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A murderer walks among us
Hidden by the falsities of friendship
Serpents lie awake
Hidden in the garden

I want to swim in the lucidity
Of immortality
As my words resonate
In the ears of unknown times
And imagined places

There has got to be more than this
I'm so sick of self doubt
Nowhere to belong

Can any hell be more real
Than the now?
Wounded by the sultry
Lips of love

Perceptual notions of
Windows to the soul
The romanticization of
Substance abuse and mental disorder
A constant state of revolution

Eternal unrest

Stranded in winter eternal
I've run too far from
The shores of the sun
Escaping the carnage of reality
A pain of your fiery tongue

Too far I've run
Too fast I've become old
An eternity of chasing
Has taken its toll
Overwhelmed with emotion.
Never felt this way before.
Unable to describe
Your gravitational allure.

Caught up in the sensation
And unparalleled elation
That your charisma represents.
Caught up in the fixation
Of perfection in creation
Exuding from your inimitable presence.

She’s got everything I need.
Infatuated by her smile.
She’s got everything I desire.
Captivating curves have me beguiled.
Before I was born here
They lived through the fire
Traveling unseen through the living world
I found not what I desired

When night terrors come alive
Do you remember when we died?
What mysteries do you see
In the black holes of my eyes?

He waits outside the door
I witness my reflection blink
Death is the poor man's doctor
And the silence to minds that think

The rebirth of a deity
The one who was led astray
The reawakening of a warrior
Come to fight another day

I hear the gentle whispers
Dead speaking through lives past
I hear the battle drums blaring
Will this war be my last?
Hanging at the end of
Strained rope
Swing my lost ambitions
And desires

My sanity swaying in the
Cruel winds of
Loveless night

Just a square peg
Confronted with
A round hole

Dropped anchor on
The shores of insanity

It seems so beautiful here.

I must create my own world
As my place in this one
Does not seem fitting

Genius is wasted
Upon the buffoonery
Of mass ignorance

Intelligence shunned

Brilliance and uniqueness
Frowned upon and cast aside
For the normality of uninteresting
****** zombies

The painfully intelligent
Forced into subversion
Hiding their gifts
For fear of being outcast

Men who cling to the faults
Of their fathers
And stories of stir crazy, house wives

Cabin fever was invented
To thin our stock

We all toy with the desire
Forcing blind eyes
Into the faces of
The gifted

Substance abuse is often a malady
Of the painfully intelligent and artistic

Drowning my will to be weird
My own underhandedness
Innately forcing my inner self
Beneath a cloak of politeness

This world
This living theater
Where we all assume
Our own role
Where our actions are
And cast upon us
Like stones on the river

I have grown tired
Of acting the fool
Prepare myself
For a new role
A starring role

Have you ever felt
The wonderment of déjà vécu?
And the sorrow of knowing
You belong to another time?

I need the exhilaration of a time
When life was simpler,
Yet more confusing

Was Judas the only one Christ trusted
To deliver him to his fate?

Is the human race too cowardly
To be welcomed in the arms of a deity?
Are we too ignorant to recognize
That is has already occurred?

Are we the last remnants
Of an experiment gone wrong?
The plague of the human race.
Devouring consciousness

Eliminating uniqueness
Evolving into our own demise
One too many mutations gone wrong

Retching in the soiled undergarments
Of our father's sins
Reveling in the untold lies
Of mother's milk

I have soured on this world long ago
Bounding for higher consciousness
Looking for the unseen
Searching for the undiscovered

Drug sideways
Through the sludge
Of society
Screaming wildly
Through the entirety

The gene pool would benefit
From a healthy dose of chlorine
You're dangerously honest
Silently filled with screams
Your body lies in the waking world,
Yet your mind still wanders in dream

Walking alongside mannequin masses
How much of this is real?
Staring back at what I assume to be myself
Emptiness pervading all that I feel

I drown in the sin of impassioned sweat
These stained sheets that mark my grave
These years are poison; these tears are deadly
The lies of living have made me a slave

Lost, wandering in a vicious world
Of constant contradictions and deadly afflictions
Dying by the hand of my own vices
And misguided, misinterpreted convictions

My favorite song is being sung by a dead man
Stolen are his hopes and dreams
A resurgence of his soul enlivens me
Though his revelations remain unseen

For I know why the caged animal cries
Through iron bars, he is fed lies

The truth is but a lie undiscovered
Who controls the thoughts in your head?
Discreet indiscretion and silent objection
Our minds spoon fed the brilliant flesh of the dead

I long only to feel the warmth of your love
Before I grow tired and cold
I long to be blessed with your passion
Realize such worldly wonders without being told

A shallow grave sunken in marshy swamp
No one to watch over or preside
This empty box houses my world for eternity
In the darkness of the infinite is where I will hide
A woman is the marriage of heaven and hell.
She will love and hate you in the same instant,
Praise and criticize you in the same sentence,
Save your life and condemn you to sin in the same moment,
Bestow untold wonders upon you and never allow you to appreciate.
She will sing angelic and pierce your heart with screams in the same voice.
Beauty, luminescent, yet motives malevolent.
She will keep you alive long enough to sustain her
And cast you aside, useless and drained,
At your weakest moment.
Unable to resurface in happiness.
The tenderness of her gloved, supple fist.
The irony of the ulterior motives in her kiss.
The nakedness of woman is the work of God,
Yet the woman as a being is the marriage of heaven and hell.
Regurgitation of the spoon fed, unintelligible dribble supplied by the media is not intelligence.
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