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the good thing about being lied
is you'll learn how
to cry
in silhouetted corner
of your room
that once
was your world—

the good thing about being lied
is you'll know how
to smoke
that piece of cigarette
hiding in your closet
to get rid of his kisses
that still linger
in your breathe—

the good thing about being lied
is you'll get hurt so bad
that you'll realize
the feeling
of how it excites you
to be alone again
my legs are heavy
before i even realize
that i'm awake,
words are floating
in my veins
trying to escape
the endless
stream of thought,
beyond the walls
of my mind—
i failed
to pen mysteries
in a blank canvas
she cut her arm
with lonely blades
to feel
the nectar of pain
inside her heart
then hide the scars
to look
perfect again
my eyes betrayed
me again,
unshed tears
on my face
with pain
and longing,
i've missed you
JK Cabresos Mar 18
i'll take
a thousand photos
of your beauty,
you are
every beating
of my heart
camera clicks
i'm camtivated
JK Cabresos Jan 2
As fireworks
kissed the stars,
may it bring
peace and love
to every
aching heart.
Happy New Year!
JK Cabresos Aug 2020
could have
written hundred
of poems

could have
seen thousand
of sceneries

could have
cried million
of tears


would never
my deep feeling
of longing
for your embrace

would never
ease the pain
of missing your
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