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JK Cabresos Mar 22
If I die, tonight
don't cry,
pick the petals off a rose
and throw the thorns
at my doorstep
with your lies,
how could you tell them
I was important
to you,
when you were not there
when I needed
you the most?

If I die, tomorrow
don't follow,
this is my way
of giving up to the world
that has already
given up to me,
how could you show
those tears,
when you were not there
when I tried to resist
the fears?

If I die, yesterday
don't believe,
I have already died
a thousand times
before you knew
this cold flesh
is in my grave,
how could you find
solace in memories,
when you left me
in the church today?
Copyright © 2019
JK Cabresos Mar 11
Words are trapped
in the unfathomable
depth of this mind.

Solitude then came
along this pale
moonlit night.

Ink of this pen
could no longer
unfold its mysteries.

Hope to find peace
on the funeral
of my poetry.
Copyright © 2019
JK Cabresos Mar 8
A thousand feelings
but there is only one
unique feeling for you,
like the flowers
blossom after
a cold rainy night,
like the perfect
scenery of the moon
waning the tides.
Copyright © 2019
JK Cabresos Mar 2
it is so unfair
how the sky
is always beautiful
while my heart
is in pain
Copyright © 2019
JK Cabresos Jan 31
The rain caught us
in the middle
of flickering streetlights
in this town,
a dark cold
night walk with you,
we stopped
in a small mart
to grabbed a *****
and talked about
the future,
you smiled
at me,
you rubbed
your warm hands
against my face,
and tears started
to fall.
Copyright © 2019
JK Cabresos Jan 27
Who would have thought
we will meet in the horizon
of apocalyptic sunsets
painted in the sky?

Who would have thought
we will find each other's path
in the midst of the woods
of lonely eyes?

Who would have thought
our dream of once happiness
will be of walking together
holding hands?

Who would have thought
of this love so beautiful
could drown the pain
into the deepest ocean?
Copyright © 2019
JK Cabresos Jan 26
You can postpone
anything but not love,
you can escape
the shadows
of your solitude
but not love,
and I chose
to love you,
I will love you
as long as I can.
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