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My Dear Poet Aug 30
I woke
the morning
for it had slept in
still in bed
and I too keen
to turn its head
I gave
a nudge
it gave
a grudge
and rolled over
the other way
in bed

That night
I kept my dream
while people slept
I dreamt
the day
come the
the sun
stood still
of it’s own will
and I, falling

In hope for light
and life  
I dreamt this dream
and wept
a stream of sleep
while wailing  
many a day
in mourning  
I watched
my defeat to
keep the 
dawn of day
hiding away
In pursuit of dreamlands and a better day
My Dear Poet Aug 24
We walked together
till together walked away
We stopped the walking
and sat down to lay
wondering how
life is heavy this way
not to carry
together’s slack
and whether we could carry
together another day
if together
were to ever come back
to stay
Can’t live with or without them
My Dear Poet Aug 15
Moonlight specks of stardust
Tinsel tints of gold dust
This one thing I must
do before I rust
Take my time and tell you
just how much I love you
with all my heart and sinew
I truly really do
It’s been a while
My Dear Poet Jul 17
Except for one thing

…he’s not me
My Dear Poet Jun 23
For every drip that drops
theres a kiss on your lip
we can’t stop
the tick proceeds the tock,
on every clock

Little bits of bitterness
makes a mess of emptiness
The pleases of teases
satisfy our happiness
And all that it will leave us
is pure **** of nothingness

Other than that soft
sweet scent of sweetness
Where only you can meet this
going back to our first kiss
that I myself so miss
My Dear Poet Jun 21
When I said I love you
I never considered the day you would part
You packed my soul in a suitcase
and locked the door of my heart

When I said I love you
I didn’t think by now you’d be gone
You filled my head with darkness
Left me in my head alone

When I said I love you
I never saw the day you'd leave me blind
You stole my sun in broad daylight
and turned the light off in my mind
My Dear Poet Jun 19
All the little things about you
are the big things in my life
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