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It’s been a while since I wrote you. Since the last letter, I have had so much to tell.

I’ve been lost between my mind and heart. Breaking the chair in-between.

There are many a mystery to tell. Though I may not tell them well. I’ve tattooed my path to you across my heart beneath my eyes. Though they discover our love and gorge my eyes, I’ve scarred my skin to trace myself home back to you.

Please wait for me

I found you
looking for me
Watching you,
watching me
Holding out
to hold me
So I called you
to call me
Maybe make you
to make me
love you,
loving me
that I’d trust you
you’d have faith in me
When once
we were one
Tell me a little bit about you
Enough for me to ask for more
A bit by bit to keep the interest
But not too much to become a bore

Tell me a little bit more about you
Just enough to keep the score
So you don’t hold it against me
Of who, knew who, more

Tell me just one more thing about you
Another one thing you can’t bare
One last try to get to know me
Since you never cared to know me at all
This is a short story
I’ll take my time telling it

If it turns out to be a long story
I’ll make sure not tell it twice

If you don’t like a true story
I’ll spare you the facts

Nonetheless, a sad story
and all about you and I
Can you hear the music
that deaf men dance to?

Can you see the sunset
that blind men see?

Can you hear this love song
that I’m now singing?

Although my mouth is moving,
I can’t sound a thing.
Mastering your soul
Is like taking a hold of hot coal
and clenching hard with all your might
waiting for the burning to cease
and to never release
till you relinquish its control to ignite
If you can master your soul
You can rule the world
Try train your eyes to tune
to adjust to the light of the moon
You may lose some sleep
when wrestling the deep
but the darkness will end soon

All the stronger you become
by the morning you’d have won
To rise that day
and stand and say  
“I’m now ready for the light of the sun!”
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