Rain drops dropping on your dry soul
Wet hands now clap of laughter
Low in self-steem now flying higher
Weak in imagination
scared to see a future without her
She is deeper than the ocean floor
You shallow as a river filled with rocks
Emotions fueld by your insecurities
Now you are scared to be
who you are supposed to be
Stagnate in progression so you regress
Take a million steps backwards
Scared to move forward
Fearing the future
lacking the idea of growth
That one knee will never see the floor
Because you can't see a future with her
But you hold on to her like ransome
While her next one is dying to find her
Leave her be so she can be
free to find her one true love
Her next one

Liz Carlson Jul 26

I try to see your face,
but there's not a trace.
I remember your sweet smile,
but the rest is futile.
I remember those days,
but it's just a haze.
I know it wasn't meant to be,
but you meant a lot to me.
I'm still holding on,
until the next dawn.
Then, I'll move on.

i am not cold
just an absence
of heat
i am not sad
just an absence
of happy

Soldier Mar 19

Everything in
Leads to
Paralysis, but

Maybe if
Everything is

Lovingly in
Alone it'll
Somehow be

Hard times can lead to some tough choices. I've made some wrong choices, I just hope I can be forgiven.
Apollo Hayden Feb 17

Wash me off your skin before you sin.
For your face will tell it all if ever you should lie down with him.
Wolves will morn as the blackened sky is torn, and pour out a warth if you should ever let him pass.
Pleasurable things can sting and hearts can deceive the mind, making it believe that we need a stranger in our beds to keep us warm at night.
And I'll be the one with chills on my skin if ever you let him in.
Even your body will reject, knowing that we were more than just our flesh.
You'd be causing the cracks if you're ever in the act, they'll appear on my heart just to know that you gave up all hope and our souls will drift apart.
I'm not one for collecting so I'll keep this vessel clean, in hopes that one day you'll wake up and feel and know how you're the only one for me.
A curse you'll put upon whomever you look in the eyes that isn't me, and time will tell the truth, that you let him in only to realize you're still so empty.
But if you still choose to proceed, first, wash me off of your skin.
So that the heavens do not cry from such an abominable sin.

Apollo Hayden Jan 23

Tonight the native flute plays,
expressing all that my heart cannot say.
Limbo is such a strange place to be, still I keep quiet that I may hear when the spirit speaks.
The closest ones can change and seem so far, like they've flicked off a switch and left you in the dark.
So lately I've been doing too much, stretching and reaching in darkness to find that there's nobody in here to touch.
Still I reach just one last time, I stretch my arms out wide, slowly feeling them crossing and coming back, then I find that I'm inside of them tightly wrapped.
I'm still alive in here, and though it is dark I am not blind to the things that are so clear.
I do not wait but quiet  I'll remain, with dry eyes and dry face; I can hear the flow of every tear.
As we both know, we come in this world alone and we'll die alone, so what is there to fear?
That we'll fade into the darkness of our hearts and warm water will turn to frozen tears.

Apollo Hayden Dec 2016

It wasn't the lack of light, it was the intensity.
Our souls merged and it got so bright to the point I started losing sight of what you meant to me.
I needed space so I closed my eyes and went inside but never wanted you to leave.
Still I feel your presence but I also can feel you slowly fading away from me...

hayley robertson Sep 2016

you know
i know
when we said forever we didn't mean it
or maybe i did
because i know i can't stop
thinking of that word forever
the way it rolled off your lips
the way you whispered it before we parted ways at night
but maybe you knew
that what you were saying wasn't the truth
maybe you just wanted me to hang on so you'd have someone to say forever to
but now you know
now you know i'm gone
and you know that with that you're also gone
whether you choose to admit it
or not
and that's what i know

Banele G Sep 2016

I keep fidgeting with your
It's presence makes me nervous
I feel estranged to myself,
Lying, it's a must.

So I keep committing to the Crust
Of us,
but Hesitant aches,
They exist
And exit
Our self.

And turn into desire and lust

You feel that love is endangered.
And I myself,
Stopped believing in angels

And as it all withers away
From faith Into decay
Whilst we try to allay
The Pain of today

I beg you with all my heart,
until I fall apart,


One last pleading cry.
Allay: lessen
KTN PRL Sep 2016

What is it about life that makes her sad?
Is she looking on the wrong side?
Someone might laugh,
Calling her pessimist in life.

Is it wrong if ignorance is not her bliss?
She cares about the smallest detail made.
And despite not all understand it,
She won't end this sadness with a blade.

What is it about life that makes her sad?
If this continues till end,
She has no choice but to embrace it like a friend.
For she wants to make this insane life well spent.

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