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james Oct 9
the air is thick, hot, and forest green
with the daggers youre always staring
i cant help but sigh; theyre always for me
i never meant to destroy you
but ill take your gaze however it comes
you destroy me too
loosely based on carry on by rainbow rowell
If one is at an obstacle of an imposing sort
or with any other side step made, this state,
to find a way past each of these, in this life's
dangerous maze, somehow without mistake.

It's just that I've always stumbled
when I see that it's so **** far,
way beyond this side of the dark,
someone give me a way to find
the other side in the light,
if that is what it is, if this some
strange curse, a bad plight.

...or is it a greater truth?

Perhaps the "Gods are playing a trick
on me?" Or perhaps there is no way back
or forward. I look back at yesterdays
pain and see it's staring back.

Death is a visage we all put aside until
it is right there and there's no way
to avoid it. Just happen to be able
to keep running...unavoidable,
This and that. Stunning. I will write, I will
work, I will not hide. Eventually we all
have to face it, and sooner or later
we all have to try to fight it.
It's that stone cold that hangs over
you even with vices. They just happen to
be able to visualize a nicer tomb
than was waiting for you. I guess
that was worth all the human sacrifices.
Just thought I'd give it a whirl. It's been a while since I wrote...
Jaxey Jul 27
I yearn for the day
That I get butterflies
Not from liking you
but from knowing
that you like me back
I'm tired of the same old butterflies
Eliseatlife May 19
Sitting here
Staring to the world around me
Listening to something I want to hear
Waiting for you to come
Looking for the key
To open me
The desk in front of me has eyes.
The chair I’m sitting in has eyes.
The lights above my head have eyes.
The walls around me have eyes.
The bricks in the walls have eyes.
The windows in the walls have eyes.
The trees through the windows have eyes.
The leaves on the trees have eyes.
The road next to the trees has eyes.
The lines on the road have eyes.
The cars on the road have eyes.
The wheels on the cars have eyes.
The people all around me have eyes.
The eyes have eyes.
And those eyes also have eyes.
My eyes have eyes.
My skin has eyes.
My fingers have eyes.
My hair has eyes.
My clothes have eyes.
And every single one of them
Is staring at me.
And every single one of them
Wants me dead.
Everything wants me dead.
Everything is devouring me.
Don’t pay any mind to the kid having an anxiety attack in the middle of class.
i can feel your stare
while you lean up against the pole
of the noisy subway
you've got battered up sneakers
and slightly messy hair
you're pretending to look at your phone
as if it is more interesting than my face
you'd like to be in my presence
yet the driving force of the train
stops you all together.
the lady overhead announces your stop,
and i look up at you once again
you make me think that you'll stay for the next stop
until you slip out of my sight at the last second
before the doors close shut.
some guy was staring at me in the metro, i didn't find him all too attractive. but there was a lot more to him and i could sense it.
underestimated Nov 2018
I'm sorry that I'm staring
I know it's kind of daring
It's hard to look away from something so beautiful
I'm giving in as usual
I feel so warm when I look at you
I know it's weird but it's true
You won't let me have your love
So at least let me have the view
Caught me staring way too much today, oops...
She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether my eyes
Know how lucky they are to see
An actual blessing from God.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether my heart
Knows that it’s heartbeat is precious
Dependent on this love I feel.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether her smile
Knows how much energy it gives
And yet I cannot look away.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder if her body
Knows the need my body feels
To be one with hers, head to toe.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether her soul
Knows how much I’m in love with her
Just lying there, staring at me.
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Shadow Dragon Oct 2018
Eyes wide as space
staring into another face.
Believe me when I say
I've never felt another way
of entertaining eternity.
For I have come to a conclusion
I no longer believe in free fun.
You buy it in small doses
chew it up and swallow.
Come on jump down
from you throne
and buy another gemstone.
Lily Oct 2018
My eyes follow you
Unknowingly I stare
My friend breaks my attention
Asking me what I was doing,
Do I dare answer her and tell her I was staring at someone I care about deeply.
So I suddenly answered nothing
But she knew and said staring at him again... looking down I said no
Embarrassed as ever,
What do I do to break that habit that is continuously there?
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