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Scarlet M Oct 2019
a ridiculed soul deemed
trapped by society's
undefeated cruelty
vile memory repressed
still lingers in his throat
the tittering grows
as his laughter echoes
uncontrollably, resentful
and frightened
desiring only but one
semblance of normality
but humanity has
how could this world
be so ruthless to someone
who they have denied
to Youー
a man born from chaos
Scarlet M Aug 2019
I've thought about it
countless times,
how you could have just
admitted awkwardly,
that this is what we are, only ever
up to here, this overgrown unseeable
space between us
you see, perplexes me
I like you,
unuttered words
between a coward and a skeptic.
Scarlet M Aug 2019
Let's forget I ever said hello,
then play back
to the days I didn't know
that time when I didn't care
and you didn't matter.
Scarlet M Jun 2018
They were both each other’s tragedy;
his ‘the one that got away’,
her beautiful blunder.
Scarlet M Jun 2018
Loving him was both
      my reward and
      my greatest punishment,
      he was here,
      and then he was gone,
      and so was my heart.
Scarlet M Mar 2018
The pacific and the atlantic,
how ironic
it must have been
don't you think?
How the green and blue
are able to meet
at some point, but never
ever allowed to touch.
Scarlet M Mar 2018
They say all good things
must come
to an end,
but nothing about us
was even good
in the first place,
so why did we have to end?
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