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Jackson Bussey Sep 2020
The morning dew shines a crystal blue
A mirrored sky welcomes a fresh dawn
Worries from yesterday lie behind us
Bask in the weightlessness of a new day.
An old poem, one I wrote ages ago that I suddenly remembered.
Elaina Mar 2019
Letting go of wants
Release all expectations
Bask in pure freedom
SR Nirmal Kumar Oct 2018
Basking in the sun
Savoring bliss of solitude
Heron on one leg
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Come let’s squeeze in
while the sphere’s moon-lit cheek
turns her other sunny-cheek.

Come let’s mingle in the splash  
while the sunup basks in
swims across the dewy green.  

Come let’s try it again
while we are alive and breathing  
there is a time for everything.

Come let’s be creative no ocean is deep
while a pearl shines in the seashell.
A handful of earth is wrapped
in the midst of a colossal airy space,  
there is still a wonder in ****** green!
iamtheavatar Jul 2015
How far have we come?
Our masquerading insanity,
Egotistical sensuality
We bask in the luxury
Of our miserable depravity

Tumultuous cries and sweet lies,
It's only a state of mind
We malice, not chastise,
And give birth to anarchy

The world was an empty bliss
Reveled in the vast starlit sky
Now consumed by the beast inside,
Our inglorious unbecoming

**iamthe_avatar ©2015
Note to self.
SM Sep 2014
Wrapped in a blanket of blue
steadily breathing
blissful to the world
How I envy
So full of joy
of all the goodness the world has to offer
Unscathed and unbruised
My only wish is to bask
in the light of the world
that took you in with loving arms
and held you close under the stars
so that I may be so lucky
as to shine with you
Cool down
Absorb by nature
To stay awhile
For a little bit longer

As the wind pass by  
The Green Leaves of Natures
Dances through the rhyme
Bask of time

Get awe and wonder
Thrilled in trill
As you would admire
To climb the highest falls

A glance of it
For a foretaste of good time
Would not be a kiss goodbye
It’s a treasure of a lifetime

An hour of silence
Let your dreams remind
While you’ll be captivated
As yourself search inside

It’s beauty
It’s pride
As you are surrounded by
And embraced by nature

created on 11-30-2013

note: Tagbibinta Falls is located in Maragusan Compostela Valley Province.
          A nature made and one of the great tourist spot in Compostela Valley  Province or in the Davao  
          Del Norte as a whole.

— The End —