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I didn’t mean to be rude
or offensive
or to harass you
I know it’s not polite to stare
but just so you know
not everyone staring at you thinks you’re **** as ****
and if you must know
I wasn’t staring at you because you’re beautiful
I was staring because you reminded me of someone I once knew
who was **** as ****.
Susanna Aug 18
people staring
lights glaring
The circus of eyes.
So many eyes.
Blinking and staring.
Why do they stare.
Black eyes that always stare.
So loud, always looking.
Even when they close.
I can see them.
Makes my brain hurt.
Makes my nose run.
Because they just won't stop staring at me.
Makes it hard to think.
To function.
Maybe I'll close my eyes instead.
Some have bitter look
Some with foolish tear
Some have flattering words
Some with teeth of fire
Some keep only staring
Some keep cursing
Some break the plan
Some do it with steel
Some only hold knives
Some do it with sword
Some wipe out blood
Some do not moan
Some voices come near
Some let them lie in silence
Some walk to Moon.
War! War !War Consequences
If you suddenly bumped at him
along the way,
Please don't turn your back,
Don't look away.
For years of loving him,
I have only been
stealing glances,
when he is busy laughing
with his friends
or when he is talking
with the girl he admires.
But to you who will love him,
stare all you want
like as if you'll never get tired.
I'm sure he'll love that.

He cracks jokes
when some funny words
can be used as puns.
Laugh for him
if the joke is funny
and laugh at him
if it's nothing but corny.
Love him still
even at his funniest
or corniest moment.
I'm sure he just wants to see
and make you laugh.

He loves to draw
and that
will make you
love him more.
Don't envy other girls
if you see their faces
painted on his canvass.
Your face has already been etched
on his sketchpad,
some has been laminated,
some in picture frames.
But I am sure,
more than those arts,
you have already been sketched,
painted and etched
in his heart.

He can be a poet.
It will give you warmth
when you read your love story
written in his poetry.
Write for him,
don't mind the rhymes,
just write
what your heart wants.
Make your I love yous
a poetry
and he will drown you
with his I love you, too.

To the woman of his future,
he gets tired sometimes
but don't give him up.
Rest with him
and be his home.

Love his every imperfection.
He is flawed but he doesn't mind.
So love him no matter what.

To the woman of his future,
let me be with him for a while.
Just in this present times,
even just in this short now.

The woman of his future,
I hope it's me
so for a lifetime,
I have him
to call mine.

© Tres
Bullet Apr 20
The sweet can turn sour
I can tell from the apple core
Because you all are staring through your apple
Take a bite you just might lose your control
Amanda Apr 19
As I stare at blank sheets
To jot down my thoughts
Realize how alone I feel
Only friends are vacant lots

These restraints tighten around my words
Keeping in place
Long to leave their chamber
They're running out of space

I really want company
Singing solo to an empty room
The cage known as my conciousness
Lyrics of honest emotion attempt to bloom

Remembering yet unable to manifest
Moments sliding around mind
My suffering festers in seething sores
Until despair is finally defined
About having writers block when you really need to express something a certain way and you cant find the right words
Nylee Apr 17
There are many things in this room
I am staring at the wall
I get around, but I am sitting on my bed
I have nothing to do ahead
Boredom has been sitting on my head
I am physically fine
but eyes have lost its shine
My phone is on its last red line
I have lot of time in hand
I am losing it all
What to do now?
Butterfly Feb 16
Your smile makes my mind go wild.
I got into a relationship AND SHE IS SO ******* PRETTY *** SOMEBODY HELP ME
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