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Night after night
I sink deeper and deeper
Until no one can reach me
Until I am gone from sight
And what will you do then?
Everyday makes it feel more and more like tomorrow will never come
Adrian Jan 17
When was the last time

You felt completely at ease?

For me

Five months.

My constant stress is

unsurmounted .

My desires are unattainable.

Everything is just

Out of reach.

I am over...



Mary Frances Jul 2018
You crossed my mind
and it felt right
but then I was lost
and I doubted you.

You were already beautiful
but I chose to be blind
then I caught myself
looking at someone
lesser than your shadow.

You were my regret,
my sorrowful bliss.
You were more than enough.
Now, you're out of reach.
His lips like ecstasy
Her lips cold as the Atlantic.
His breath that melts the frost
That kisses the tip of her nose.
Her eyelashes that flutter
Like a butterfly's gentle

This love was
This love was
Raging out of control and yet so beautiful.

His eyes that searched her soul.
The deep green mixing with the
Sun-kissed hazel
That flecked his irises.
The slight spatter of freckles
Stretching under her tired eyes.

This love was
This love was
Raging out of control and yet so glorious.

His hands on her waist.
Her arms around his neck.
Warmth spreading from his fingertips
Over her icy skin.
A warm current spreading across the Atlantic.

The geography out of place
The puzzles matching up right
The contrast so great.

And yet
It was all

This love was
This love was
Just out of
Open to constructive criticism x
Pagan Paul Mar 2018

I capture an image
as you flitter
through my dreams,
never resting to say hello,
never staying long enough
for me to enjoy
or appreciate your visits,
your mist like touch
as St Vitus Dance drives
you fidgeting
amongst my inner thoughts,
no care for the damage caused
nor the trails
of scented confusion,
yet wraith-like or feral ghost
your imprint leaves
traces of perfumed attention
in a tortured mind,
that linger with a hope
of a fleeting glance,
replaced with a second look,
and the tender torment
persists in the clinging grip
of pictures
sequenced to evade notice.

© Pagan Paul (05/03/18)
Scarlet M Sep 2017
Guilt ran through her body,
        as she continued to blame herself,
        for a love she gave, and did not receive,
        she wanted to keep him,
        but he was not hers to keep.

Her thoughts, filled with nostalgia,
        and her heart screamed in pain,
        she gave her love on a piece of paper,
        until nothing else remained.
insomniatrical Mar 2017
I'd give anything
If I could have her.
I'd give anything,
If she could be my world.
I'd give anything to be her man,
I'd give everything.

But she will never see me as more than I am,
A friend,
A brother,
A protector.

I will always try running from my feelings,
Taking girl after girl,
Always trying to make her jealous.

But it never works, and I end up with a broken heart.
And she has guy after guy, making me jealous every time.

I can't have her because we're too much like family,
Always close, but never close enough.
How cursed did I have to be to almost be her cousin?
If it were not for a summer love so long ago,
She would not even know me.

I wish I would never have even known her.
Like a whirlwind she came and did a number on my head,
Like a siren she calls but I can never run to her,
I can never indulge myself in her touch.
She teases without even knowing she's doing it.

I'd give anything to have never known her,
Because love never had is preferable over love always chased after.
I can never have her but she has me.

How depressing it is that I must tell you this,
If not you, then not anyone.
Besides, I would much rather profess my love to strangers than to the girl who unknowingly has my heart.
Even if she does know,
She must not think anything of it.

Because I am only her friend,
Her brother,
Her protector.
She will never see me as more than I am.
A friend of mine is going through this right now and I asked him if I could write about it.   The situation is weird.
His mother was once engaged to her uncle. They would have been cousins, but since his mother and her uncle didn't get married, they never were. Now, his mother and her uncle stayed friends. He hung out with their family so much anyways that he was basically part of the family. And she started calling him her  "brother", the protector that would beat up anyone to keep her safe.

This happened when he was around seven-eight years old. He is now 16, and has had a crush on her since he was ten. She still doesn't know.
The only reason I know is because I saw it, I could tell, and I asked him about it. He ended up confessing to me and told me not to tell anyone, especially her. Since he confided to me when we were 14, I haven't told anyone, and he continues to chase girl after girl so he can attempt to forget about her.

He's so afraid of rejection by her that he even ignores her completely when he feels he has the willpower to do so.
Kaitlin Collide Apr 2016
Oh, hello..
I ask Motivation to ravage me
So **** and out of reach
I wonder if he’ll notice me

Hey, Motivation.
Do I look **** with this Adderall?
When I dress like an adult?
When I spread my books wide open?

When I arch my back right out of bed
Does it make you want me?
Motivation, get out of my head!
I’m kidding... I like it when you taunt me.

When I think of you
I salivate
Look out my window,
watch you all day
You look so ****
that special way
You work those other students.

I’ll bite my lip and I’ll slowly crawl
Right to class, backpack and all
My eyes intense with innocence
Please don’t take your eyes off me.

Motivation, you know just what I like
When you make my grade point average rise
Look, Daddy-- my schedules so tight
But I still manage to squeeze in several hours to write

Oh Daddy…
Can I play with your friends?
Maturity, and Ambition?
I’m a spoiled brat but I’ll listen

Tie me up so I can’t deny you
Tell me “I’m gonna be inside you”
Please, Motivation I want to ride you
Have your friends watch…

After that, you can tell them to join in
So collegiate it must be a sin
I’m a ****** to this sort of thing
I guess I’ll take off my immaturity ring

For all you guys I’ll be so special
Fill my head with names until I go mental
Like “hardworking” and “determined”
Until I’m submissive to school and working.

Now let’s pretend
That I’m the student
I’ll call you sir,
Please don’t be prudent
Here’s my homework
Make me do it.

Mr. Motivation….

You know whats *****?
My bedroom floor.
Here I’ll  bend over
And clean it more.

My goodness, this isn’t like me!
I’m married! Don’t you see?
This is merely fantasy!
I’m incapable of priorities!

…When it’s against to whom I’m wed.

For now I’ll ride my washing machine
I’m faking that I am with thee
But this isn’t homework and my room’s not clean
I am just a bored wife of Apathy.
Tahirih Manoo Jun 2015
I see it!
I run!
I leap!
I fall!
I am unconscious!
I'm awake!
I have lost the rainbow from sight!
I close my eyes!
I peek!
I wait for another rainbow!
I'm old!
Time is up!
Only to realise there was never a rainbow.
1:24am,  Wednesday,  24th June,  2015.

— The End —