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Johnny walker Jan 14
I'm telling myself come
on snap out of this mood Johnny, you have been through worse than this
before regain that Inner strength that has carried you thus far
Still have some unfinished business poetry to write poems that can encourage and help other people who struggling In their
Be a voice for all those who can't speak, stand up against the wrongs this life be a voice for all the Injustices of this
Slowly being eaten away with pollution bombing terrorist killing the Innocent people of this world
Who are always the ones who suffer when all they are doing trying to Is scratch out a living In a already dying
Trying to be strong to finish what I've started In an already dying world
Adriaan Harms May 2016
I have always stared,
At your anger and
Your fear, your smile
Or your tear.

Always would I have
Dared, to leave you
With your demon, but
Never have you asked
For the reason?

I will share the
Only glare for a
Second lasting stare
For the reason why
I leave you with
Your demon without the
Reason is...

I care.

Never have you allowed
For me to be
Proud of a little
Guy like you for
All I want to
Do is kiss you
'Till you're blue.

I have always cared.

I will keep my
Distance for the proof
Of my resistance, but
Don't come back to
Me if it didn't
Work for thee, for
All I will do
Is stare, for I
Will just be fair.

You were never there
In the time that
I have cared, now
You start to care,
And I will just
To that one person who broke something, and left it as it was. Only to return later and ignore what they have done.
Jenna May 2014
I stood there.
A snow-capped peak stared back.
I became exceedingly captivated.
Captivated by the thought that he and I existed;
Existed now.
Existed here.
Existed together.

I became a shell.
A shell filled with explosive joy.
And I could no longer become underwhelmed.
Nor could I become whelmed.

I lived.

I will never believe in myself more,
Never trust in Creation more,
Never be enveloped in the stillness more
Than I did in that moment.

Glimpsing that skyline.
Staring down a mountain.

— The End —