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10.2k · Sep 2016
A Mermaid's Plea
Scarlet M Sep 2016
Once, a boy came, new to the coast
tall figure, his skin supple dusted with white,
he was silent at times, quite
sometimes laughing like a child,
vulnerable yet strong, she sees.

The mermaid was in awe, but she didn’t realize,
a crashing wave, that’s what he is.
Day by day, she drowned herself
In thoughts under her ocean dream;
baffled by his presence, in doubt she continued.

On the third tide of their apogee,
without warning the boy vanished,
like a wind, leaving no trace, not a foam.
Devastated, in losing her one precious pearl,
the mermaid cried in remorse.

Every night she sang to the skies,
until she felt an ethereal glow,
deep down she knew
what was needed to be said.
A celestial granted, for once again they met.

In valor with trembling hands, a note she had professed.
Prospective and believing still
the prince she had wished for,
turned out to be nothing but a loving sin.
The mermaid smiled as she disappeared into the sea
with every song now comes a broken, and shattered dream.
8.1k · Sep 2016
Scarlet M Sep 2016
She did not
know anything,
except the fact
that she was falling;
and heavily
with all the feelings
she carries for him
in a speed
that took away
not only her breath
but also her
"Forelsket" a Norwegian word meaning the euphoria you experience when you're first falling in love.
1.5k · Jan 2018
Scarlet M Jan 2018
All we do is nothing,

but love
and runaway.
1.3k · Sep 2016
Afflicted Attachment
Scarlet M Sep 2016
I could only make use of this emotion,
             and bottle them up until it over flows.

Until then let me hold on to them;
             our precious memories,
             till I learn how to forget and to let go.
1.2k · Sep 2017
Recipe for Disaster
Scarlet M Sep 2017
Sugar-coated promises, hope with a hint of bitterness,
mixed with mad love,
the perfect combination for disaster.
1.1k · Dec 2017
Hollow Inside
Scarlet M Dec 2017
I can only ever
appear unbroken
in front of
other people’s eyes.

Inside, all I see
is a tangled line
of confusion,
in a pile of
never ending depression.
844 · Sep 2016
My Greatest Downfall
Scarlet M Sep 2016
You were the reckless kind of love
             that was destined to **** me.

Not to destroy,
             but to be able to make me feel.
Scarlet M Dec 2017
It is such a dreadful
and a wonderful
to be one of the
hopeless romantics.
750 · Sep 2016
First Love
Scarlet M Sep 2016
She waits for a memory she could no longer remember
         a fumbling love, their very first;
         hands tied, locked with each finger
         arms swaying in glee,
         kisses blown on his bright red cheeks,
         and lips that were made to seal.

His eyes showed her gentleness,
         left with nothing but a feeling of delight,
         wishing for it not to be just an ephemeral dream
         but then her eyes opened,
         she felt a streak of hopelessness and fear.

If I could see you again, she whispered in her sleep,
         but with each dream he grows further
         tonight, passing by a place they once called theirs
         she watches in tears, as his silhouette slowly disappears.

Love me, she whispers once more.
        Till I find you, I will carry only this, a sad memory;
        between two people until I bid you farewell.
Inspired by Yiruma's "First Love" album.
698 · Jan 2018
Scarlet M Jan 2018
I used to look at him, the way I looked at the moon
In trance, and in admiration,
a mere thought of him was intoxicating.

To savor this remaining love left in me;
I wished to be caught in this dream forever,
but reality was too cruel.

When I awoke, I felt nothing.
It has been months since,
I have not caught a single glimpse of him.
The truth was, it was fading.

Yet I tried my hardest to keep it with me.
I held our love in my hands
like a pile of sand, slowly,
watching it slip out of my grasp.
656 · Sep 2016
Enslave Me
Scarlet M Sep 2016
I guess I was missing how empty you made me feel,
        how I felt like it was everything that mattered;
        that soul crushing, heart wrenching emotion.

I was terrified of letting go of what's left in this
        sadness that were slowly placing cracks in me;
        because I'm afraid.
        I'm afraid of not feeling.
        I'm afraid of being happy again.
        I'm afraid to forget.

I was desperate of wanting to keep a piece of you.
        and I held on to the these kinds of memories instead
        because we all know, that painful ones
        are so much more easier to keep.
631 · Sep 2016
Scarlet M Sep 2016
Don't leave me whole,
        leave me broken;
        broken enough to make me miss you,
        but whole enough to make me strong.

Strong enough to make me want to
        walk away and forget you.
630 · Jan 2018
A Knight's Tale
Scarlet M Jan 2018
My knight does not need to be
in a shining armor,
nor blessed with prestige
or countless honor.

It only needs to be you,
someone who could wield
a sword, respectable enough
to be able to strike a heart of gold.
This piece was inspired by Heathe Ledger's movie "A Knights Tale" thus from where I took the title. I loved the film so much I made a poem out of Jocelyn's love for William. One of my favorite lines from the film was when Jocelyn wouldn't tell William his name and he said, "perhaps Angels don't have names, but only pretty faces".
615 · Dec 2017
Today's Weather
Scarlet M Dec 2017
She was like the sky
      made up of lightning
      and thunder,
      chaos amidst the calm;
      yet smiles and clears up
      whenever her sun
      was around.
597 · Sep 2017
Scarlet M Sep 2017
Barren eyes, bleak and lifeless,
         in the end,
         that’s how he left me,
         feet half buried into the ground,
         breathing in the pain,
         while drowning in his silence.
578 · Oct 2016
Inevitable Omen
Scarlet M Oct 2016
The path I took was crystal clear,
        on the very day I set my foot into your realm.
        You had me wrapped on your finger,
        like in a cliffs edge, ready to cut,
        ready to fall.
        I held on tightly to this rope
        you had slowly tried to severe.
        I was blinded by a shammed light.

Yet still I decided to stay,
        but no matter how hard I try
        to crawl my way up to your heart,
        I always end up fumbling down
        Into an inevitable omen.
        No matter how much I try not to take notice,
        even if I did not want to see it,
        It appears.

The truth that I tried to ignore,
        a forlorn attempt to escape reality,
        I was hurting.
        It was already a predestined augury;
        he was leaving me,
        and I didn’t know what to do.
        I was a pious saint, clinging hopelessly,
        crestfallen, miserable, and heart broken.

The signs, they scream
        how good it will be for my soul,
        while my heart silently cries in torment.
        Please tell me which omen do I believe in?
        With each faint crashing sound
        my mind starts to drill in,
        that no matter what I do, or believe in
        In the end, he was still going to leave me.
556 · Dec 2017
Scarlet M Dec 2017
I play his goodbyes
like a classic
broken vinyl,
too many spoken
to even fix;
the endmost
i'll ever need,
last word
i'll ever hear.
555 · Sep 2017
Out of Reach
Scarlet M Sep 2017
Guilt ran through her body,
        as she continued to blame herself,
        for a love she gave, and did not receive,
        she wanted to keep him,
        but he was not hers to keep.

Her thoughts, filled with nostalgia,
        and her heart screamed in pain,
        she gave her love on a piece of paper,
        until nothing else remained.
545 · Dec 2017
In Memory of Jay Gatsby
Scarlet M Dec 2017
He chased her like drifting clouds,
a beauty beheld, he longed for her,
adorned her with jewels, sparkling, brilliant,
like her eyes, reflected in the stars.

He filled her milieu with flowers,
and all fine things she could ever imagine
he was entirely captivated, primed to run away,
to abandon his world of riches,
for her sake and for his.

Blinded by a charm that is visible only in the eye;
forgetting the heart in which fate truly lies
he loved her genuinely,
truly, she was his paragon of happiness;
his one and only goal.

And yet he got nothing in return
not love, not her heart, nor her soul
abandoned, despised, and forgotten,
not a single stem was offered.

Now he wonders in his deep slumber,
forever mourning, and reaching,
for that green light,
a love he knew that was never meant to be his.
I'm so sorry, I just had to write this. The Great Gatsby broke me.
540 · Sep 2016
Memento Mei
Scarlet M Sep 2016
Remember Me,
             On a full bloom paradise, a sweet spring escapade,
             when the first bud flourishes,
             on the day you ended my feelings with a drought.

Remember Me,
             On a dwindling heat, a midsummer’s day,
             when the ocean wave crashes,
             with me shouting your name.

Remember Me,
             On a soft autumn breeze, a free falling dream,
             when the last leaf drops,
             together with a heart flowing on a violent stream.

Remember Me,
             On a winter solstice, a frostbitten goodnight,
             when our fragment of memories scatters in a snow-kissed temptation
             as they screamed for a horrible goodbye.
518 · Dec 2017
Scarlet M Dec 2017
Friends come and go,
they said,
I mean, sure they do
I just hope you're not one
of them.
495 · Jan 2018
The Giver
Scarlet M Jan 2018
People like us
who were born givers,
don't really
know how to love
without losing
in the process.
448 · Dec 2017
Scarlet M Dec 2017
Speak to
my soul,
and my heart
shall be
440 · Oct 2016
Scarlet M Oct 2016
She was nothing but a mere flower in your life;
         eye catching, peculiar, and interesting.

You wanted it for yourself,
         so you took it, plucked it from its safe haven;

And now that you have it,
         you have no idea how to take care of it.

Now it wither’s on your front porch,
         as it cries for the care you didn’t bother to give.
439 · Dec 2017
Scarlet M Dec 2017
You remind me
of my
that could
have been
430 · Sep 2016
What Remains
Scarlet M Sep 2016
**** my heart so
        it can live forever,
        If not in you,
        then at least in
        between the lines
        of the brokenness
        and shattered
        pieces of memories,
        and words
        I wrote for you.
417 · Jan 2018
I Am
Scarlet M Jan 2018
I am the girl
who falls in love easily
but never surely,
the kind who wears
her heart
on her sleeves
but never allows anyone
close enough
to touch it,
the type to openly say
her feelings
to the right person
and also to the wrong.  

I am the girl who
cries over the
simplest of things,
the kind who gets awed
by beautiful imperfections,
someone who drowns
in her thoughts
and finds tranquility
in the bottom.

I am the person
with a million souls
a poet with a heart
full of songs.
395 · Dec 2017
Scarlet M Dec 2017
She was
a seed
of a flower,
in the
to grow.
394 · Dec 2017
A Call from the Grave
Scarlet M Dec 2017
Talk me out of this futile
I call a dream,
pull me back from this world,
where the darkness is real
so you could hear me
help me please, help me,
silent pleas from a
dying soul
in need.
383 · Dec 2017
Scarlet M Dec 2017
Tell me, what chaos
        has made you
        an empty soulless

Tell me, what remedy
        do you seek
        to once again
        relive your
        against this ruthless
379 · Feb 2018
Scarlet M Feb 2018
Label me a hurricane if it fits,
you think I trampled
on these hearts but they are nothing
but counterfeit;
there's no way to tame
a tempest you see,
you can't blame me for being a misfit.
369 · Feb 2018
Chapter 1
Scarlet M Feb 2018
This is the ending story,
the last page of our fleeting romance,
where happiness confronts
you, right in the face
and tells you how fugitive it is,
that self-growth does not always come
with glee, but also with a price to pay.
356 · Jun 2018
Scarlet M Jun 2018
Loving him was both
      my reward and
      my greatest punishment,
      he was here,
      and then he was gone,
      and so was my heart.
353 · Sep 2016
Lull in Time
Scarlet M Sep 2016
The tips of her finger,
        they melt upon his kiss;
        she pulled away
        but her heart remained,
        her gaze burned,
        her eyebrows furrowed,
        not wanting to give herself away;
        not completely, not today.

Until the sincerity
        in his soul was felt,
        until the day comes when his hands
        would only ache for her,
        until each thread of his smile
        is weaved because of her.

Till then, she waits.
351 · Dec 2017
Christmas Carol
Scarlet M Dec 2017
Blinding lights
in chilly nights,
a soft gleam dust
in silver bites,
carols sing
upon thy dream
in praise and love
for Christ our King.
348 · Aug 2019
Close to the Bone
Scarlet M Aug 2019
I've thought about it
countless times,
how you could have just
admitted awkwardly,
that this is what we are, only ever
up to here, this overgrown unseeable
space between us
you see, perplexes me
I like you,
unuttered words
between a coward and a skeptic.
347 · Feb 2018
White Canvas
Scarlet M Feb 2018
She is a blank slate
pleasant sight of purity,
always caught in mire artistic situations,
attracts nothing but cold, grimed,
treacherous hearts,
somehow, always ends up in tainted hands,
to painters who were not meant
to hold a brush.
344 · Mar 2018
Walking Disaster
Scarlet M Mar 2018
I really wish
the universe had found
a way to let me know a bit earlier
that you were just going
to be a temporary
existence in this
permanent solitary heart,
the aftermath's pretty much the same;
well, it could be worst I mean
storms get predicted
so why can't you?
342 · Dec 2017
Defense Mechanism
Scarlet M Dec 2017
Statistics says that
there’s a 99% chance
that I might fall
in love
with you,
And I shall make use
of that 1%
to make sure that
I won’t.
336 · Mar 2018
Scarlet M Mar 2018
The pacific and the atlantic,
how ironic
it must have been
don't you think?
How the green and blue
are able to meet
at some point, but never
ever allowed to touch.
324 · Jun 2018
Scarlet M Jun 2018
They were both each other’s tragedy;
his ‘the one that got away’,
her beautiful blunder.
319 · Jan 2018
Scarlet M Jan 2018
aren't made
be kept,
to be
306 · Jan 2018
Scarlet M Jan 2018
He had the kind of smile
I would want to
take care of,
eyes that could melt
my entirety,
a voice I could listen to
forever, and a heart
I would dream to have.
303 · Sep 2017
Scarlet M Sep 2017
The heavenly bounds of Gods Kingdom
and a pit of Inferno surrounding the gates of Hell;
a thin line of boundary which separates these two worlds,
is where two dissimilar beings met.

If an Angel and a Devil were to fall in love with one another,
can their love transcend the law of heaven and hell?
This is fate’s decree:
Love can change what isn’t meant to be.
290 · Oct 2019
Scarlet M Oct 2019
a ridiculed soul deemed
trapped by society's
undefeated cruelty
vile memory repressed
still lingers in his throat
the tittering grows
as his laughter echoes
uncontrollably, resentful
and frightened
desiring only but one
semblance of normality
but humanity has
how could this world
be so ruthless to someone
who they have denied
to Youー
a man born from chaos
289 · Dec 2017
Scarlet M Dec 2017
She stares into the distance,
her eyes flickered,
the window to her soul,
dimmed little by little;
have I not bled enough? she thought.

Inside her filled with cracks,
a cage that completely lost
its resonance
drop it too quickly
and she shatters, shards piercing another.

A self destructive weapon, is what it is,
in a fit state her demons coiled;
ne’er-do-well, she mirrors herself,
considers a heart of little no value.
Nequam latin word for worthless
287 · Dec 2017
Scarlet M Dec 2017
I have colored
my life
in rainbows
once more,
the life you once
tainted in black
and sadness.
287 · Feb 2018
Scarlet M Feb 2018
If my tears could grow trees
with every drop
from the pain you caused,
the world
would flourish;
growing like the sadness
you impetuously bestowed.
284 · Jan 2018
Restricted Sentiments
Scarlet M Jan 2018
They were both
            strangely attached
            to each other,

In arms length,
            nothing more, nothing less.
284 · Sep 2017
Little Miss Heartbreaker
Scarlet M Sep 2017
For my actions, I became unaware,
        my word, for leading you into a chimera,
        I deeply regret.

A wishful thinking, fool’s paradise,
        that’s all it will ever be
        to you, and to him, to her and to this.

In a contrite tone, I say
        I hope one day they realize
        the façade I was pulling.

That the mean looking girl,
        who ran around breaking hearts
        was just as broken as they are.
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