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PK Wakefield Jan 25
who R you the god
i've been
inside several
times tonight


a beach rose
where one time
i wished i was
seeing the ocean
split itself again
over a man.

did you ever
upward which
a star upon
pitch stairs
climbs casually?

who knows not me i've never even seen.
PK Wakefield Dec 2021
in what sureness holds wife hands?

My most mundane love,
fresh in a moment
i felt your shoulders
between my fingers
the fascia binding
my soul to yours.

when took me
yours beneath
a smallest gable
of artificial flowering:

(in a peach dress
very pregnant;
i kissed the
last person).
PK Wakefield Dec 2021
in bigsome whole colliding
the earthmoonsun suddenly
start starring into opaque
coolness: the nape over
standing hair exactly

on ends of pricked groove

the moonlight is just
and the crooked
fullness of mountain
the breadth of pale sky
interposed, a uh just

under the scalp tingling
when it's outside
carefully snow
and your feet are so wet
inside your shoes

where you kissed a pretty girl once
and though you will
(why not)
be dead someday

turning the radio
up until its bigness
PK Wakefield Dec 2021
"What do you think you're doing in here?"
PK Wakefield Nov 2021
it seems the brief
nothing of my
hands cradle
the sweating brow
of my child
sleeping so hardly
within the quiet
of her breath--

the smallest pressing
of her chest the
largest miracle of life.

her hair is fine
and golden--
the light comes somewise
the follicle full
and brimming in
brilliant strands.

my wife is beautiful and i love her:
she has given me the most
beautiful gift in my children.

she carries in her body the torch
of into swallowing enormity:
whole darkness.

on the withers of a pale horse,
riding into that good night,
she bears making.

a maker before all craftsmen,
she creates through effort of her flesh
the most exacting somethingess of being.

i hold the makings of
her hips in my arms
and they are the most
beautiful thing i have
ever seen.
PK Wakefield Oct 2021
if you
,being me,
want to arrive suddenly
with the moon

(up carrying
the downward
slings of gossamer
glittering night)

i will make soul completely
in the burning shine.

i will make chaste
my smiling sometimes,
and climb inwards
the up what which

hangs by clearly
the pendent
of your chest,



PK Wakefield Oct 2021
in 1
pale moment

your LIFE dreams

of you holding
a square against
the sun.

looked back
onto the happening
of your mindbody

that breathing
took the light

from the porch
sleeping a
cat where


under the
tiniest crush
of a breeze




and all stillness
waits to seize
the atom of your
hand in A square
against the sun
the collection of
its splitting into
thinnest sheets of
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