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JK Cabresos May 2022
my emotions
are bone scaffolds;
too weak and old,
keep on breaking,
keep on fixing,
disappointed, unloved,
overdosed with anesthesia,
a disaster in finding a cure
for this dementia
JK Cabresos Mar 2022
pull me closer
into your arms
hold me tight
don't let me go
till friction stops
till morning sun,
i'll be with you
in a century,
i'll be your peace
of mind—a sanctuary
JK Cabresos Mar 2022
We experienced struggles in life in order for us to be persistent to what we are planning to build for the future, and to make ourselves stronger than what we have ever thought of.

We cannot deny the fact that we, sometimes, came across of a feeling that we are being left behind, but it should not make us rely on a conclusion that what we can only do is to accept defeat, instead, make up our minds and keep the fire burning in our heads.

As for these struggles unfolded right before my eyes, I knew, it is meant to break my heart but never my aspirations in life. I will do my best, even if best is yet to be found.
JK Cabresos Jun 2021
a chain in the past,
keeps pulling me
back and forth,
the pain haunts me
but still, i long
for your warmth
JK Cabresos Jun 2021
i remember
sitting on the curb,
sipping a venti café latte,
and pulled
the last cigarette out
of my patched-up
leather jacket,

i waited on you,
but it rained

my hand upon
my head, i placed
and ran fast
to the side street
near the crossroads,

the rain pummeled
the concretes,
crackles of thunder
at the distance,

i was
on my way home,
i supposed,
but i missed
the taxicab,

i remember
sitting on the curb,
soaking wet
in the rain,
tried to light up
the last cigarette,
and the coffee
gone cold,

i waited on you,
but you never came
JK Cabresos Jun 2021
i left a love letter at your closet,
to let these feelings
be known,
of being blessed
and ecstatic, a woman
of your existence,
i found

who holds me
so dearly, despite
being ill-tempered

who would grasp
every moment
with me, even
in the darkest of days

who understands me
in times, i could not
myself either

who hugs me
so tight, when i feel
the deepest despair
i could no longer

i left a love letter at your closet,
to let these feelings
be known,
in every
morning breath we take,
of you, you alone,
my salvation

i love you
for a lifetime of bless,
forever, as it might,
often could not stand
the changes of life,
but i love you, as always
as the moon dies
to meet
the dawning light
JK Cabresos Jun 2021
the sun kisses
the ocean—
it bleeds farewell
for the night,

the fragrance
of the breeze—
our fingers

part of the journey
is the end—
rest your head
on my shoulder,
till your last breath,
till our destinies
meet again
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