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WC Wrights Nov 2019
Once I heard something strange, almost unexplainable.
"I hate walking," said Nicole, my brother's girlfriend.
Walking is a living thing, non-reversible, unable to refund.

"I just can't stand it," she said. Well, yes, you should be moving,
moving your legs joining into that movement, that freedom
of absolute expression that boundaries race to form around

In fact, when you put the one foot after the next
it creates a ripple effect which effortlessly continues on and on
"It seems like such a waste of time," but only for the bunny

his batteries died out, drums cracked, sunglasses lost
he seemed lonely until he saw me walking by

"I love walking," I said. And then I left.
This was a conversation that I had with my family. They didn't understand why I walked everyday. I did.
Elaina Feb 2017
Be the catalyst
Summon strength from deep within
Motivating all
She entered through the back bedroom window .
She said she had my key
When I foolishly asked her
"Why you crossexamining me ?"

I dropped out of the University
I got myself a steady job
Working part time on the weekends
It had benefits without the friends

Then I spent the coldest winter
Without any heat or bread
I microwaved Idaho potatoes
They called me "Tater Head"

Now didn't anybody see
Now was there anyone who cared
Sunday was just another Monday
When is a rabbit not a hare ?

Well I found myself another girlfriend
I was sure now of her honesty
I came home from work one evening
To find my microwave wasn't there

Now I could have sat down and cried
But I never had a chair
Just some cushions on the floor
Hot and cold roaches everywhere

Now the future was looking bleak
Winter turned to spring you see
A thunderstorm turned tornadic
Took my apartment away from me

Didn't anybody see
I'm sure that nobody cared
Sunday turned into a Monday
All I said was,"So there" . . . oh , my .

— The End —