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I've grown so very tired
of this vortex of ******* drama
innondating and drowning me.

You are to me
as if lighthouse
to wayward vessels
upon the seas.

You are to me
hope in a time of need.
You are to me
wisdom I'd better heed.
You are to me
quite a unique breed, indeed.

You are so much more to me
than words can ever even hope to achieve.
(How's that for cheesy?! Haha)
It's all about
"Could you not do that in here?
It's just that I'm trying not to do it when she's here.."

"Oh sh-... sorry, I forgot."
"Oh, you're fine, it's just that I wanna be able to know
if it isn't."
My favorite way to fall asleep
Is next to you
Short days and long nights become our summer
good enough a mason or carpenter
to burn bridges
so quickly
and still have anywhere to go.
Nicotine can be one hell of a drug.
The front man does the singing
The drummer provides the beat
Then there is the lead guitarist
Still the band is incomplete.
There is a certain member
Who we often underrate
He's there in the background
The one who plays the bass
Sometimes he goes unnoticed
By the audience and the crowds
And can easily be forgotten
As the rest all play out loud
But he holds the band together
The band should all be proud.
If it wasn't for the bass player
They would be gone like a passing cloud.
People often fail to realise that in most cases the bass guitarist is the structure and holds the band together.
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