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leeaaun Nov 2023
I was on a journey to find my core,
Through heartaches deep, in search of something true.
A soul adrift, emotions all askew,
In quest of worth, I longed for something more.

Through winding paths where shadows seemed to creep,
I sought for treasures in life's vast array,
Yet each pursuit left me in disarray,
As yearning eyes welled up with tears to weep.

In the final dusk, clarity emerged,
A whisper soft, a truth that set me free.
The love of Allah, a balm, a key,
Now, in His grace, my troubled heart has surged.

Remembrance of what's vital, pure release,
In His love, my soul finds lasting peace.
The lesson I learned in pursuit of importance, our hearts misled,
Messing the threads of truth, chasing illusions we bred.

If you inquire of true remembrance,
I'd share the extract—life's secret recipe.
Remembrance, a tapestry woven in the mind,
Threads of cherished moments, in our hearts entwined.
A M Ryder Aug 2023
The mind, divine
Through the vine
Of time
Tangled, entwined
In some
Grand design
Of marvelous form
And numberless prime
A nothingness enshrined

All the light
We cannot see
Lovely, dark,
Soundless and deep
Figures shift, restless
In the mist
A maskless mayhem
Patiently waits
Skin on soil - I sink
My lungs a network of roots,
I breathe with the leaves.
One with nature
Melody Mann Apr 2021
Kneeling at the shrine she pays respects,
Acknowledging those before her and the universe beyond her,
Grounded in humility she stills her mind,
To bolster discipline and refine the conscious,
Welcoming grace and bliss from divinity undefined,
Celestial vibrations sync to her prayer's call,
Moonlit gratitude summons heavenly hues,
A moment of fortitude and reflection,
Sheer tranquility engulfing her surroundings,
She is basked in the beloved's protection.
Raven Blue Dec 2020
Forgotten memories;
Phoenix's debris;
Change of the time;
Future's entwined.
my identity is printed
in the groove of your spine
your identity

we became so entangled and now we are one
ms reluctance Apr 2020
Blue bird,
every time I set you free
unfailingly, you fly back to me.
Perched out of reach
never out of mind
evermore locked in my gravity.

I know, blue bird,
the quandary of a heart
so willingly ensnared.
I remember the soothing drum
of its unquiet content.

I have longed for the keen
euphoric sting you bring
even as I banished you.
Without you
I am an empty nest.
I am so… heavy
with you.

Only I can let you go.
Only you can return to me.
NaPoWriMo Day 1
Poetry form: Lyric
Tom Lefort May 2019
Mourned are the times we so loved but lost,
Wasted are the words we spoke in years forgot;
Regrets now all that bind as one our fractured hearts,
Broken be our lives yet still entwined by lovers knots.

TS Lefort 2017
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