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raphæl Jan 20
if death's an exit
it explains the red carpet
on the bathroom floor
credits written without ink
paper slipped under the door
Seanathon Jan 4
Bright fire turns to ashe
Sunlight turns to dark of night
And night to mourning
For it's loss of another
Moonlit loverboys embrace
57577 - How sweet
raphæl Mar 2019
gasping through my ear
warm bare hands slither beneath
sneaking through tight skin
i steer waves you shut those eyes
leave the realm where lust is sin
raphæl Mar 2019
for months, the kind son
looked over her living corpse
to prolong her breath
but tonight he stepped outside
to waste his with cigarettes
The ironies of life and death;
of love and despair
raphæl Mar 2019
song jives with the sight
dying sun burning the edges
golden leaf eclipse
i sniff my fingertips the
stink of rusty guitar strings
raphæl Dec 2018
the dank soil tightened
scent of relief after rain
sunset burned like sighs
in time the gray sky turns blue
so do the streaks in their eyes
raphæl Dec 2018
lads water her mind
"You look so gorgeous today"
but she's done with scripts
she tests those eyes if they stay
when trivial beauty is stripped
This is the struggle:
I'm discovering myself,
Fighting the demons,
And supporting the flowers
Whose beauty envies devils.
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