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zan Mar 2017
a constellation full of stars and planets,
a love full of majestic feelings.
a one sided love that cannot be seen,
a friend that "i" only matters to him.
zan Mar 2017
he was her world, her whole life depends on him. She didn't care about the ups and downs, hell or disaster. He was her happiness.

but he didn't pay attention to any of it. For him, she was dull, empty and raw. Like she was the core of the earth or even the asteroids—a pest to the universe. for him, she was madness.

their feelings are both opposite. it was like hate and love trying to bond each other. like a volcano erupting but it was insanely beautiful.

the more you hate, the more you love—a myth from our ancestors.

hopefully destiny can find true love. hopefully he will realize how pure and lovely she is. hopefully they find true love to each other.
bones Jan 2017
I avoided you all week long.
All week.
It was hard,but I did it.
I avoided you because I had to face the fact that in 9 months I had to live life without you in it.
Then today came.
I heard you laugh for the first time in a week.
And I just lost my ****.
I cried.
I cried because the days were going by so fast.
I cried because you make me so happy and unhappy at the same time.
I cried because I love you so much and you don't even give two *****.
I cried because I love you more than I love myself.
I cried for my love that is unable to scream out loud.
I cried because I knew that we were never meant to be and that was that.
bones Jan 2017
They say you don't know what you have until it's gone.
But what about the people that do know?
The people that just have to sit there waiting and watching helplessly as the only thing that's keeping them from going insane is walking away from them.
Isn't it much worse for them?
Scribbles99 Oct 2016
Before killing him,
your last moments flashed.

Those despairing eyes,
that begging grasp you died with,
and it hit me.
At that moment,
I finally understood.

It never brooded
you don't want me
to avenge your unjustified death.
I didn't know
you'll realize before anyone
I'll slowly embrace a hideous monster
and torture those who tortured you.

I pulled the trigger and fired.
I can't go back.
I've came a very long way
and can't go back now.

I avenged your death
and avenged my pain
                           and lost myself forever.
Scarlet M Sep 2016
Once, a boy came, new to the coast
tall figure, his skin supple dusted with white,
he was silent at times, quite
sometimes laughing like a child,
vulnerable yet strong, she sees.

The mermaid was in awe, but she didn’t realize,
a crashing wave, that’s what he is.
Day by day, she drowned herself
In thoughts under her ocean dream;
baffled by his presence, in doubt she continued.

On the third tide of their apogee,
without warning the boy vanished,
like a wind, leaving no trace, not a foam.
Devastated, in losing her one precious pearl,
the mermaid cried in remorse.

Every night she sang to the skies,
until she felt an ethereal glow,
deep down she knew
what was needed to be said.
A celestial granted, for once again they met.

In valor with trembling hands, a note she had professed.
Prospective and believing still
the prince she had wished for,
turned out to be nothing but a loving sin.
The mermaid smiled as she disappeared into the sea
with every song now comes a broken, and shattered dream.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2016
I just want it to happen
Like it's a work of magic.
Like some kind of miracle
That cancels all that is tragic.
A spontaneous kind of thing
Without me saying a word
As if you read my very thoughts
As if somehow you heard.

It's a hope I've had all my life.
The perfect lover comes along
Saying exactly what I need to hear
Never puts one foot wrong.
Someone proud to be by my side
That I never have to show the way
And stay beside me as I sleep
At the end of every perfect day.

Because I can't stand any more
Of the things I've had to bear.
The many kinds of disrespect
And the obvious lack of care.
I need that someone special
Who has the gift of giving.
Who sees in me perfection
Your world, life, and everything.

I've had too much of the rest
The other kind of love affair
Where I am just a stopgap
They didn't ever really care.
The love I am looking for
And who you just have to be
Is the soul of romanatic essence,
Absolute perfection, like me.
Dhaye Margaux Apr 2016
I hugged you.
You kissed her.
A written exercise.
JT Dayt Dec 2015
You always give
He receives
You're always there for him
He's rarely present for you

Is this one-sided?

You give time
but he's too busy
You try to make him laugh
but he's not happy

You're expecting
You're waiting
But you know very well
It is unrequited

For this love will only be true to you
But will never be to him

Remember, this is one-sided.
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