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My Dear Poet Oct 2021
I  have five fingers
Raised in my defence
You accept my surrender
We shake, without offence
Till, I point with my index
Raise my thumb for a gun
Curl three fingers back
Tucked into my palm
“Bang! …Bang! You shot me
A simple twist of my wrist
You aim it back at me
A hand gun for a fist
There is no defence when standing in judgment of others
M Solav Mar 2021
A beauty that causes awe, that's your aim,
And a defence, this strategy called "it's all the same";
But there are cells for the marrow and cells for the brain,
And to call them similar seems rather quite insane.

Cause it takes mind to understand patience,
It takes defeat to finally accept the loss;
For only when all is lost, all can be regained;
That's the price to pay to understand the cost.

  And if I didn't have that pill to swallow,
  I'd call it bang for the money first thing tomorrow.

Around they gravitate like you're a shining star,
To take part and implode and beg a mighty roar;
It's a science for the desperate — no it ain't no art;
A beauty for the primates more than a beauty of the heart.

They slide down the usual paths of expansion
While we swim against pale currents of fog;
With my renounce I won't pay this ecstasy a call,
I won't beg a mighty roar, no I won't beg no more.

  But if I didn't have that pill to swallow,
  I'd call it bang for the money first thing tomorrow.

Now twice-spoken idioms might ring a bell or two
Like missed phone calls in the middle of the afternoon
I've gone out of my way to move out of the road
But I know that your fake beauty's just waiting to unfold

It's too easy to cast the blame, too easy to throw a bone
I've seen lightning bolts fall, I know who's on the phone
The dogs always bark along when they hear the thunders roar
It shouts across a sea of life, it's calling from afar.

  And if I didn't have that pill to swallow,
  I'd call it bang for the money first thing tomorrow.
Written on March 17th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Leah Carr Dec 2020
I'm seeing the world in black and white
Music is just noise
Conversations are just words
All food tastes the same
All art looks the same
All objects seem the same
Sitting here
Writing this
I feel nothing
Nothing at all
Everything is just so subtle
and colourless
and quiet
John McCafferty Mar 2020
Fear can cloud the vision of our fate
Divert attention of a state
Is it wrong to live lethargically
waiting for the bell to be rung
later to be hung

If a virus is afoot
how bad can things become
Should you just amble along
or strategise what's wrong
on how to overcome
Can we help ourselves
to be the change
with a climate in dismay

For pessimism is a necessary
self defence mechanism
Can we directly effect
our surroundings with intent
and elevate our kind
Or are we here to observe
learn and bide our time
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Calluses form on my fingers
My bones replaced with steel
Thick vines and thorns cover my hands
To handle my demons and other evils

My hands grew an armor of their own
Losing my gentle touch in the process
Asking me to hold something so fragile
Is a longing i have persistently repressed

My strength would override my intention
I would mistakenly crush it within my grasp
Tears watering a dead flower
Would not redeem my past

Love, so kind and gentle
Has to suffer, to penetrate my walls
In order to defeat my defence mechanisms
My insecurities and all of my faults

You ask why don't I break my own barriers
It is for love's protection from me
So I cower and hide, avoiding love itself
Behind the assumption that it was meant to be
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
When she is hurt,
her anger acts as her defence.
Caitlin Jan 2019
When I was young I heard someone say,
“I laugh in the face of danger then run and hide until it goes away”
I’ve adopted this defence mechanism.
News I can’t handle becomes a comedy rather than a tragedy.
Maybe if I make light of my pain it won’t be so bad.
Maybe if I don’t take it serious or will disappear.
Ever since I was young my family and I have have dealt with bad situations by joking. We are the type to laugh at a funeral and like to avoid the tough stuff for as long as we can.
Toxic yeti Jan 2019
‪Have ‬
‪Because ‬
‪You ‬
‪Safe ‬
‪Who ‬
No nay is tibetan for really.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
The truth has no need for defence,
only lies do.
No matter what, the truth will find its way and soar.
Lyn ***
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