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teaxstains Jul 1
It's been a long time since I've been to church

My horns are starting to grow back again

I'm back, *******

Well, well...

Missed me?

Relax. There's plenty of me to go around

Enough to keep you coming back for seconds

That's all I ever do.

The thing about a Jezebel is that she's been through stuff

So she's more streetwise and seasoned

With fault and reasoning

To make you keep coming back for more

Ruths are plain and bland

Uncooked meat

Raw and salmonella-inducing

Makes you puke on the spot and swear off meat forever

Turning vegan

Swearing off the word

Turning heathen
k e i Apr 28
hey it's 3:56 am and by now we'd be talking with ramblings from our insomniac minds. i promise i'm not ignoring you despite the non reply to your message hours ago. it's actually hurts when i think about how you'd never see this, us more than this and i'm more than grateful that we're friends but can we maybe try to be something more? can you hold me , look me in the eyes and try to see if you could love me, if i can grant you absolution, make the pain she left vanish? sometimes i think you might feel something for me too but i don't know it might just be the haze surrounding my thoughts. can we at least try? i hope you'll answer. call me back as soon as you get this.
-can we mimic two lovers and how they prove their love under the witness of the moon goddess?
carmen Mar 24
we are the champion kids,
mean starry-eyed gangster babies,
fresh from the trailer park;
soaking up diamanté danger
in glittering pink sequin bikinis
and rhinestone cowboy hats.
sunset swinging boricua gold hips,
robbers dripping virginal deceit as
'nilla ice cream coats fruit punch lips,
sighing softly under neon moonlight
as we stumble through camelot,
drunk off the fumes of the city.

hollywood heavenly stars light up
our flesh and the fake palm trees
at the 76, a true downriver delight.
degenerate beauty queens beaten blue
by cinema kings craving insanity
and perfection in sweet cocaina lines,
selling our souls to weekly devils
for a big shot of treasure trove ***.

chain-smoking cigarettes because he
called me his pretty little gangster baby;
lazily watching him fly through traffic,
i love his rollercoaster disco mind.
falling in and falling out of the world,
floating across the sparkling nebulae
as he waves his pistol and blue paper
in my face, hoping i'll awaken from
dope saturated celluloid dreams.
praying my baby will come back to me
from the crackhouse down the street;
she smiles to the world, but i can see
the tear stains on her golden cheeks.
wyoming street with the disco queens
hillbilly jim and dizzy rascal singing sweet
this trailer trash land is paradise to me
carmen Mar 11
he’s larger than life,
a caricature of patriotism
in a thompson-esque world
of mania and devilish charm.
one hand on my waist,
the other on his new pistol;
puts me in a trance
watching him smoke cuban missiles.
sirens crying out at sea
won’t lure him into turquoise waves.
swears he’s from the tribe
that calls appalachia home,
but the mountains vehemently refuse;
cherokee roots thatta ways don’t grow.
i wished for his violent affection;
it felt like heaven’s projection,
but when i found a life worth living for
freedom he wasn’t willing to award.
swore he’d buy me the stars and
bestow a nomadic nebula to me,
but only if i sold him my soul
and gave him my castle’s key.
no amount of holy white flames
will devour the fingerprints and dirt
he coated my exquisite flesh in,
but i can paint them to show
the horrors from which i’ll grow.
strangled up in ivy and a kaleidoscopic spin,
breathing my vows while he dips me, achilles,
in that vile city river of sin.
u gave me the fear, i gave u the loathing
Aki Feb 18
in the grave
going under
my mind starts to blunder
the shouting never rests
my body is shaking
the heart breaking apart
Aki Jan 28
I think I want to disappear
she said that all I do
is disappear
it couldn't be anymore clear
that I'm not needed here
my fears
were what turned to be truth
all I needed was
to hear it from you
all I seem to do is run
but now I'm permanently faded away
Aki Jan 24
She led him dead
He said "We bled"
She said “Not fed”
Aki Jan 22
lately i have been crying
for things that are dying
changes are crashing in
the tide has become too deep
buried under the sand
i continue to weep

inside my heart
there have been multiple
those have passed by
stopping at the bus stop
to get off
and never return

wires in my brain
tell me i'm insane
i dare you tell me i'm insane
i know i'm far gone
Aki Jan 16
how is it I'm so uneasy
how is it that you've been fine
life reveals what it's dealt through seasons
circle comes around each time

you're above
over me
you're feeling the love
craving unconditional love
inspired by Mad Season "I'm Above"
shiv Dec 2019
And i want to drown in something other than you
I want to meet god on her throne and not wish
I was anywhere else with you.

And i want to be someone else
Who does not dream of your love
And wake up crying with the bed cold.
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