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H A Vitatoe Sep 6
Come Out Come Out
Patriots take a stand
Come Out Come on out
The Patriots of this land

Free-dom has, brought us here
U·nit·ed, we must be
Come out Come out
All Patriots, you and me

Come out Come out
Together we will be
Come out Come on out
Stronger you and me

They have tried silencing
It's time we wave our flag
Come out Come out
All Patriots take a stance

Come out Come out
We're fighting for this land
Come out Come on out
United we must stand

They, have been si-lenc-ing
The Patriots of this land
Come out Come out
Americans take a stand

Come out Come out
Come & pray with me
Come out Come on out
In arms both you and me

The con·sti·tu·tion
Was made for you and me
So come out Come out
Forever, We are free

Come out Come out
Patriots hear my plea
So Come out Come on out
For freedom  You and me

Silencing you and me
No longer will we be
So come out Come on out
In arms both you and me

Come out Come  out
Divided we are weak
So come out Come on out
United  in the streets

No More Sit silently
As we take to the streets
So come out Come  out
For freedom you and me

Come out Come out
Patriots fill the streets
Come out Come on out
Marching you and me

They tried to silence We
No longer will we be
So come out come out
United they will see

Come out Come out
Patriots of this land
Come out Come  out
Together Take a stand

Lou-dly Not si·lent·ly
& marching hand in hand
Come out Come out
For freedom is our stand
I used the tune from the Hanging Tree.
Haylin Aug 21
That feeling you get
When you finish the show
Before anyone starts clapping.

That feeling of breathlessness and accomplishment all at the same moment.

That my friend, is what we march for.
I just finished band camp 2 weeks ago and tonight we just had our first rehearsal and I've got to say, this has been the best time of my life. I love these people and I can't wait to spend the next 2 years with them
Haylin Jul 30
I step through the door
of the place which feels
more like home than my house

My ears fill
with sounds of drumsticks on drums
mallets on marimbas

My eyes fall upon flutes, clarinets
trumpets and tubas

I look up at my family
none of which are related to me
yet they
I just joined band this year and it's only been 6 days and I already feel at home.
Fervent warriors come upon a field,
A trickle of men storming the grassy abyss,
prepared with shields upon their hearts
and weapons ready at the finger tips.
Their hearts oscillating to the war cries
and to the sounding drummer's march.
A prevalent threat casting shadows overhead;
Awaiting the freedom bell and the open air,
the men charge with their pens cocked
and their ink basins filled to the brim.
Kayla Gallant Dec 2018
We know this isn't good for us
This rinse and repeat
Rut **** of a life
Yet here we are
In this clone army
Brains exposed
Bathing in acid
Killing ourselves
Not too fast
Hate to cut this misery short
God forbid we follow the exit signs
Carved into our souls
Don't die a copy ❤
mer Sep 2018
left --
left --
left --

stepping in sync
in stiff uniforms
shoes go: clack, clack

left --
left --
left --

memorizing songs
the temperature is never

left --
left --
left --

marching backwards on our toes
counting steps
and playing music

left --
left --
left --

all with a smile

left --
left --
left --
T Jun 2018
What others find difficult, comes with ease.
Yet the trivialities of their own, brings me to my knees.
Why does this feel like a debilitating disease?
Learning to live with such a blessed curse?
I find myself pondering, on a slow march to a hearse.

Yet we must continue, day by day.
Lest we let life slip away.
Oh to find someone to share our hopes and dreams.
Or yet, worse off - to have love deprived.
Tirelessly waiting for the day we're revived.

Until that day, the march continues.
Effortlessly excelling.
Tediously dwelling.
Why is your love so **** compelling?

Surely the recipe I have will see me through.
Living a life, better than the majority do.
Yet it's not enough, I'm incomplete.
Why do I rely on you to bring me to my feet?
Mikayla Smith Feb 2017
We stride in a faultless line
Heroism at our shoulders
And pride reflecting from
Our eyes.

The things we come across
Are haunting
As the horrendous
Monster of Fate
Tends to intervene.

Despite the dreary, odious
Scenes displayed
Before me,
We keep marching on.

As we strode, I saw
Tragedy unravel.
The poor sought salvation
And Dreamer’s hopes
Were evaporated to dust.

But nevermind what we saw
Nevermind reality; it’s inevitable
So, we keep marching on.

We walk along deserted
Paths, overflowing with
And not many stayed
For the march.

One by one they ran, fear striking them in
The heart.
This cycle continued until I walked alone.

But, I kept marching on.
Breeze-Mist Jan 2017
Some people march in a band
For sports fans in the grandstands

Some march in the military
On bases from Hawaii to Italy

Some people march to be heard
Over all the events that occured

And on Saturday, amongst the crowd's clatter
I'm joining those who are doing the latter
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