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When I said
I was here for you
I didn’t realise
you wouldn’t
be here too
4d · 163
The Zen of Warfare
While you advance in front of me
I’m already a step ahead
studying your moves from behind

While you may rule over me
I’m only holding you up
for your fall

While you ignore me
you’ll forget to listen
and fail to hear when I come
I weave words into woods
and forests of dreams
feeding your fear with stories
of giants and beans
stalks and straws
cracked golden eggs
scrawny fingers
a glass eye and
wood for a leg
to aid your sleep
come werewolves and bears
ghosts and ghouls
for a nicer nightmare
so come now hither
come to the deep
and dream
a dream my dear
if you dare to sleep
Share a dream?
7d · 147
Men & Women
who don’t guard
their heart against bad men
most often or not lose their mind

who don’t guard
their minds from beautiful women
almost always lose their heart
This spoon is bigger than my plate
these green peas are bigger than your mouth
like the big words that are bigger than this conversation
It’s making this evening hard to swallow
your big eyes are bigger than my lies
and this lie is bigger than the both of us
you tell me to be the bigger man
now here I am
I’m not going to be famous
selling strawberries
writing poems
or preaching till we perish
especially, not through
this poem
your poem
or any we may cherish
considering the pressure I am under
and the number
of one more follower
to follow me
while I’m following your poetry
I may write and write I do
because like you I like them too
aren’t they just the best?
I know I can be my worst critic
whether I loathe or I like it
I wont lay my pen to rest
with my words and ways
till then, I’ll have my own novels read
and applaud my own plays
and be famous
in my own head
Feb 11 · 161
My Dear Poet Feb 11
I’m building a bridge
from my heart to yours
crossing over troubled water
my shore to your shores
one end to another
we’re stringing the sun
with the moon to the other
till the whole worlds been strung
so if our hearts ever dangle
and if you ever hope to jump
come hang on with your life
and I’ll hold you up
Feb 7 · 219
Set Sail
My Dear Poet Feb 7
Set sail
upon the sea of faith
where hope is heaven without sun
and in the glory of light we bathe

Set sail
amongst white wings and clouds
where peace is beyond
blue oceans of time and waves

Set sail
and follow the way of wind and breeze
where voices call you to be strong
and beckon you to be brave
Feb 5 · 342
My Dear Poet Feb 5
I dug a trench
to keep you close
growing the hedges
with rope and hose
I filled a moat
to keep you in
a buoy, no boat
if you tried to swim
I planted flowers
bushes, no tree
lest you could climb
and found you free
I paved a road
there you cut a path
far from the garden
away from my arms
now I’m building a bridge
across a sad sea
if you ever decide
to come back to me.
Jan 22 · 364
I love you
My Dear Poet Jan 22
I left you this note, last night
beneath your pillow
but you never came home to your bed
My Dear Poet Jan 20
the wind whispered me a secret
and I hid it from the sun
buried beneath the shade of a shadow
only till the passing light is done

yet a falling star flickered a rumour
till all sparkled the same lie
whispers spread across the heavens
and a black veil covered the sky

the secret lay buried in dark deception
amidst the still night of hidden lies
where the stars shine in secrecy
as to why the sun will no longer rise
Jan 19 · 205
My desert my soul
My Dear Poet Jan 19
side by side

           we sit

as far as the east is from the northern sky

we dodge eyes between the distance

          and us

the faded voices climbing hills

turn into the silhouettes of hope

and the holy laughter

of dying

I can’t believe we take sides, on either side of death
Jan 17 · 481
Mercy as thick
My Dear Poet Jan 17
if these tears are no proof of my apology
will you accept a drop of my blood
I am tired of saying I am sorry
bathing in your forgiveness of mud
if tears are not enough to win mercy
then death is the remedy for life
my need for you to forgive me
is as thick as the need for a knife
Jan 16 · 608
Heart of Hope
My Dear Poet Jan 16
I’d love to slice your eyes in little pieces
scatter them across night skies
so you go and glow my nights away
from the starlight in your eyes

I’d love to pluck a kiss from your lips
to plant in my garden of growing weeds
so when all fails to bloom too soon
your sweet scent is sent from your seeds

I’d love to clip the smile off your face
and toss it to the sun at morn  
so when night has lost its fight for light
I’ll have burnt your smile into the dawn.

I’d love to cut open your heart of hope
carve a heart beat out with a knife  
so if my passion is dead after I’ve bled
you may bring me back to life
Jan 15 · 472
You are all I ever knew
My Dear Poet Jan 15
anything that reflected you
from glass to a mirror
I would shine and polish
till I saw you clearer

anything that sounded like you
from a poem to a song  
I would sing and recite  
and quote you all day long

anything that resembled you
a painting, a clipping, a frame
I would keep, collect, store
and label with your name

Yes, anything
absolutely anything
that came remotely close to being you
made up my life and all I ever knew

my whole being was all of you
and you were all I became to be
It’s no wonder now without you
I spend my time in search of me
Jan 12 · 129
I will try to write
My Dear Poet Jan 12
i will try to write a poem without using the moon
ignoring the language of angels and gods
of heavenly hosts and celestial beings
they seem to always take the place of the way I am really feeling
i will try to write with words you have always wanted me to use
but this time I will choose
between the white tunes and hues
and maybe you will understand me
maybe you will see
when I pull back the drapes from the poetry
with out all the shy stars and bashful butterflies
you will see,
Jan 11 · 556
Too late and never
My Dear Poet Jan 11
This is the first poem I wrote after I died
I am thinking of the next line
like my life no longer depended on it

The second poem I wrote, I am searching  through words I had said and lied

By the time I finished my third poem
all I find is regret and reason to put my pen to rest, lay my papers aside
and could have just simply said
“I love you”, while I was alive
My Dear Poet Jan 9
Every great poem begins with a great line
but not this poem, this poem of mine
it has its flaws and it ends with rhyme
like every poem I write, every time
But every poet can be great, I heard it said
if you write a poem, not to be scared
to be judged, or write to be read
keep it real, raw and great in your head
What are your thoughts?
Jan 7 · 346
Copy & Paste
My Dear Poet Jan 7
I am not afraid
to send you my ❤️ in a text
if you ignore or delete
it is not the one in my chest

that is for one and my only
it will not go to waste
like the ❤️ in this message
I can copy and paste

so if by chance you reply
with a real kiss
without an emoji, you win
my real heart, like this
Jan 6 · 170
Red eyed
My Dear Poet Jan 6
I was short of a dream
walking along a quiet stream
by a salty shore of pain unseen
people asked, “Where have you been ?”

My eyes red, through things I reap
I have drunk the sting of tears I weep
and drowned my soul in shallow deep
cried out my heart in silent sleep

None to hear or heal my pain
I kept it hidden inside a grain
with roots thick through seasons of rain
twisting branches upon it’s barren plain

Till I cried no more, red eyes can’t see
and  lay myself beneath this tree
budding bitterness as bitter can be
I fed off its fruits and buried me
Jan 6 · 432
My Dear Poet Jan 6
Let me burn evermore
In a way I have never burned

Till the ashes
of my passions
cover the darkest night

Let us all learn to burn
till we yearn for light
and fight for sight
no more
Dec 2023 · 510
Dad never got him
My Dear Poet Dec 2023
His son wanted to play ball
So he got him a dog

He wanted to go fishing
So he got him a fish

His son wanted some advice
So he got him a book

He wanted some time
So he got him a watch

He just wanted a dad
But dad never got him
Dec 2023 · 289
Tell me before I die
My Dear Poet Dec 2023
She asked me to write her a poem,
this is what I wrote…

She dreams of winter winds
that blow her breath and smiles
She likes the simple things
like walks, talks and style
and when she asks me for my time
I know she’s only teasing
she knows that without her love
I could not go on singing

For this reason then,
she told me to sing a song
and this is what I sang…

My voice is not the song of kings
nor any angel will heed my cry
But of all the sweetest things I bring
the sound of silence I will try
Not to strangle the loudest tear
or hang a hope of sky
As long as my love she loves me
before the day my love does die

She told me then to tell a tale
one that will never end…

Allow me to turn you into a book
I’ll breathe your story into the breeze
turn the pages of your eyes  
and whisper waves among the seas
Let them leave your soil of sorrow
Let them fill your dug up hole
find some shade within the shadow
where branches green within your soul

She stares weakly at the rest of me,
and asks, “Are there no other words
you keep?”

I look into her dying eyes
words take her final breath

My love lies down to sleep
Dec 2023 · 293
Merry Christmas HP
My Dear Poet Dec 2023
To all my friends and followers
My Dear Poet Nov 2023
She wasn’t everything she wanted
so in her soul she moulded
a figure of someone else

Till her inner being went bleeding
along a lonely road of longing  
yearning for herself

Then there came along a flower
from an Ivy **** upon a tower
that wove her name with love

and upon this sight and seeing
it’s beauty won her heart and healing
“If that’s me, then me is enough”.
It’s been awhile. I hope you enjoy.
Oct 2023 · 356
My Dear Poet Oct 2023
Do not fly higher than the sky
although eagles often try
keep your head instead, below
where worms squirm the earth
and grow
along roots wrought from trees
crouching out to open seas
when cages are without keys
crawls a hope, when wings can’t set
you free.
Aug 2023 · 1.1k
Sleep The Morning
My Dear Poet Aug 2023
I woke
the morning
for it had slept in
still in bed
and I too keen
to turn its head
I gave
a nudge
it gave
a grudge
and rolled over
the other way
in bed

That night
I kept my dream
while people slept
I dreamt
the day
come the
the sun
stood still
of it’s own will
and I, falling

In hope for light
and life  
I dreamt this dream
and wept
a stream of sleep
while wailing  
many a day
in mourning  
I watched
my defeat to
keep the 
dawn of day
hiding away
In pursuit of dreamlands and a better day
Aug 2023 · 1.3k
Together apart
My Dear Poet Aug 2023
We walked together
till together walked away
We stopped the walking
and sat down to lay
wondering how
life is heavy this way
not to carry
together’s slack
and whether we could carry
together another day
if together
were to ever come back
to stay
Can’t live with or without them
Aug 2023 · 163
Elementary Dear
My Dear Poet Aug 2023
Moonlight specks of stardust
Tinsel tints of gold dust
This one thing I must
do before I rust
Take my time and tell you
just how much I love you
with all my heart and sinew
I truly really do
It’s fun
Jul 2023 · 1.4k
You say he’s everything
My Dear Poet Jul 2023
Except for one thing

…he’s not me
Jun 2023 · 1.1k
My Dear Poet Jun 2023
For every drip that drops
theres a kiss on your lip
we can’t stop
the tick proceeds the tock,
on every clock

Little bits of bitterness
makes a mess of emptiness
The pleases of teases
satisfy our happiness
And all that it will leave us
is pure **** of nothingness

Other than that soft
sweet scent of sweetness
Where only you can meet this
going back to our first kiss
that I myself so miss
My Dear Poet Jun 2023
When I said I love you
I never considered the day you would part
You packed my soul in a suitcase
and locked the door of my heart

When I said I love you
I didn’t think by now you’d be gone
You filled my head with darkness
Left me in my head alone

When I said I love you
I never saw the day you'd leave me blind
You stole my sun in broad daylight
and turned the light off in my mind
Jun 2023 · 833
Little Big Things
My Dear Poet Jun 2023
All the little things about you
are the big things in my life
Jun 2023 · 3.1k
One Moon Is Never Enough
My Dear Poet Jun 2023
That day,
when I turned
and saw your eyes,
the sun grew in size
That kiss
upon your lips
exploded the stars
into shimmering
Sailing away
to where
the 14 moons
of Neptune
were due
to rise
Jun 2023 · 1.2k
The Boy and the Willow Tree
My Dear Poet Jun 2023
“Why is your flute so tiny
and all?”,
said the Willow to the little boy
“Maybe cos my song
is low and light
and my fingers
are so small”

“Why’s your arms
so stretched up high”
asked the boy looking up
“Maybe to send your tune,
past clouds and sky,
that resonates from my stump”

So together it dawned
the day they joined
spreading  the sweetest sound
The one who sits small,
with one standing tall
Together, reached heaven
from the ground
Sometimes all you need is just some simple support
Jun 2023 · 242
My Dear Poet Jun 2023
Why can’t we build a tree house?
In our own backyard behind the sky
away from a wailing world
far from where we lay and die
Why can’t we build a tree house?
To house and hold our dreams
our pictures pitched on wooden planks
’we were once ere’ inscribed on beams
A heart etched in a tree stump
Below where our forbidden kisses are found
No one to discover our hidden bites
Unless we let the ladder down
Our insecurities were safe up here
while I sketched your naked skin
every curvature and crease of secrecy
You read your poetry and let me in
on our backs, we gazed at the night sky
we sipped wine or drank some tea
In silence we shared unspoken words
wondering if stars have a tree
And now often I wish upon a star
now your another’s spouse
…are you happy?

…or dreaming of the same star
with our own tree house?
Remember the days of tree houses
May 2023 · 553
The Best of Bear
My Dear Poet May 2023
The Big Bear and Little Mouse were what you call  ‘Best of Friends’.
When Little Mouse would trip, Big Bear would giggle, pick him up and gently place him back on track.

When Little Mouse would fall, Big Bear would laugh, carefully lift him up, dust him off, and patiently put him back on the path.

One day, Little Mouse got stuck trying to get some cheese. Big Bear, thought it was hilarious. He pulled him out. Licked his sore. Gave him a pat and set him down to eat.

Big Bear and Little Mouse were the best of friends. Till one day, Little Mouse was sick and tired of Big Bear always laughing at him.

And left.
May 2023 · 1.1k
A Broken Poem
My Dear Poet May 2023
One night I sat
in my chair to write
what was to be one of the most
beautiful poems ever written
and in the middle of my poem
my pencil broke


Just like the centre of my heart
in the middle of a dream
between your smile and eyes
and everything inbetween
now broken in this poem
like these lines
May 2023 · 348
Poetic existence
My Dear Poet May 2023
Why do I keep trying
to piece together a poem
when my own life is falling apart
Poetry of grace
May 2023 · 689
Often and Always
My Dear Poet May 2023
There are those who know of pain
Often and always take time to heal

There are those with promise broken
Often and always need time to seal

Yet, there are those whose hearts forgive
Often and always will
May 2023 · 650
My Hour Glass To Shine
My Dear Poet May 2023
I’m falling
through an hourglass
I’ve no time to think
Like all the others
falling through
it’s now my turn to sink

Closed in
by glass unseen
I thought I was almost free
Dropping down
I hit the ground
my escape, high above me

Smash the glass
and fight the flow
can’t be shut in any more
till I break the mould
I  put time on hold
I lose the hour I was born for

Awaiting my turn
taking time to learn
to be forever falling again
as long as I’m bound
I am forever crowned
no more than just a grain
May 2023 · 994
My Dear Poet May 2023
I don’t want to swim
in your ocean of tears

…i want to drown
May 2023 · 849
The Things We Lose
My Dear Poet May 2023
Things that fall apart
often fall out of place

Things that you lose
are often lost without a trace

Things that are stolen
are often taken before your face

Things that are returned
are often found without a case
My Dear Poet May 2023
father  said
you should
only dream
with open eyes
to see clearly
the rays of lies
dreams are only
made for sleep
not for day
nor light to seek
keep your dreams
beside your bed
and a candle lit
inside your head
keep it there
and keep it where
vision withers
for  no light
redeems or
day delivers
your dreams
once your dead
May 2023 · 421
My Dear Poet May 2023
i have so much love
such enough love for
loving you nonetheless
and loving you all the more
May 2023 · 693
Heart and Craft
My Dear Poet May 2023
We’re all drawn
into friendships
glued together by life
but not everyone is
cut out to be a friend
May 2023 · 1.7k
The Day the Kiss Died
My Dear Poet May 2023
What was known yet unseen
was a king and a dying queen
holding their last kiss good bye
That day the kiss died

He then ordered all his men
to bind all lovers in his den  
Every embrace ever lied
The day the kiss died

The Judge and the Law
all came to find flaw
In any poet or guide
The day the kiss died

Finding two lovers, that spoke
of how his and her lips broke
Evidence, they could not hide
The day the kiss died

They cried,
“We hold and we touch
yet it’s not enough in as much
a kiss can’t be denied”

The day the kiss died

With a kiss hid in their heart
They tore them apart
and took them aside
The day the kiss died

Children chanted, “the kiss of death
will draw your last breath.
Don’t or dare to no longer abide”

The day the kiss died

And all the people they wept
and the sweepers that swept
the sad streets, they sighed
The day the kiss died

In lace they all dressed
in hope to lay the last kiss to rest
In a coffin to confide
The day the kiss died

That night,
Artists repainted the sky
Lanterns hung high
In the black rain they cried
The day the kiss died

While white doves bled red
It was heard and it was said
even the angels cried
The day the kiss died

The clowns in all places
Painted a frown on their faces
for all grooms and the brides
The day the kiss died

Old widows slept as it seems
waiting for their dreams
nuns by their side
The day the kiss died

The romantics broke doors
of bottle shops and liquor stores
yet the wine had all dried
The day the kiss died

Yet, still up north and down south
lovers, for love, open their mouth
welcoming death near and wide
The day the kiss died
May 2023 · 320
Every Now and Then
My Dear Poet May 2023
Every now and then
we touch on things that matter

Every now and then
we hold on a little longer

Every now and then
we hold to things we suffer

Every now and then
we grow a little stronger.
May 2023 · 2.7k
Can you hear me?
My Dear Poet May 2023
I’m screaming
through the eye of a needle
From the top of my voice
…I jump
May 2023 · 675
Stealing a Thief
My Dear Poet May 2023
I saw you steal
a thought from me
I thought you saw
what I could see
I think you think
It would have set you free
But now my minds in you
and your minds on me

So I took my heart
and hid a beat from you
Hoping you’d come
and steal that too
I felt a feeling
and it came true
Now your hearts for me
when my hearts in you
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