Joyce Jan 2016

You are so pretty when you
are sleeping.
So lovable when you
are not snoring.
So sweet when you
are not talking.
So soft when we
are touching.
You look so innocent
with your eyes closed.
When we lay in bed.
Is when I love you
the most.

The last straw
Of my wild willed
Super serene
Humble oriented read
Onrushed & outbursted in a
Knows how
Cheerful and Happy
Magnetic Laughter

Thank you
so much...
Cat Fiske May 2015

She fears that he is broken.

What he did to her did not break them.
What he did only cut her;
stinging for years afterward but not forever.

He is afraid he will be alone,
but he doesn’t know,
that people who burn inside,
people with scars that no one can see,
are loved by those,
who are meant to love them.

He has lost the hope that people are waiting to love him as desperately as he is waiting to be loved.

But they are.

They will not think,
that he needs to be fixed,
or that what he goes through,
is too much for them to handle.

They will never see him as too weird,
or a burden to love.

They will only see his smart,
beautiful self.

They will not see any other him that he is afraid of being.

They will love him.

he will be loved.

He is lovable.

I know because I love him.

My rant about a boy I love.
Chloe Dec 2014

I love you, Mother Dearest
Your warm floral dress is my origin of choice
A tall beauty with intricate patterns on your skin, begging to be noticed
You fed me breaths and I grew tall- not as tall as you, but boy was I strong
I took my strength and I buried my heart into you

I love you, Mother Dearest
My heart grew where I planted it, it didn't take much to thrive
The soil was so clean
And you were chipping, but your mind stayed pure
Death was around the corner but you weren't afraid, you told me "It's no different from life, you just become light"

I love you, Mother Dearest
I know you are gone, but you aren't
You can hear me, but you can't answer the way you used to be able to
Clones of beautiful individuals take your place while you make your way up top
If I had the choice, I'd pick the sun too

I love you, Mother Dearest
Mother of all trees
Life supporter
Understood all

And I love you, Sun.

Ormond Aug 2014
( uncouth )

Teddy bear, soft, warm,
Milky, curly hair— pawing,    
Bear in lambs clothing.

2. ( bottom )

Teddy bear, listless,
Alley home, downward spiral,                           
Fell— off his wagon.

3. ( shameless )

Teddy bear, stone cold,
Faced down in gutter, soiled—                          
Must have been some night.

4. ( forsaken )

Teddy bear alone—
Left in cold, empty alley,
Could use wash and hugs.
Anne Jul 2014

You whisper the words,
I hold them inside my being.
My heart explodes,
For the meaning.
Of love.
To hear those words,
Spoken from your lips,
Those words,
Meant to touch my soul.
They travel through my ears,
Down to my heart,
Warming my body on their way.

" I'm  in  love  with  you "

Those simple words you say.
Create in me,

E l e c t r i c i t y .

I spoke to him tonight.
I am alive.

— The End —