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Elaina Jan 13
I am one with you
You are one with me
We are one with all
Elaina Oct 2023
My sleep is healing and renewing.    
            Slumbering contently,
I am wrapped, in peaceful comfort
               and divine safety.
         Every part of my being....
  is rejuvenating and preparing me,
                 for the glorious,
                       new day.
Each night in preparation for the day to come.
Elaina Oct 2023
colorful winged flight
silenced at its end of life
dragonfly graced us
thank you dragonfly....
Elaina Jul 2020
My sleep is healing and renewing. I wake with a smile, refreshed, happy, thankful, and energized. Eagerly taking action, living this new day.
Elaina Jun 2020
Longing for just the right words
Finding them tucked away
Go to write them down
The memory just isn't what it used to be.
Some of my best poems are the ones that slipped away.... ;)
Elaina Mar 2019
Letting go of wants
Release all expectations
Bask in pure freedom
Elaina Mar 2019
Feel the emptiness.
Embrace the still, calm, presence.
Let this become you.
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