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Tony Tweedy Mar 16
If I could ride a white stallion,
wearing burnished armour of gold.
I would cross the high mountains
for my eyes on your smile to behold.

Across land scorched by suns fire,
droughts parched burning sand,
all this I could defeat and endure,
for a mere touch from your hand.

You have me captivated, enthralled
by means of your charm and your grace.
Entranced and passively subdued,
by beauties smile on your face.

How sad has become this world.
where poetry for a beauty is not news.
I behold the wonder and the beauty,
of my goddess, my passions true muse.
How daft a man can be made when a beauty looks his way.
Pagan Paul Mar 2020
Watch the morning tide
wash them all aside,
my castles by the shore
are gone forever more.

A billion grains of golden sand,
the remnants of my dreams,
float suspended in the current
and I drift along with them.
They in their watery solution,
me in the spaces of my mind.
The grains of sand sink and fade,
replaced by neon chain linked stars
and the sense of being completely empty,
not at all devoid. Just .. empty.
The floatation tank of loss
clasps the dreams with frigid fingers,
shrieking to be given its toy,
threatening never to open again.
But the Suns call from faraway skies
heralding to opine freedom,
release the fragments to individual broadcasts,
reaching out, out, out to the deep.
An umbilical tether for a fragile boat
is slipped to play adrift in a storm.
Letting go. Letting go.
Watch the morning tide wash them all aside.
Letting go.

I cast a mind spell,
wish them all farewell,
my castles in the sea
are evermore set free.

And my mind though now it be thought less
has no need of castles, for it is a fortress.

© Pagan Paul (15/03/20)
My 300th poem on hp!
Carmen Jane Jan 2020
Behold the nature,
She's talking with you in sways,
Smiling in colors.
This haiku features as well in my book!

You Are Not Lost: Poems of hope, love, haikus and more
ask the dust
did i stop looking
when i saw your shadow
up’s the only direction i planned
a simple rendezvous
but complicated beats
then there you are
spellbound you got me
Neha Apr 2019
And every night my love,
I watch you from my window,
Sitting on your rooftop,
And staring at the moon,
Like there's a piece of your heart,
Hidden in it's shadow.

I see it all love,
The way you look at the moon,
Like it's the only place for you,
Away from this chaotic world,
Where you can put your guard down
And throw away your mask.

I watch it every night love,
Your face.
Your face honey, draped in the
curtain of moonlight,
Oh, it mesmerises me,
And the beauty of your eyes,
With the moon's reflection in it,
My love,it leaves me spellbound.

I see it all love,
The way your eyes glimmer sometimes,
And the curve that forms on your face
talking to the moon.
And sometimes,I even see the shinning pearls cascading down your cheeks,
As the cigarette touches your lips.

It's like watching the moon
And talking to it gives you peace,
While looking at your face,
gives me serenity.
I wish someday I could watch the
moon with you and you would watch
the dawn with me,
I wish someday I could rewrite the stars,
And make you mine.
IG: @smiling_feather
A Embers Nov 2017
Depicting a beauty ethereal
I’ve become your sun
In the morning
And the moon
Of your night
I’ve caught you
And hypnotized
By every lie
Knotted in every line.
You reach for me
Clinging to the caress
Of the cadence
I have penned
The unspoken depths
Reeling blissfully
Among this fabricated fancy
Finally, I’ve caught you
Yet not before long
I too am enthralled
Longing for your trusting gaze.
Scarlet M Sep 2017
I want to be lost in your soulful eyes;
completely, deeply,
and for eternity.
r m Jul 2017
three...'re under my spell
counting seconds from now to infinity,
you're bound to me.

invisible chains, no, i'm no witch
just a charmer, more than a pretty face,
and less of a golden-hearted character from your favorite bedtime story.

... i'm falling out
wear that choker and chase me
to the depths of the earth.

counting seconds from infinity to now,
you're bound to me; just another cursed heart.
this is the spell where you're a willing victim and i'm your favorite torture. chase me, chase me, little cursed heart.
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