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spaxiic Feb 2017
I write to remember how it feels to look at you
the moment when your eyes reach mine
Your eyes
like deep black holes that pull our galaxies closer and closer
as we slow down time..
I am victim
fallen to your beauty and time
Crys Jul 15
from the moment we met, his presence captivated me.
he illuminated my soul and ignited the long-lost spark within me.
in my eyes, he was a work of art- a masterpiece that took me to a euphoric world.
the sound of his voice made me tranquil and his compassion was pure.
the trace of his skin made me feel secure.
he haunted my every thought, and embraced my bohemian nature.

he became the fuel for my fire.
loving him was giving him my heart
and trusting that he wouldn't shatter it.
-I'm in love.
decemberwoods Aug 2015
is this what not good enough looks like?
it's what I've felt my whole life.
not pretty enough to keep someone captivated,
not interesting enough for a friend,
not thin enough to even like my body...
you could be everything someone asked for and still not be what they want.
when everyone in my life so far has only walked's what I expect now.
but strangers surprise me still,
just once I would like to look in the mirror and see what they see when they look at me.
how is it so easy for someone that doesn't know me to see what everyone else has missed?
maybe that's the problem, they don't know me.
if they did I'm sure they would change their mind like everyone else.
maybe one day...
maybe one day...
ryn Apr 2015
This is me...*          
Seeking refuge          
under a tree,          
As the wind released          
it's pensive sigh.          
Leaves sapped dry          
were then set free.          
Shades of yellow          
took to the air in an          
attempt to fly.          

This is me...
Peering through
jaundiced eyes.
Laying still
in a torrent of
As leaves fall
from lowered skies,
me in a sea of
scattered amber.

This is me...          
Captivated by this          
spectacular phenom.         
Flavescent dance          
governed by          
wind and gravity.         
This is the dream...          
Too long held for ransom          
By the relentless          
grasp of reality.         

This is me...
Awaiting such time to
arise and run.
In my heap,
my safe haven,
my fortress of yellow.
Till the inevitable set of
the *orange
Only then...
myself to the moon
I would again
Zamia Jun 25
I am picking apart
each word you say
just can’t believe you’re real

and I got so captivated by every piece
of your existence that I forgot about my own
Bellissima Jul 18
They say that the eyes
are windows to the soul,
crystal clues of truth,

but in yours they're black holes,
pensively deep, sweet
gravitational pulls

and I am core shaken,
captivated and nulled.
Meteorelle Jul 2018
I used to write the most beautiful things
When I feel loved for everything.

Flowers grew on papers
with every words written down,
Pain have never spoken

I always savor
what's in his favor,
Even I drench in ink
by the thorns he pricked

Storm crossed the yard
In the waves I tried to linger
Left soaking in tears
Waiting for the sunshine
Waiting for it to end

As sweet as yesterday
Captivated by his fragrance
Now I cannot breathe
I want to escape this maze of wilted roses

What have I done?
Why I'm no longer safe in my own garden?

Lost with the clouds
Sadness was profound
You came and painted new colors in this miserable life
I was found

From disgrace
You embraced me
As I suffer illness
You cured me

Even trouble I become
No hesitation, you choose me
Thank you so much for saving me
You are now my forever paradise.
Thank you for seeing the beauty in me.
aphrodite May 2015
If you give a girl a with a big heart your broken pieces,
she will gently pick them up and carry them in her soft hands,
and pay no mind to your sharp edges.
She will try to glue you back together
and she’ll do it in a way that made you forget you were ever broken.
With scratched finger tips and ****** palms,
she’ll lift you up to the sun,
letting it's blinding rays shine through you
to show you that even the worst things have things to love in them
and that even the shattered can again be whole.

If you give a girl with a big heart your body,
she will study you like an archaic God.
She will learn your curves and surfaces like braille,
she will adjust her hearing to the pitch of your laughter
so that no matter how far apart you become,
her ears will perk up like a dog's when you giggle,
and she will smile, knowing that you smile.

If you give a girl with a big heart your time,
she will make each second feel like infinity,
and each sunset like the end of the world.
You'll forget that the universe is as vast and wondrous as it is,
because you will be so captivated by the light that she emits
right where she sits,
by your side.

And if you take from a girl with a big heart,
for the love of God,
do not take it all.

If you take from a girl with a big heart,
please remember that her love is not a renewable resource.
The wind and the sun and the water will forever be there to serve you but
she will run dry, and become another fact of history that will one day be forgotten.

If you take from a girl with a big heart,
please remember how sharp your edges were before her,
how lifeless your body was before she touched it,
and how meaningless time was before she made it into something magical.
jerelii Jul 2013
Sometimes its better to be alone
Cause sometimes it makes you who you are
Discover and learn something new
You can freely do anything without others

You can decide easily without dictated by others
Its a free choice 
Nostalgic and soothe

It keeps reminding you of the classic movie from the old times
A movie that captivated your soul,mind and heart
Can touch each person's personality
With different ways and different perspective
With different style and taste
Each of us has their own world thinking

Someone who thinks they could fly outer space and go out for awhile
Someone who listens music in her entire life that makes her create a beautiful story out of it

Someone who hides feeling but had a different variety colors inside and out
Someone whose noisy but deep inside it covers the emotional side

Someone who can make you smile out of the blue
Someone who is less expect than yours and its simply amazing for you
Cause no one can say its either you
Is interesting nor me.

The lesser expectations the more it surprises you
Cause its just the beginning of the story
That you can't expect for more.
harlee kae Dec 2014
brown eyes are basic.
thats what they say,
but when the sun shone upon you,
your eyes melted into gems.
and i was captivated.

i realized that you're
more angel than demon.
and your eyes are two
amber stones, stolen
from the baltic sea.

from that point forward
i couldnt be in your presence
without being stunned.
"your eyes are so beautiful"
i said.
they're just brown eyes
you replied.
Love's, but a *** of fool’s gold
It has you captivated, and excited about finding something valuable, then you wake up, and find that ti's but just a fake. It can stab you in the back and hurt worse than a stake. Love is, but a *** of fool’s gold you may find, and behold. But remember its but a *** of fool’s gold.
I was inspired when I heard of a poem called fools gold. And I decided to write a different poem about how love can catch your eye and still be a frod, well love these days are most likley to be fools gold, but there is always going to be real love out there nomader how the world changes, there is a *** of gold at the end of every rainbow (every good one anyways..).
Moon Nectar Apr 2017
For now there is only ocean
And skies
The possessing blue expanse of it all
One beautiful unending sameness
Contently captivated.
Tomorrow sitting on the horizon
Swallowed by the sunset
Yesterday a world away
For now there is only stars
And this body entirely
Dipping and weaving her way
Through darkness unguided
Kewayne Wadley May 2018
And when I dream of you.
The pages turn.
Highlighting a million and one things.
All captivated by the sound we touched with our eyes.
Each played in beautiful melody.
I'd chase behind you.
Playing a symphony each time you'd smile.
Between the pause we were soft.
Forgetting which one of us was sleeping.
Revealing all of our secrets.
You taught me how to sing.
Forgetting to move my mouth.
Each emotion thrown from my stomach.
When I dream of you,
I see all the colors.
So vividly played in beautiful color
Sebastian Macias May 2016
There is a wild, mad bull
scars scattered over his body
calm and fearlessness in his eyes

a young painter captivated,
is sitting on broken stairs painting it
an older woman gently watches
the young boy, as he paints
this bull in the distance, with desire
the desire to live once again

and from his house, the man
who raises the herd from which
the bull was raised in
looks over at the woman,
observing with lust
perversely drawing out mentally
her laying naked on his bed sheets
spreading herself for him, only him

there is a haunting violin stroking away
the spinning ceiling fan is about to break
anxiety is eating away at my finger tips
and we all just want to know,

How's it going to end?
larni Oct 2018
i want you,
in every way there is to want a person.

from lazy rainy days
sitting around in underwear,
wrapped up in the covers
enveloped in each other.

to lustful late nights
high happy and in love,
too absorbed with each other
to focus on anything else.

i want you.
and i see so much in you
that counting all your perfections
would be like counting the stars,
there's too many to keep track of
and they just seem endless.

i am utterly in love
with every inch of your being,
every corner of your mind
and everything in between

i might not know what i believe
or where i'm going
or what i'm doing,
but i do hope
you'll hold my hand
and wander blindly with me.

because as long as i'm with you
i don't need a destination,
you are the journey.

i am simply enamored with your entity,
captivated by your character,


in love.
lowercase is intentional :-)
croob Sep 2018
if you and i could stand to be
slightly dumber, seventeen
if you and i could stand to stand
bare before the mirror and
meet before the girls, the boys
made us hard as old bread,
the gore, the world, the deaths, the joys
the times we grieved our mothers -
fathers, sisters, brothers, others -
the sleepless, aching nights, cold,
clutching captivated to our covers.
if we could, then we could, but we can't;
you have scoliosis, i, arthritis
our dates would consist of pained complaints and pity kisses.
if we could, then we would, but we can’t
responsibly commit; caring is a ticking clock
we can’t possibly forget.
TPL Aug 10
Like a snow globe
Shaken wonder is revealed
My gaze locked
Captivated by turmoil
The eye of the storm
Reflects my shadow
Like no other
I see her.

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