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Kerli Tulva Feb 17
Crimson curtain casting the forest
the sun setting into an eternal space
where your dreams and hopes rest
where you wish to find your place.

Life stepping down the star stairs
Along poetic universe' s lullaby
every pain and sadness you bear
as a butterfly they fly in the sky.

Shivering shadows slink the forest
Somewhere far is the butterfly of joy
Raindrops down the cheeks, so modest
is the way for happiness to destroy.
Kerli Tulva Feb 2
Honey flows
down your arms
closing the eyes
you feel the softness
you taste the sweetness
you live the deepness.

You rise your arms
the honey flows
falling with the stars
the honey glows.

Along with the music
you dance in the space
your existence is elusive
but your heart is the grace.
Kerli Tulva Feb 2
A night with brittle frost
covering the quiet earth,
a mysterious darkness flows
through the wandering steps.

Eyes on the vanished horizon,
still looking for the answers
from the outer and inner world,
casting the shadows of wonder.

Lightning up the way ahead
with his own gleaming heart
carrying an old antique book
as the most precious gift left.
Kerli Tulva Jan 27
Sliding down
the captivating dreams
hands on the piano
eyes in the sky.

Mind in fire of beauty
letting all burn softly
the inside of your soul
is mysteriously beautiful
fire is your energy.

Once you found
a broken mirror
pieces by pieces
you tried to repair it
but your hands
were on fire too.

And it is beautiful
how the mirror burns
as your reflection
evaporates into
the vast universe.
Kerli Tulva Jan 13
Stretching the hands out
to catch the universe falling
and in my hands it I caught
and heard you there calling.

The perky stars jumped off
and run all down my body,
feeling like a catastrophe,
I tried to collect them rapidly.

Some singing or whispering,
the stars entered my soul
to start powerful glimmering,
that was when I felt whole.

I stretched the hands out
to catch all the rest left
but none was to be caught
I heard that you confessed.
Kerli Tulva Jan 12
I talked to the trees today,
they listened
I talked to the moon today,
it cried
I talked to the stars today,
they smiled
I talked to the sea today,
it consoled
I talked to the flowers today,
they grew
I talked to you today
and you were silent.
Kerli Tulva Jan 12
Walking on a long smooth road
in daylight, with a mirror in my hand
stretched in front of my dreamy eyes
only backwards I see, but walk ahead.

Days and days, I go on walking
with a mirror in my hands, holding
sometimes closer and mostly far
Observing the details behind.

Closing the eyes, I turn around
and start walking back again
pacing to the past, future behind me
I realise, only the moment is the reality.
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