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Patricia Tsouros May 2014
I lived in the rush to brush the dangerous, I ran right to the edge of love, hanging onto the illusion of you, the allure of a mirage in the expanding desert of prevarication.
Patricia Tsouros Apr 2014
Only Love

It began as a love story
Crazy days with you
Crazy days of faith, love, passion

We grew so close so fast
You said we were soul mates for life
I lost my world to you
I trusted you with my deepest thoughts
Most intimate moments
My future
Our future
Bonded with Artfetch
The future of art
We would make it together
A global player
Unwavering faith
In the chorus of warnings
I battled your place with me
Bold and revolutionary
No one would take this away from us

But then you did
You took it away
Without a word
You left me in a haze
Took my breath away
Your force so strong
Chaos controlled my mind
The lie so real
My passion abused
Reckless abandonment
My faith, my love, my passion
You did not face me
You left me with nothing
My life shattered

I wonder through my Art
A part of my life
For the delights and hopes of life
Seeing in them memories of intimate times
Calming my fears
My sadness
Evoking as only art can do
The spirit in me to live again
I no longer care
I got lost in your deceit
In your ****** up mind
You hunted me down
And played me as a game
You abused my passion
My life
You crushed my soul,
I sit at my desk and find my dignity
My strength
I look around and see what I nearly lost
Artfetch the mystery of my life without which
I could not carry on

No more Crazy Days living your lie
A resounding realisation
No soul in you
I continue
To live my dream
So as I sum this up
Go listen to our song
Remember in your heart
I gave you my heart and soul, my mind and body
My life
I believed in you
I am wishing for you to stay strong
Wish upon every star you see
And if its meant to be it will come true…
No more Crazy Days with You
  Mar 2014 Patricia Tsouros
You look at me..
Like I'm Medusa
But you're the one who knew her
Until your beauty threw her
Over the edge,
&Now; theres snakes on her head ;)

But what we have,
Is so forbidden
Cause you and I are so different
But i dont care cause
You keep me living

And we could be talking bout nothing
For hours on end
You've got a face of an angel,
You must be heaven sent
I just don't know if I'm able
To adore you any less
And how do you talk about 'nothing'
With a Greek Goddess?..

...Don't look at me like I'm Medusa
I'll meet you here when the moons up maybe..
I'll prove to you that its true love
I've got a heart that can't be changed
I've got a love that will not fade
And i don't say much but for you i'd be okay

So can we just talk about nothing
For hours on end
How great would that be for us dear
To get away from them
Cause i know that i am not worthy
to even be your friend
But I'm falling for a Greek Goddess..
All over again.
Absolutely love this and will be releasing a demo version on my youtube channel; JournalOfMusic

I also wrote a one page short story for this which can be found on my wattpad; CathyWantsToWrite

:) xo
Patricia Tsouros Mar 2014
A flawless red curve of
Seductive lips
Your bold tongue
On the cusp of mine
I savor your words
Reckless declarations
Breathed down my throat
Slashing my soul
A wound that won’t heal
Exposed to the memory of
Memories that make it my ruin
The way you wrenched my heart
Racked my mind
Molested my soul
The desolation you left me with
When you were done

I look for Pink
To comfort and inspire
My emotional essence
You will see if you
Look into my eyes.
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