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lily Apr 2015
i need you like i need warmth in winter and water in the desert
lily Apr 2015
love and desire rippled through our souls like shockwaves,
igniting us into flames.
we created our own little world
with nothing but bodies, and hearts, and whispers, and truths.
lily Apr 2015
we were completely entwined,
grasping and pulling at each other.
no matter how close we were,
it was never close enough.
lily Apr 2015
i loved those quiet moments where we just held each other
lily Apr 2015
you touched me as if my body was your instrument,
you played it perfectly that i felt the melody within my very soul
lily Apr 2015
my senses were drenched in you
       in your flavor and scent
           but i'm still seeking
          a deeper taste of you
lily Apr 2015
your lips moved against mine,
growing hotter and wetter
your tongue a velvet lash of tormenting pleasure
bruising my lips with a fine edge of violence
we kissed with power and passion and hunger and love
passionately mating with lips and tongues and tiny bites
our flavors mingling and quickened breaths filling our lungs
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