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Denise Egan Feb 27
Tears flowing like a river; hands trembling like an earthquake,
The pool I drown my sorrows in erupts – like a volcano,
It rushes through me like a great tidal wave. A tsunami.
Destroying every inch of my frail self,
I am nothing but a dormant bomb, waiting to explode,
Waiting; waiting for final peace, whatever that may be,
And even though you have broken me in two, I forgive you,
Day after day.
As I reconstruct my shattered heart you tear it apart. Ruthless.
Oblivious to the repercussions of your cynical actions,
But whatever it may be, I shall get my final peace,
Even if I must forgive you,
Day after day.
B Sonia K Dec 2018
Sit Still,
Try to Relax
I’m only just beginning...
Anya Sep 2018
I write like a paintball machine
Spitting out ***** of paint
In flights of fancy

I write like I think
My thoughts
And emotions
Coming alive

I write like a roller coaster
My mood swings apparent
High to low
And sometimes
Just plain wired

I write like I sing
At moments belting it all out
Other times, softer
Taking the effort
To sing so others will like it

I write like a camera
Taking snapshots
Of everything surrounding me
Both outside
And inside

I write like I cry
The words coming out like an endless waterfall
In a short burst of emotion
Before it stops
And I am light as a feather

I could compare my writing to so much
It’d probably take longer than I have
To name them all
But with just this
I’m sure you can relate

Writing can be a lovely thing
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
Smoked up a half
Others think we’re mad
Perfectly complimenting
Infectious laugh
Overwhelming energy
Creating a perfect synergy
Twin souls
The missing piece
Bonnie to my Clyde
An atomic release
Wreaking havoc
On every road we tread
Kiss explosive
Exuding various shades of red
Straight from the bottle
Drinking whiskey
Lips taste of alcohol and apple
Before we go full throttle
Getting frisky
In the back of a packed bar
No thoughts of who can see
You put your hands all over me
Smoking cigarettes
Until our lungs hurt
Making bets
Behind smirks
Knowing we can’t win here
Overcoming every fear
Of any consequence
Or anyone that comes near...
Peezy Aug 2018
In my experience its dangerous to get close to anyone/but with you I'm conclusively right/when we touch **** goes boom/so my question is how close can we get to eachother without triggering our crazy?
solfang Jan 2018
loving you,
is like walking
on a landmine;
suited with a
vest decorated in
dangerous explosives

one wrong step-
                          and it goes 'kaboom',
just like ticks
of warning from
my puny heart

                                    you hold a machine
                                   and prepared to shoot;
                                   as if I've not experienced
                                   the after effects of this war,

just so I could win,
the peace treaty
of your affection
I love comparing love with explosive— both are not safe to be held or toyed around.
solfang Jan 2018
there is no need
to throw grenades
at me; when I am
already a living,
ticking timebomb
spare me your shades, spare me your hates.
solfang Dec 2017
the term 'opposite attracts'
is coined for a reason,
when two similar people are
bonded with chemistry,
it can unwillingly cause
an explosive reaction,
that's physically and mentally
harmful to both sides
due to strong, obsessive
bonds for one another

yet when opposite attracts,
a subtle reaction is triggered
with occasional sparks,
and mixes to become
the perfect formula
we call love
Might sound common, but I've experienced explosion caused by similar attraction. Haven't liked anyone with opposite personality though.
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