark pain is below you
because you are no longer terrified of yourself
you no longer cringe when you look in the mirror
you no longer cry yourself to sleep every night
you no longer wish you were more than allergic
you are strong
you have your battles
but you already won a battle like Zorndorf
you just have the Boston Massacre left
you are making it
you fought
you cried
but now
you laugh
you love
and I am so proud
that you can say you made it
you deserve it
the you that you never wanted to be
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