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Nameless Oct 2016
My own unrealistic expectations I cannot fulfil
Finally I can breathe
Finally I can be
Nameless Apr 2016
So you're back again
Knocking at my door
I'd been fooled into thinking we were over
But you were waiting
you've been hiding under those veils of smiles and hope
I feel you wrapping your claws around me
Waiting to immerse yourself into me until we are completely one
Nameless Apr 2016
People come into your life for reasons and seasons
Imprints left upon your heart
Life never quite seeming the same
Memories and nostalgia heightening your senses
The moon beckoning her shore on this day
Until the rising of the Sun
A new day dawning
Freshness engulfing all that she sees
Your heart repairing itself to breathe
People come into your life for reasons and seasons
Just pondering if a love will last
Nameless Apr 2016
I'm weary, I hear myself say
My eyes closing as I walk on my way
The day just beginning when all I wish it to do is go away
Weary of the day ahead, what's gone and what's yet to come
This weariness draining my heart through my noisy head

The chill of the breeze my weary heart wanting to cease
And then the loving sun shinning her rays upon me, come closer I beg of thee
Take me to another place
Do not disappear near that cloud I say
wash away my weariness today
Nameless Mar 2016
Destined for a never ending journey, not a destination....
Nameless Mar 2016
One day there was stillness
... Life shortly followed
Nameless Mar 2016
The darkness is rarely the end
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