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MB Fleetwood Apr 2
I wonder how far you've flown ;
how much longer till you land .
Those tiny wings are a marvel ;
every jet plane will agree .

Are you having fun dancing there
in this billow before the storm ,
that's soon to rage the air
of all the space you live .

So dance in the air I breathe ;
Mr Dragon Fly --
don't be scared
of what you do not know .

The storm will come ;
it'll wash this town ;
of everything that doesn't
hold it's ground .

So hold your ground ,
and you'll be fine .
Hold your ground ,
and you'll get home .

You don't know him ,
but the weather man says
the rains will flood the lands ,
and the winds will down the trees .

Your home might not look the same
when you get back ;
it'll have been changed ,
to a different place .

I'm sorry to inform you ,
Mr Dragon Fly --
your home will be swept away
in currents of dusty water .

But you live in a world
bigger than we all know .
So when you see
your bed in the trash ,
please know that it'll be ok .

Nothing last forever .
Nothing doesn't change .
Things go to ruins .
Things tend to break .

It'll be ok .
It'll be ok .
Mr Dragon Fly --
Everything will
be ok .

Go on ,
and play for now ;
Mr Dragon Fly --
don't be scared
of the future
you do not know .

Go on and
live for now .
Go on and
live for now .

Go on and
live !
As I watched a dragonfly in the wind before a big storm, I found myself connecting on some level to this little guy. We had something in common, because each of us go through life not knowing what is going to come next or how our present moment decisions will ultimately impact our future. It was like watching myself in the perspective as though I were a dragonfly. It was encouraging to see my situation in that way, in a more relatable way to nature. When I can think of things in terms of how nature works, they always make more sense to me.
Kryptonite Oct 2019
blue peonies
the dragonfly swifts in
pink lilies
landing behind the windowsill
green orchids
piercing screams the creature exhales
one last glance around the empty room
the dragonfly flies out
a pin drops
day 69
Disconnected wires and
Missed communications
Linger between the sheets
Like secrets cried out to
The bare walls of a home.
Standards float high
Above our heads
Like the dragonfly.

My own reflection
Slithers out of my
Skin to stare me
In the face and fib,
The most intimate
Kind of betrayal;
She is a quiet,
Cozen serpent.

Broken mirror,
I know you don’t
Want me, you
Won’t touch me.
Jagged edges too sharp
For affection, too tender
For your logic. I get
It; apathetic.

Vulnerability and
Exposed emotion;
I hide in shame,
Naked under white light.
You are too good to
Feel such things.
I get it;

Detached from you,
From body and mind,
Limb from limb.
Bare bone dare show its
Face to you, while
I cover myself with
I want. Uncertainty
Occupies my blood.
A dragon fly
Over a swimming pool
Zig zags with purpose
Like being in at the deep end
Taking a hard decision.

He is red
Like the writing on the wall
Saying 1.6 meters
As I swim my 16th lap.
Like the 4x4 Taxis here

He is trapped
in the realm of tourists
This pool holds no reeds on which to land
No link between air and water depths
For the hatching of generations

He repeats
the habits of his ancestors
Guards this sterile domain
With militant commitment
His choices narrow with each day.

He shows me
Gives me a lesson
Makes me question rote and way
I let go a little, grateful for choice
And human options.

One day he is gone
Then a second day.
I wonder about that
Did he finally see, on my on lap 24,
the futility of defending small horizons.
Dragonflies mate in flight and then deposit eggs on reeds or other simple vertical pond plants.  The hatchlings descend into water to grow strong.
TheMystiqueTrail Jan 2019
A Dragonfly once flew up
on its whispery wings
to the azure sky
that caught in the emptiness of time
after a crazy rainstorm disillusioned it,
to greet the Sun
peeking through scraps of ebony clouds.

A euphoric Sun mixed gold dust
to an ethereal orange on its palette, and
blew the sibyllic mist on the giggly,
gossamer wings of the Dragonfly.

And lo, tiny sparkling rainbow drops
started dancing
on the dreaming consciousness of the
rain-wet earth!
K Balachandran Dec 2018
A dragonfly glides-
Now, a sea of glittery wings;
Who has seen their nest?
Kit Scott Nov 2018
I saw you, surrounded by swirling
Iridescent in the light like
Gossamer threads spun dizzyingly 'round and
'Round like the buzzing wings of a dragonfly perched, lightly, upon your outstretched fingers

In that pre-dawn the air was dancing and heavy with something
I could not name
Laden with energy that picked me up and tossed me over and
over as I stood still, watching

Something that evokes you


And it came to mind then as I saw you swaying in the trees over the lake with your dancing feet that they call you
Witch in the Candlelight
And I was bewitched

And there, rooted in place while you became the clearing
I understood the being that you are
Fleeting and forever, enchanter of dappled light and the scent of morning dew
All as it bends to please you
You are something more
Something beautiful beyond what I can tell
To me, ephemeral

Something of light and shadow and colour
In between the rest of everything

Something I cannot reach
I can still watch though, please just let me have that.
SR Nirmal Kumar Oct 2018
On a swaying blade of grass
Unperturbed, contemplate
Red Dragonfly
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