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Same sticks  
same stones
same feathers
All had to tread through the lands and the weather
Shedding blood, wept tears
struggled or thrive through the years  
been the victim hero villain
Sacrifice we were willing
We gave up  
We gave in  
Spoke to win  
Spoke to sin
Breathe in love  
Breathe with kin  
Now in rhythm with the wind
Spared no one  
Shown mercy
Blessed the verses
That I’m cursing
Silent as the moment seems to worsen  Screaming in the darkness while no one listens
Sun shines and the heart likes to glisten Speak out and empower the voice of the children
Shine and fade the same as a fire does in a firmament
Last forever and endure the way change embodies permanence  
Cancel out Amplify
Counter, redirect and guide
Discern and live within the wise
It goes down all around
Feel the ground and hear the sound
Spirit tried be bound
Wisdom in the earth I’m found
Truth in the heart not the crown
See the way the spiral is wound
Spread the life preserve the love
Shine so bright pierce the sky above
Steady observation instead of picking a side
Dedicated to the peace is where the mind resides
Eliminate the hesitation to feel the frustration
Let the essence be substantial and a fruitful consummation
Explicit to the definition of a living contradiction
Bias interpretation and no one ever listens
Ego and emotion seek the notion to control
Set the path in the middle and nothing can touch your soul
I know I'm home and I'm not alone
sick inside cuz the wounds at the bone my friend
such a strange feeling getting to me
I contradict every thought that I have

A special friend blending words in my head
Secret to the trend is make everything feel threatening
Driving through the fog with my brights on
As the lights pass by I get mystified

I'm too big for the room I'm in
Am I wrong or maybe it's actually my skin
I'm going to rip apart this reality
and peel back the shades that have came to cover me

Staring out like I'm in a cell
In and out like a raging swell
I can say that I'm happy with the ones I love
Though I'm scared to go outside and lose comfort in the shelter
What if stars were
Giants so large we couldn't see them walking
And voices so loud we can't even hear them talking
Beings so high we only see them spin
Yet we only find the truth within
Breathing in the spectrum while waves pulsate in tempo
To the patterns heaven plays with the weather and its reflection
I could contemplate the motion of the sky
But it wouldn't take the ache away that wakes the soul inside
A moment in desire will wake the egos fire
And the way this system was designed if we temper we’ll burn higher
I try to Stay away from gains that make us consumed by currency
Because it only makes everything feel like a sudden sense of urgency
May a Blade be sharpened by the still and patient warrior
Complacent expectations makes the act laborious
So practice makes perfect, its been said a thousand times
Yet somehow we only remember after opportunities arise
You can say you know
Have you felt it in your bones?
That pure electric feeling coming from experience alone
Step back and observe the trails walked before you
Maybe the path you seek has already been laid out for you
Or maybe it was never there, no steps to see no sea to fare
Perhaps your destiny is to create it and bear the duty to share
Starlit gaze
Sunshine eyes
Soothe me with that Caressing voice
Strong and bright spirit keep on burning
The embodiment of vitality
Always growing
Always learning
Always caring from start
Fire in your heart
Swift charisma
Beautiful body
Beautiful mind
Always able to move with the times
Perfect rhythm
Resilient as can be
Mother in arms how I cherish the
Beyond strong never failing to amaze
Seeing the wisdom in every way
Being the example that deserves her praise
Sweet elixir, nectar of life
You came as a blessing from above
Your perception is flawless, seeing the world as it is
So many more words to say but it all comes down to love
You’re brilliant, I love you honey
Resilience and fluidity
Dynamics and opportunity
Creations deal with scrutiny
Be it a pattern institutionally
It seems as though I’ve crossed my eyes
I’m seeing double in the rise
An overlapping look back, a recap
Into the process of reaction
Taking and making this enlightenment be deliberate action
Thought before movement
Yet the hand strikes before the words come to mind
Death before entombment
Yet the execution happens once I’m buried alive
Bombastic exoneration for an innocent man
Glory given entitlement in the palm of the next hand
Dysfunctional psychology followed because it sounded just right
Tainted cosmology because the stars are out of sight
Bless androgyny while you say there aren’t enough wars to fight
Put it all in a blender
Dao of the contender
Going on a ******
Fix the resolution while the answer is rendered
Corner the pretender
Return to sender
Don’t miss the splendor
Got a different diet so I have to change the vendor
Hold up with that block chain
conflicted economy
keep up the complaints gain
Fall in line with wannabes
Situate yourself into a failing position
Cross the line of chance and miracles without decision
Are you listening to the rhythm or are you trying to glisten on
Shining blindin yourself and everyone you’re walk-in on
Hold a second crazy cuz I’m busy for your hazy mess
Crowded in my head but world is filled with emptiness

Glamour baby
Watch out
Tear at the game
Hear them shout
Test my circuits
Freak out
Sparkin in your eyes
Get down

I’m searching for equality, but let me play don’t bother me
Addicted to the gifted that you try to clone in quantity
Sober up while gettin lit
Fill our cup don’t ever quit
Seeking self control inside of every little hit
Spare the change
Stay the same
It’s a **** shame
We’re all insane
Can’t contain
Past remains
Thinking that we like the pain
Universal consciousness
Never kiss
Heavens bliss
Shake the earth with every moment captivated by a wish
Cold and calculated marketed discrimination
Switch the station work do wages go through phases different stages
Visitation rights to our ancestors blight
Fuel fire engaged engines blast and burn it bright
Out of sight
Out of energy
Not quite, close so let it be
Do you feel me
Come fair to be free
work the weight til they bury me
Commemorate the warriors, fighting behind enemy lines, with idols and worshippers for a war designed to ruin all sides
Guinea pigs
Flipping tricks
Scary that we handle bricks
Galactic motivation cuz they know there’s something more than this
Space it out
Dimension strong
Definitive in guessing the irony of being wrong
Template made
Run the track
Tie shoes or you may never come back
Lock and load
Here we go
Now end this show
**Wake The **** Up**
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