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Katlynn Grilli Aug 2023
Feels like my heads going to explode
My bodies a ticking time bomb
These fists hitting the ground wondering where each land mine is.
There’s a tank in my heart shooting these emotions everywhere.
I’m wondering where I’m going to land
If I’ll be in pieces in the end
Which explosive device is going to go off ?
My brain?
My heart?
My mouth?
These eyes ?
Wondering if my temper is going to get the better of me and click this button and end it all.
I’m clutching the gun closer to my chest
Where will I aim ?
Where will it land?
Man Jan 2021
merlot leaked from my neck
white fog clouding my vision
my chest tightened
i fought back
the urge to fight
and greeted the night
which exploded
into blinding white light
Carlo C Gomez May 2020
God bless wartime for lovers
And the heart's desire
For all things ammunition

The seminal spark
Of randomology
Runs as an aqueduct
To the mothership
Fascination is found
In strangeness
And its sister's alien sigh

The fun of fear
Is teeth and biomechanics
And morbid curiosity
Of what lurks in the brazen alcove

Abducted on Sunday morning
Returned in time for kickoff
Dressed like a fugitive
With a hole in your head
Souvenir of the brave and the new

The body's warm jets
Begin to stir as a powder keg
Any kind of love you've had
Is always far sweeter as a memory

A memory, angel
Inspired by Madilyn Cook's poem with the same title.
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
Righteousness of action
   Assimilation despite protest
      Gesticulating invalid points
         Excommunication for beliefs
Hypercorrection to fit in
   Accountableness and your actions
      Thermodynamic reaction
         Excuse me for a moment

Please forgive my descent in anger
This poem was more of an art project than anything.  I took two words that I feel when I am truly angry at someone.  Then I took the time to find 8 words that resonate how I feel during those moments of absolute anger, forming 8 small phrases that express my feelings.
Rigmarole Dec 2019
for a brief moment
a nano second
I was aware
unaware of it
it's globular mess
those molecules
green, red, orange, white, blue
but pressed to tightly inwards
there was no room for their expression
they repelled
that spherical mess held together with an invisible membrane
wound up
each desiring to escape from it's counterpart
similar but vastly different
and then the bears claws
scratching a tear down and through my very soul
the inner world met the manifest fears of the outer world
every cell, no, molecule in my body screamed
I could only help myself
I awoke
big dreams and the feelings they invoke are worth paying attention to
Denise Egan Feb 2019
Tears flowing like a river; hands trembling like an earthquake,
The pool I drown my sorrows in erupts – like a volcano,
It rushes through me like a great tidal wave. A tsunami.
Destroying every inch of my frail self,
I am nothing but a dormant bomb, waiting to explode,
Waiting; waiting for final peace, whatever that may be,
And even though you have broken me in two, I forgive you,
Day after day.
As I reconstruct my shattered heart you tear it apart. Ruthless.
Oblivious to the repercussions of your cynical actions,
But whatever it may be, I shall get my final peace,
Even if I must forgive you,
Day after day.
B Sonia K Dec 2018
Sit Still,
Try to Relax
I’m only just beginning...
Anya Sep 2018
I write like a paintball machine
Spitting out ***** of paint
In flights of fancy

I write like I think
My thoughts
And emotions
Coming alive

I write like a roller coaster
My mood swings apparent
High to low
And sometimes
Just plain wired

I write like I sing
At moments belting it all out
Other times, softer
Taking the effort
To sing so others will like it

I write like a camera
Taking snapshots
Of everything surrounding me
Both outside
And inside

I write like I cry
The words coming out like an endless waterfall
In a short burst of emotion
Before it stops
And I am light as a feather

I could compare my writing to so much
It’d probably take longer than I have
To name them all
But with just this
I’m sure you can relate

Writing can be a lovely thing
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
Smoked up a half
Others think we’re mad
Perfectly complimenting
Infectious laugh
Overwhelming energy
Creating a perfect synergy
Twin souls
The missing piece
Bonnie to my Clyde
An atomic release
Wreaking havoc
On every road we tread
Kiss explosive
Exuding various shades of red
Straight from the bottle
Drinking whiskey
Lips taste of alcohol and apple
Before we go full throttle
Getting frisky
In the back of a packed bar
No thoughts of who can see
You put your hands all over me
Smoking cigarettes
Until our lungs hurt
Making bets
Behind smirks
Knowing we can’t win here
Overcoming every fear
Of any consequence
Or anyone that comes near...
Peezy Aug 2018
In my experience its dangerous to get close to anyone/but with you I'm conclusively right/when we touch **** goes boom/so my question is how close can we get to eachother without triggering our crazy?
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