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Seanathon Dec 2018
Hello poems
I'm your penman
And your ship which has sailed over a thousand times

Hello times
Where are you going?
Lord knows in nowhere you will find

Hello no one
Hello some
Hello life and underwhelmingness of love

Hello certainty
Hello un
And hello to you my most newly begun
underwhelmingness - Not a real word lol
Keren Starnes May 2015
The vulgarity of language underwhelms me.
Blankly, I stare into the faces of others.
What is language?
I look to you, them, and I see nothing.
I want to make tangible the fluidity and beauty of my mind.
In the face of eternity I weep.
Jenna May 2014
I stood there.
A snow-capped peak stared back.
I became exceedingly captivated.
Captivated by the thought that he and I existed;
Existed now.
Existed here.
Existed together.

I became a shell.
A shell filled with explosive joy.
And I could no longer become underwhelmed.
Nor could I become whelmed.

I lived.

I will never believe in myself more,
Never trust in Creation more,
Never be enveloped in the stillness more
Than I did in that moment.

Glimpsing that skyline.
Staring down a mountain.

— The End —