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Kyle Dec 2020
Forgotten memories;
Phoenix's debris;
Change of the time;
Future's entwined.
Beckie Davies Oct 2020
my identity is printed
in the groove of your spine
your identity

we became so entangled and now we are one
ms reluctance Apr 2020
Blue bird,
every time I set you free
unfailingly, you fly back to me.
Perched out of reach
never out of mind
evermore locked in my gravity.

I know, blue bird,
the quandary of a heart
so willingly ensnared.
I remember the soothing drum
of its unquiet content.

I have longed for the keen
euphoric sting you bring
even as I banished you.
Without you
I am an empty nest.
I am so… heavy
with you.

Only I can let you go.
Only you can return to me.
NaPoWriMo Day 1
Poetry form: Lyric
TS Lefort May 2019
Mourned are the times we so loved but lost,
Wasted are the words we spoke in years forgot;
Regrets now all that bind as one our fractured hearts,
Broken be our lives yet still entwined by lovers knots.

TS Lefort 2017
Nylee Mar 2019
What is buried so deep inside
A memory so entwined
many lines and differing angles
The same frame can be seen
Differently with different lenses
Different outcome for every scene
Can alter all the things
And I would not remain
as the person I am
LettersToNoOne Feb 2019
We entwine our hearts,
growing into each other.
So when things fall apart,
and the other decides to pull away,
we're ripping ourselves up by the roots,
and cutting into our own skin,
to get a taste of freedom
In the sunlight.

I was once your sunlight....

You won't need water from the rain
we kissed so dearly in.
My tears will forever be enough
to watch you grow,
while I sit alone,
giving you the water from my body
and watching you thrive
as I shrivel and die
at your
Nigel Finn Nov 2018
These are the hands that will guide you to greatness,
These are the hands that will stay through the years,
These are the hands that will celebrate good times,
And these are the hands that will wipe away tears.

These are the hands that will love you forever;
When you are weak they will help you feel strong,
And, right now, since these hands are entwined together
These hands are precisely where they belong
Recently I was asked to write and perform a hand-binding wedding ceremony for two of the loveliest people I know while I was dressed as a dragon. It's definitely one of the best things I've ever done, and I doubt I'll ever do anything like it again! This is the poem I wrote for the special moment.
Caroline Ward Sep 2018
You've been sweet talking
Me lullabies
And holding my hand
When it's dark outside.
You've been so steady
When I've stumbled
Holding me in
When I start to crumble.
You've been a reminder
Of my flaws
And why they don't matter
The way they did before.
You've been broken and twisted
Yet simple and kind
So like me where it matters
Our lives entwined.
I've loved and despised you
Had you in my brain
You've kept me close by
And pushed me away.
We've fallen and risen
Survived a spiral, a whirl
A story, so simple,
About a boy and girl.
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