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karin Oct 2018
when you touch my lips I feel at ease
knowing all of my pain will fade

your glowing spirit being the only thing
I dare to allow to captivate me

the full feeling in my chest when you enter me
burns with such pleasure

you are my company when I am alone

touch me. burn me. heal me. hurt me.
fill my eyes with watery love

Thank you sweet Mary Jane
PG Sep 2015
A blank page waits for words that it will never see
Created from the head of someone writing a story
Characters, plot, setting, theme, are central to the tale
Without them every narrative is simply guaranteed to fail

Stakes and consequences must exist for someone to pursue
Whether treacherous of heart, or noble, brave, and true
And if these traits stand not alone but mixed in with the rest
That simply adds more intrigue to the outcome of the test

Will he get the girl?  Will she rise above her station?
Can a rags-to-riches fable captivate the nation?
Who done it, where and why?  Are three questions most effective
But often ****** requires the help of a detective

These may seem like idle, fragmented bits of a much larger whole
But actually they’re not; every type plays a role
For you see, “someone” mentioned above is not a professional writer
But an individual on a journey, and we all must face it like a fighter

Characters are those you know and love, plot is what you choose to do
Setting is where you live, theme defines what is important to you
So why a fighter you may ask, someone who faces pain and strife?
Because we encounter both good and ill as we write our book of life
Melinda Barrett Feb 2017
They scream of my tragedies
Conceal my strategies  
They captivate and seem to say
Look for too long you'll be swept away
Oskar Roux May 15
To captivate someone the way
You do
Is an art form many never learn to master.
With eyes deeper than the Marianas trench
Your being
Just draws me like a moth to a flame.
To make someone feel the way
You make me feel
Makes me wonder how many ages
You've experienced.

A soul so ablaze no person would know you and not be warm.
The strength of nations upon nations
To carry the weight of the world and
You still grow.
The confidence and grace that
You move
With, can't even be challenged by Aphrodite herself.
With cheeks if crimson and eyes of ice
Your joy
Makes the rest of life seem baron.
Leaving me
And lucky
To know a woman of your sheer
A poem for my wife
Dánï Jun 2014
Although I missed you, I didn't miss the yells
And all the times you made me feel unwell;
Whether it was physical or emotional,
Your love was harsh and you made it seem personal.

Your huge hands to hold me, you used to hurt me.
Your warm smile you used to spit fire.
Those hazel eyes were made to captivate me,
And they did just that, in a prison cell was where I resided, forcefully.
Your loud, beautiful laugh was used mockingly,
And the way your words flowed showed me who I was, accidentally.
Your big, warm heart was charred- it beat quietly,
and you passed on the black smoke, unintentionally.
It filled up my mind, my lungs,
And with every breath I took I became even more numb.

Maybe this is why I look for you in every man,
It's all I've ever known.
And although it wasn't the most ideal plan,
Black was the only color I was ever shown.
George Anthony Feb 2018
when i look at myself in the mirror
i see something blue, something dead-eyed.
she looks at me and sees something more,
something brighter, worth loving

i look at her and i think of the ocean
eternally beautiful, endless depth
sometimes i think i'll drown but
she keeps me afloat, makes me swim

we could spend hours talking
or not speak for a whole day;
no matter the number of words exchanged
not a minute goes by that she isn't on my brain

being with her feels like promise,
like an apology from life
it says, "here, this is your happiness"
i know i don't deserve her but i'll never take her heart for granted

it's been five months
but i already have our one year marked on my calendar
and i can count the days passed
by the number of smiles she gives me

emotion was never my thing
'til an angel dressed in humanity showed me
what feeling could be like,
what love could be like without pain

the clouds are mostly grey in england,
the sky muted by dreary weather
but these days i find myself looking at the flowers instead
and she is sunshine lighting my every step

you're enthralling, the way you captivate me
less than half a year but already
you've changed so many things
you are my most extraordinary experience

you're the constellations in my night sky
and the petals blooming brightly in a once barren garden
you make me see more; you're the pastels lightening my art
there's a spark in me and now i know warmth

if you could only see yourself the way i see you,
life is no longer just grey and blue
i need you to know that i love you
thank you for bringing colour to my world
melissa rose Sep 2018
Don’t just observe me
wander deep into my eyes
Fix your gaze upon my soul
unspoken words implied

Embrace me
captivate my body like you consume my mind
Nurture and be nurtured
let’s enfold in time

Kiss me
throw caution to the wind
Let your lips linger
then please kiss me again

Whisper to me
leave nothing unsaid
Feel the pulsing of desire
as it quickens our breath

Touch me
leave me breathless and weak
Weave me into bliss
until I can no longer speak
killian Oct 2018
you love poems
that sound the same
with bland imagery
and you take no shame

a sunflower sonnet
a berry blue book
a perfect poem
and a longing look

words of love
and of self hate
trickle down your screen
they captivate
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2018
It is possible.
To leap beyond where fear takes us.
Surely so many things happen.
By contrast
We stand still.
Wound up in total curiosity.
To dream in wonderment.
With each twirl we captivate the essence of someone else.
A sort of inspiration that convinces us that we are more than what we believe.
Beginning to walk,
Our other functioning parts come to life.
Embraced in true courage.
Spun around and round.
This huge metal behind it's back.
Suddenly this obstacle isn't what it seems.
First finding what is important.
The touch of someone else
Through encouragement.
The wind-up doll begins to move
No longer incapable by what we define as fear,
But enormous faith.
To place all of it's self in another
Without fear of adding another chip to it's face.
It waddles along.
Moments later,
Pride interferes.
It's movements stop.
To be spun up again and again
Falling to the floor
Seconds at a time
STLR Apr 2017
I'm on that spiritual
Spirits with metaphysical

diabolical criminal
my methodical rituals

captivate, you regurgitate  
when I sit and I spit the truth

activate, no originate
when I spit flows in figure 8's

need a female with a figure 8
body, hope I could figure it

hot tamale  on dinner plate
was my focus it didn't play

serving satin
I penetrate

4th dimensions
I levitate

my flows a solar / extension
bipolar floater with / hench man
att-ack like cobras/ extended
extendo clip / interception
vocal record / compression
in an out of / depression

Ajax in kitchen I'm mixing
with all this Henny I'm drinking

John Lennon & Jimmy Hendrix
remixed the sampled I'm sinning!

I've killed it since the beginning
my ex is gone **** these *******

a hexagon in the kitchen,
I cook with shapes of aggression

My ex is calling
I hang up like who are you?

she calls again
so I hang up like the bill collector

see in my mind I have traveled
to different sectors

sections are often of Optimus
lately I've been feeling the opposite

night prescription of *****
keeps my mind /       off the odds and ends

I should be working on offices

this consequence is brought to you by a novelist mind,
Steven king with a Flow that's ridiculous I

flip like a pendulum, fly

I’m only seeking good vibes
heating seeking misses to the sky

the years I haven’t been on
******* 25

this year I’m ******* **** out of proportion
till my ******* bends like a circus contortionist
worst is I'm not even forcing it

words I fornicate and fork with
like alphabetical ****** at a spelling bee ****

cast from my inner orifices
mighty morph into a scorpion
Society I I’m bored with.
ideology, my philosophy women——ogomy

since I'm speaking with honesty
all I see is the time that leaks
moments of curiosity
**** all the animosity
fancy mind like I'm Socrates
kicking faces with basses
like I got a team in the soccer league    
I will fulfill my prophecy,
profit to other scholars is another dollar in pocket, please
Baylee Kaye Dec 2018
it’s dripping from my lips
running down, as I look up at you
meeting your lion eyes
I push it down further,
feeling your warmth captivate me
I close my eyes
taking you in in every single way
abuse my innocence
I surrender my frame,
so play me like your game
making your own rules as you go
you are who I submit my name
walking into your room,
the color in our eyes blurring with lust
the stares of a king
looking at his gold
overflowing with a treasure unknown
spread before him, helpless
pleading for a form of mercy
and sweet, sweet release
this fire it churns deep inside,
burning up all through my spine
dry tears they fall down
and from my head slips my crown
your precious little treasure
bought with silver and gold,
I promise to be on my knees
bowing before your power
listening to every order given to me

I have the honor to be
your obedient servant
- b.kaye

T Aug 2018
To be in love is a glorious place to be.....It is not just a feeling but a state of mind also......the good days and bad you must work on this so your love will continue to grow.....the world is a scary place but if you are with the right person it can be oh so beautiful......when your eyes capture the most beautiful smile ....and you stare into her eyes and they instantly captivate will know......these are some of the things that true love brings......with no words as you look into each others eyes you will hear the birds sing.....the sweet sounds of this will remind you of that very first you felt inside.....and slowly your heart will start to now when that full moon rises look to the stars .......and remember only true love can heal those scars.......
#The sun will shine on
Deul Nov 2018
No voice stays longer
No eyes captivate stronger
No heart beats louder
til you exists
Esther Nov 2018
dear nobody,
is it raining where you are?
miles north, where my heart once belonged
does your heart ache like mine?
could you possibly feel the pain in the atmosphere
when you reach out to feel the droplets?

was i just another raindrop to you
trying hard to capture my essence
in the palm of your hands
only for me to slip through your fingers
i felt invisible

i guess the flowers are blooming there again
eternal sunshine
it's the season of love after all
but why is it that the September rain
didn't wash away the pain you left in me?
jacarandas painted the world a shade of lilac
i wish feelings fade as quickly as the seasons change

you've got your good girls now
i hope you're happy
you probably don't think about me anymore
or do you?
was i ever in your dreams?
i don't know
the distance between us buried our love
six feet under

those lonely nights
the five-hour phone conversations
they were lifeline to me
how i wished you were right there beside me
how i wanted to hold your body close
but i feel nothing now
not even the ghost of you

o how ironic it is
that the last words i heard from you were
"i love you."

and how tragic it is
that you never heard me
say those 3 words back

smile, love
it will rain again
another pretty soul's going to captivate you
smile, love
i was never yours
and you were never mine.
I'll be your lady in another life, C.

melissa rose Apr 9
May you find freedom
amidst this suffering
seeking refuge in the harmony
and stillness of nature


inhale her being, your being
with present awareness
let silence be your guide
as divine wisdom
and the richness of this life
captivate the adversity
tinhearts Jul 2018
Becoming Acquainted
In the light of a daily walk
Admiring pure Love’s intensity Drawing me into You
Essentially envelopes
Comforts of butterfly wings
Tenderly caressing my hopes
Grace in its silence spinning silver redemption
Being intertwined to the innermost desires of Wisdoms
Silken rays of Glory illuminate the warmth of Your presence
Peace melting my inhibitions
Whispers sending fragrances
Prayers being upheld to address
Crying out for Love in the hearts of unborn saints
Preparing for the Light of Day
Being drawn by a tender gleam in Your eyes
Come let us get aquatinted
To emphasize
A calling from the Ones suspended in Awe
Loves intimate calling innocence
A rare contrition imbedded from the womb
Simplicity in the flame of Spirit
Arising to the mist
Mornings instilling heirloom
Weaving holiness in honest merit
Awaiting the tenderness to develop
Weaning newborn delicacies
Drenched by the sound of harps caressing faiths firstborn
God bringing forth light
Out of the darkness
The illumination of His divine purposes
In the fullness of time to sing forth all heavens
His day of perfection.
On the day of gladness in his heart
All shall be lifted up to shine
Love lavishly poured out of the generosity of the King
To the inseparable Love
Flowing unceasingly Divine
A Love forevermore
Like nothing of it’s kind
Immersed imminently
Till there is no more inquiries
Loves infallible Kingdom
Jesus’ sweetness
Intensely arrayed treasure
God’s life within us
Reproducing itself unto a full measure
Sharers of deep spiritual union with Christ Jesus
Come to know the fullness of God’s Love arise
In whom mysteries
God’s Will becomes their cry
This mystery
Divine secret from above
Becoming the true identity
That shall captivate the attention of all Love’s
Admirers increasingly
Kwamé May 2018
They say a rose by any other name will still smell as sweet
But what about another color
Will a black rose still captivate the heart
And remind you of love?
Or will it be ****** doomed and cast away
Its aroma enchant you and fill you with lust or will it remind you of death and decay
This ***** is strong
Its stems carry the burden of people forgotten
This ***** is dangerous
Its thorns stab and *****
In the name of vengeance
Vengeance for every rose cast aside for its imperfections
This ***** is beautiful
Its petals flawless and noble
A red rose thrives in the sun and wilts under pressure
But the black rose
Grows in all conditions
Plants strong roots in concrete
and despite the odds
I rise!
Black plight
Bijan Rabiee Jul 2018
Poem is a thing of devotion
That rarefies mind's aperture
To captivate the reader's emotion

Through the winding lane of lines
With unparalled tincture
Matter manifests its mines

As the words waltz in detention
To mold the motion of thought
Rhythm ramifies perception

To reach the crest of credo
Via the voices that rebut
Poem elevates by veto.
this poem is published
Lexi Aug 2018
Looking in the mirror is like a death wish
A glimor of hope before the horrid thoughts cime floading in
Screaming at the top of their lungs.
And the tears rush to the surface as I pinch my skin
Grabbing it tight
Pulling at it with all my might
Wanting for it all to dissapear just like myself
As i slowly turn and turn that small glimor of hope gone
Flushed away by the rotton words that captivate my body
Screamimg for me to

                     "STOP EATING"

I walk away woth a heavy heart sinking down to the lowest part of me
Hiding away frim anyone
Ignoring every word spoken to me.

My mind
My body
My whole being has been captured by those fithly words and throughts which are tormenting me and eating me alive
Without a word
A thought i move on frim the plate of fruit and the bowl of chocolates
Swinging with a heart heavy,
Yet filled with nothing

I act like it has no effect on me
Like it doesnt hurt at all
Everyday every glance at the hated mirror that only lies
Tony Tweedy Mar 12
Some of you write of love and its passion and softest touch.
Do you not know the savage weaponry of which you speak?
Has the blade never sliced 'til core exposed you feel nothing?
Have you never been lured by the soft whispers it entreats with?
And with a rage so harsh seen your very heart torn from you?
Loves romance with keys to fit your every defense leaving exposure?
Vulnerability you wouldn't volunteer in moments of sanity.
Of loves passion, it is a trap. So far will you fall when it springs.
A wound so deep is love that you will never feel whole again.
Tender caresses of flesh to captivate and weaken your mind.
Luring and dulling the common sense and with blade at ready.
You are drawn to that deceptive softness, the apparent warmth.
And yet still love is armed with throat and heart as targets.
Entrapped you give way to the hold of it, the thought of it.
Loves power will take your soul and crush it and leave it dust.
And yet like you I crave it still and insanity causes me to think....
This time love will be kind.
My only comment..... ouch.... very ouch
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