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Hand me a tall glass
of a swooning potion
bubbles rising to the top
and the foam in motion
as I sway back in forth
my cheeks marked with red blush
uncontrolled laughter
and careless touch

Does the world really spin
as fast as it does?
And does alcohol help us to see it?
Are these just
intoxicated shower thoughts?
Am I conscious enough to believe it?

Everyone's dancing
while I'm standing still
or is everything backwards
no one really knows
swonk yllaer eno on
or do they?
like a tainted echo
of what's really going on.
But I don't know what's happening
so does that really matter?
Do we matter?
What matters?
Who cares besides ourselves what happens?
Is that a paradox?
Will the world explode?
What have I done?
Oh well :1
all that matters now is

Growly Wolfus Jun 25
Does the sun ever smile upon a shaded mind
so deep in the darkness no light has touched it?
No one really knows for no one yet has tried
to expose the unknown and blindly trust its words
with fervent hope the solution would be found.

Take what you will from things to be said.
Lies and truths are still spoken the same.
For language is our limit and inkwell and pen,
creativity bound to pages, immortalized.
Expression should bear no restraints.
Growly Wolfus Jun 14
The stars will never shine so bright
as your smile once did
nor the air feel so warm as your breath.
My home will never be as secure
as your embrace made me feel
nor my bed so comforting as your touch.

Please ...
                  I'm begging you ...

                               come back to me ......
what eyes perceive,
what words deceive,
what death bestows upon us.
Ungrateful lot,
forgotten not,
but by the ropes that bind us.

Chained by hopes,
trapped in dreams,
and your toxic smile
I'd be happy too
but never coming true.
Growly Wolfus Mar 31
Oh, burdens of burdens, oh, torturing guilt
I ask that you leave me, please free me from pain
A life of fraudulence from deception built
Now caught in my lies, losing sense of the sane

And dwindling, dwindling, hope stole away
Forgotten, forsaken, in darkness of night
Until when the morning broke warmth never came
Nor ounce of sought comfort from cascading light

A castle of paper, a fortress of sand
So gallant and noble when still it remained
But clouds would pay homage by quenching the land
And soon did my kingdom fall due to the rain

For my words, beguiling, brought Zeus to this plane
The Construct of Time in the palm of his hand
With greed and with envy I thieved all the same
And took from the thunder god reign o’er the ******

But power over life was not his to give
And nor was it mine but my ego it fed
delusions of control, anxieties hid
Beckoning the wrath of the god of the dead

By storm and disease did my kingdom collapse
Because of my avarice, hopes and conceit
The keys to the heavens taken from my grasp
And peoples left corpses from my own defeat

Illusions, such beauty of things from the past
Confine me and curse me for what I have done
And trapped within my mind the memories passed
Until all that was left was little to none
Growly Wolfus Feb 27
There is no spring in my step
nor smile in my heart
just a shell of what i could've been
now empty of all hope

An echo of fond memories
stripped of all their warmth
frozen between the strands of time
held captive by the truth

And in these thoughts, i'm drowning
forsaken, alone
Learning happiness is fragile
as fickle as the wind
Growly Wolfus Jan 31
As color blended into one,
a mundane shade be found,
a portal spawned spontaneously
leading to a new plane.
And never did time change there
nor move within this world
the sky of faded grey,
the stars, the only twinkling light.

A forest of decay
swamped by growth of moss and vine,
submerged in icy water
as frost clung to its breath.
Though this land, forsaken,
seemed fraught with death and doom,
life occurred in a minor fashion
within the colorless realm.

While 'neath the frost and damp of night
there lived a silent song,
echoes of past lives calling
to those who deigned to hear.
As predators hunt prey,
the voices captured light
and sprouted glowing blossoms
to entrance all that could see.

And below the undergrowth, hiding,
were creatures small and quick;
the only source of color
under the diseased trees.
They darted past each other
to nests in fungi abodes,
dragging with them the petals
of starlight wrapped in leaves.

A rainbow formed in dew drops
and glittered in the sap
of the life-giving waters
still streaming from the trees.
And waiting near the borders
were creatures of tooth and claw,
searching for their next meal
between the growing thorns.

This colorless life
existed silently,
a singular occurrence
within the achromatic world.
But still, there was a hope
and a flicker of a flame
that soon color would bathe
the land in brilliant shades.
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