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Kerli Tulva Dec 2020
Distant persisting fragments
endure unstirring in your heart
you pick them away piece by piece
yet every part is the same sharp
as as frosty wind on your cheeks.
Kerli Tulva Dec 2020
The sea was begging you
while you did not listen
The sky was crying for you
while you looked away
The ocean was showing you
while you did not notice
but the trees were silent
while the whole nature
waited for you to ascent
your eyes, heart and mind.
Kerli Tulva Dec 2020
A living testament
to this world lies
in front of the beholder.

Nothing is constructed
to last the way of origin.

Thoughts are changing
in the startling swirl
of built worlds on top
of one another.

Access the present
with only the past
or future what is about
to disappear.

Destruction can also
be beautiful.
Kerli Tulva Dec 2020
Are you present in
the presence
among the conditional
of the essence.

Horizon of perfection
is unattainable
unconditional is a dream

The pain we mingle
in the heart
Is the hope we create
in our Art.
Kerli Tulva Dec 2020
The creative energy hidden
behind the many hundreds
of doors within yourself
waiting patiently, reluctantly
peeking out when the heart
confronts the body. Yet is
released within one surge
of the shower of stars and
awakening of the Universe.
Kerli Tulva Dec 2020
The colours of seasons
play around the mind
wind caressed leaves
shiver in the crystal sun
with the same resonance
mystical familiar harmony.

They whisper you secrets
from their own worlds
of wisdom and time
while you listen in silence
transforming into music
composed by the nature.
Kerli Tulva Dec 2020
Sweet Eros you are
the inspiration of love
in poetry. On the white
island among the sea
made of your deep
blue eyes and skin
of marble. Sweet Eros
your lush brown hair
and your prominent hands
of energy and beauty
the sweet smell of gardens
and fire elicited by you
on the island of deepness
and peace of mind
every sense of your
presence is love
for your Venus.
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