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Carmen Jane Jan 8
Behold the nature,
She's talking with you in sways,
Smiling in colors.
ask the dust
did i stopped looking
when i saw your shadow
up’s the only direction i planned
a simple rendezvous
but complicated beats
then there you are
spellbound you got me
Neha Apr 2019
And every night my love,
I watch you from my window,
Sitting on your rooftop,
And staring at the moon,
Like there's a piece of your heart,
Hidden in it's shadow.

I see it all love,
The way you look at the moon,
Like it's the only place for you,
Away from this chaotic world,
Where you can put your guard down
And throw away your mask.

I watch it every night love,
Your face.
Your face honey, draped in the
curtain of moonlight,
Oh, it mesmerises me,
And the beauty of your eyes,
With the moon's reflection in it,
My love,it leaves me spellbound.

I see it all love,
The way your eyes glimmer sometimes,
And the curve that forms on your face
talking to the moon.
And sometimes,I even see the shinning pearls cascading down your cheeks,
As the cigarette touches your lips.

It's like watching the moon
And talking to it gives you peace,
While looking at your face,
gives me serenity.
I wish someday I could watch the
moon with you and you would watch
the dawn with me,
I wish someday I could rewrite the stars,
And make you mine.
IG: @smiling_feather
Lure Pot Dec 2017
I respect your mama
because she's
a part of you
I love your girl
because she's
your heart.

I honor your baba
because he's
your idol
I like your son
because he's
your goal.

Your shadow is
in my heart
and I'm melted
around you
I miss you, my friend
though we're apart
I must say
You're spellbound.
A Embers Nov 2017
Depicting a beauty ethereal
I’ve become your sun
In the morning
And the moon
Of your night
I’ve caught you
And hypnotized
By every lie
Knotted in every line.
You reach for me
Clinging to the caress
Of the cadence
I have penned
The unspoken depths
Reeling blissfully
Among this fabricated fancy
Finally, I’ve caught you
Yet not before long
I too am enthralled
Longing for your trusting gaze.
Scarlet M Sep 2017
I want to be lost in your soulful eyes;
completely, deeply,
and for eternity.
r m Jul 2017
three...'re under my spell
counting seconds from now to infinity,
you're bound to me.

invisible chains, no, i'm no witch
just a charmer, more than a pretty face,
and less of a golden-hearted character from your favorite bedtime story.

... i'm falling out
wear that choker and chase me
to the depths of the earth.

counting seconds from infinity to now,
you're bound to me; just another cursed heart.
this is the spell where you're a willing victim and i'm your favorite torture. chase me, chase me, little cursed heart.
Mysidian Bard Dec 2016
Release me from your spell
Sweet maiden of the night

Release me from my innocence
Surrendered to your delight

Release me from your body
A tapestry of ink and skin

Release me from yourself
Or I will surely sin

Release me from your words
Your velvet voice does speak

Release me from your hands
Your touch that makes me weak

Release me from your eyes
That are burning with desire

Release me from your soul
Or I will feed this fire
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