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Sofia Hinojosa Aug 2019
A- Always
L- Lucid dreaming
O- On
N- No Specific
E- Evening(s)
Try Dec 2018
lead to future sorrows,
rather remain swimming in the oceans corals,
then open up the next portal,
into anothers world.

© Try
روبرت Dec 2018
You’ve awoken my heart
So wake up please
I’m getting sleepy
My lucid dreams smother and inject terror into my heart
They terrify me
Wake up please
I cannot fall asleep
Is it really 11:03?
Aaron LaLux May 2018
Can’t escape her,
not even in my dreams.

Last night she was there,

in my dream,
I was crying,
these eternal tears,
& instead of running away from me,
she took my head placed it on her shoulder,
& told me she was there for me & always would be.

Then I woke up.

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Lili Oct 2015
I’m too sober for those dazzling eyes
                                                    Fangs on my bleeding neck
Piercing into my darkest places
I can feel everything
                                                    Is­ this pain or is this beauty?
From your eyelids clicking
                                                    Am I here or am I nothing?
To my heartbeat prancing
                                                    Will­ you medicate me again?
                                               ­     Paralysis
                                             ­       Fear
I can see you inside out
My brain again
Your face in my lucid dreams
                                                    Touch me again, haunt me again.
Last night I woke in a cold sweat.
Heart slamming against chest,
facing sharp, hard regret.
In my dreams I was in bed with you,
in a great white house.
Just across the hall, was the King of the Jews.
A petrifying dream. I had a ******* while Jesus ate the last supper across the hall. I was filled with lust while he begged me to walk with him.

— The End —