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  Jul 3 skyler
Piyush Gahlot
We tend to push people away to get our own personal space,
And then
we cry of loneliness.
A random thought!
skyler Jun 6
your arms
are the return address
for the broken heart
i created
because you are
the only place
i want to heal

skyler Jun 6
i would cry myself to sleep
every night
and let you know
you are free to go
if it meant
you could finally
be happy

skyler Jan 20
an amber bottle full of dark secrets and broken promises
we press our chapped lips against the rim
the burn of the *** is the only fire left in my stomach
the shake of your hands is what i  feel in my bones
mommy taught me how to make a cocktail
before she taught me how to love myself
and long story short  i can make mixed drinks in my sleep
but self care is blacking out in the backyards of strangers

skyler Jan 5
when i lost myself
it truly hurt the most
because how do you heal
when you are the ghost

skyler Jan 5
at some point in time
i thought losing
the one i called mine

was the most painful loss
i could endure
until i was laying
on my bedroom floor

shivering and numb
head twirling, screaming
like a broken album

it's at four in the morning
when i still haven't slept
with god knows what in my system
completely unkempt

that i could see now
losing myself
was far worse somehow

skyler Dec 2018
it's been almost three years
some nights i still cry to sleep
the way you hurt me never heals
i feel it surface and weep
my mind is covered
in scabs and scars
tonight i'm bleeding
and seeing stars

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