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you loved her
she wasn't there &
that existed forever...
hate born of love
like Poison leaking through
the petaled veil

Poetic T Feb 29
Petals do fall
corrupted they descend,
acid teardrops decline.
The day after is nevermore,
yesterday never existed.
The sun will never sheen,
the night has fallen, nightmares ecstasy.
Marri Dec 2019
You're not the subject of my dreams.
You don't haunt my sleeping thoughts.
You don't exist in my mindless slumber.
You've disappeared from the dreamscape.
You've escaped existence.

In place of you,
Another figure rises from the incandescent air.
As if you were never there,
The figure smiles.

You're not the stranger I once knew.
You're a blur in time.
You're the glaring of lights.
You're the whisper of secrets.
I don't know you anymore.

In place of you,
Another strange thing taunts me.
As if you never existed.

You're no religion to me anymore.
Unholy, unbroken, and unseen.
You're not Godly anymore.
I can't pray to you.
You’re a bad religion.

I can’t read you anymore,
Slowly tracing you with my fingers,
I can’t read between your lines--
I don’t know you.

So, who are you?
Where have you been?
Why don’t you haunt me anymore?
Up in smoke.
B Dec 2018
last christmas I gave you my heart.
this christmas I forgot you existed
Kinda late but... wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it.
Janae Jul 2017
I can't help but look around
at all these new people I've found
in this town I never knew existed

I want to get to know each one
that's my mission
some gifted others twisted

some are just really different
Ryan Hoysan Nov 2016
Don't fix what isn't broken
Can't fix what never existed
This was a spurr of the moment write that isn't based off of anything (currently) happening in my life. It is a thought I've been examining within myself and in my relationships with others.
Äŧül Oct 2016
I despise the idea of a protector loving God,
I recognise mother nature as the sole living God,
Why else would the invisible man stay veiled?

I see the troubles rising in the world,
I observe people fighting for their religion,
What sort of Almighty wants sacrifice?

I see the weak & hungry children,
I can only feel sorry for each one of them,
What kind of Father will ignore them?
HP Poem #1207
©Atul Kaushal
Jill Carter Dec 2015
Rubber scrapes
o­ff the page
eating them up,
they never existed.
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