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Fear can cloud the vision of our fate
Divert attention of a state
Is it wrong to live lethargically
waiting for the bell to be rung
later to be hung

If a virus is afoot
how bad can things become
Should you just amble along
or strategise what's wrong
on how to overcome
Can we help ourselves
to be the change
with a climate in dismay

For pessimism is a necessary
self defence mechanism
Can we directly effect
our surroundings with intent
and elevate our kind
Or are we here to observe
learn and bide our time
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Jack Radbourne Aug 2019
these words my own
I think of as a shattering
conceit of swan-shot verse  
poured into an ancient
arquebus bore its rust-dark
barrel proof-tested once
hundreds of years ago
with a treble charge of
fine undeniable rhetoric

so unburst then
it may be trusted
to contain such
devastation as I today
may load into its menace
and waiting for the sights
to come on the subject and
the light to settle and the
wind throated hum to
fall into murmur and become still

I fire
hoping always to

rattle the parrot’s cage
jar the porcelain
cause a crack across a family photograph
unsettle a few roof shingles

and perhaps this time
its word echoes will rack
and resound
and rebound
in grumbles back

from the living and the long dead hills
Calluses form on my fingers
My bones replaced with steel
Thick vines and thorns cover my hands
To handle my demons and other evils

My hands grew an armor of their own
Losing my gentle touch in the process
Asking me to hold something so fragile
Is a longing i have persistently repressed

My strength would override my intention
I would mistakenly crush it within my grasp
Tears watering a dead flower
Would not redeem my past

Love, so kind and gentle
Has to suffer, to penetrate my walls
In order to defeat my defence mechanisms
My insecurities and all of my faults

You ask why don't I break my own barriers
It is for love's protection from me
So I cower and hide, avoiding love itself
Behind the assumption that it was meant to be
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
When she is hurt,
her anger acts as her defence.
Caitlin Jan 2019
When I was young I heard someone say,
“I laugh in the face of danger then run and hide until it goes away”
I’ve adopted this defence mechanism.
News I can’t handle becomes a comedy rather than a tragedy.
Maybe if I make light of my pain it won’t be so bad.
Maybe if I don’t take it serious or will disappear.
Ever since I was young my family and I have have dealt with bad situations by joking. We are the type to laugh at a funeral and like to avoid the tough stuff for as long as we can.
Toxic yeti Jan 2019
‪Have ‬
‪Because ‬
‪You ‬
‪Safe ‬
‪Who ‬
No nay is tibetan for really.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
The truth has no need for defence,
only lies do.
No matter what, the truth will find its way and soar.
Lyn ***
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