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Oculi Aug 2021
Low down in the dirt and silt,
Buried hatchet, blade and hilt,
Armor without sparkling gold,
Body taken o'er by mold.

'Tis the flesh and blood of him,
Ignatius, whose body dim.
But mind so sharp it cut through tin,
Forgotten now by all his kin.

Forgotten by himself, as well,
All't remains; the bronzen bell.
That rang when beastly men he fell
And sent nations to fiery hell:

He died not as he lived before,
Not on the fields of battle evermore;
Killed, he was, by a simple thing:
A mind destroyed by a ceaseless ring.

And thus, all that remains are the corpses,
The blood and gore, the slain forces.
And a man who could not be destroyed,
Lest it be by his own body.

But we shant forget the legacy
We shall compose a threnody
For to forget is but heresy
Remember our simple knight.
I wrote this, after weeks of thinking about it, in memory of one of my friends. He was one of the strongest people I knew, and a great friend, taken all too soon by cancer. Rest in peace.
The last line's abruptness is on purpose, as I think it befits the way he left us.
Chris Saitta May 2021
I failed to love round, but fallen flat,
My head slumps down, over an ancient map,
My eyes roll back, over the mappa mundi verge,
Where waterfalls purl, and the sea serpent-sleep lies curled.
Mappa mundi are surviving Medieval maps of the world that often depicted sea monsters and dragons.  In spite of a common belief, most educated Medieval classes did not think the earth was flat (known as the Flat Earth myth) nor did most scholars from the classic Greek period on.  Similarly, no old world map contains the exact phrase “Here Be Dragons” to connote uncharted territories, though dragons and sea monsters often allegorically depicted the same.
Winnalynn Wood Apr 2021
The riders gleaming golden saddle
Hides the swirling, eternal battles

Fought within the bravest minds
Surfacing amongst the worst times

Laid bare to eyes they’ll never be
Imaginations one will never see
I wrote this to describe moments of anxiety that can be too much and overwhelming
Svetoslav Apr 2021
Here our soldiers stand.
Waiting in a line to hear the battle cry
She is ready to lead her warriors to victory.
Sounds of warcries fill the air in the icy Northrend.
From distant lands, lots of new races are there to ally
This is the place where they will make history.
A history for new generations to remember
An ember in the ashes of dark ages
The time is finally here.

Thousands of undead flow upon her army
She doesn't flinch, while rallying the human flag.
"Freedom is here! It is in our heads and our hearts, Raise your hands for victory is near." She said.
****** battle took place, as the undead warriors decreased faster than her warriors

At the next moment they won, it was a small step for them,
but a giant leap for mankind
Everyone was celebrating...
Then, out of nowhere a traitor stabbed her in the back. She sadly couldn't make it, and she embraced the black. Her sacrifice brought a new page in the history of the kingdom of Agerron.
21 lines, 177 words
If you are curious, know that Northrend is a continent in Warcraft 3, and the undead a race there. Also the kingdom of Agerron is made by me and my friend for the game.
Svetoslav Feb 2021
Walls of antiquity covered in green plants,
while hidden treasures are waiting to be found.
Rocky road leads every interested person
to uncover this mystery of history.

That's the Green castle,
sculpted by talented architects
millenniums ago will still remain stunning
in the eyes of the passer by for the rest to come.

With fields of tulips and a golden sunset,
piercing the flags of grass of the sunny gate
and solid foundations clung to the bowels of earth,
the castle changes its shades through the seasons.
Translated from Bulgarian
by Svetli
xjf Feb 2021
Sitting here
in my cardboard abode
I found it to be laborious
and a hassle
to find my joys hidden
in forbidden code

I've made my peace
with being this castles rascal


T­he bile tongued prince
sat upon his minced words
trying to dismiss the news
that he had heard
But the taunting is ever present
To think that all this haunting
was brought on by the peasants

The advisor was all the wiser
for remaining silent
He'd learned his words
are sometimes better unspent
Letting youth flap carelessly
like the sigil above the hall
With a clap and a tap
the prince barks to answer the call

He seemed hesitant
as any should be in this time
He bluffed confidence
as he declared the act a crime  

So pick up arms
This burden befalls on all
who can woo
No telling by the yelling
on how many sons
mothers went through
Red and black
a snake like tide
walked and waved
as it passed through the gate
A shimmering glide
the baking sun glinted
off every single armor plate
Acting accountant
for how many would be lost
The sun an abacus
showing what it would cost    

To war
Maya Jan 2021
In the time of love,
I am locked in a dungeon.
My heart is bleeding from the silver chains.
Then, small slight steps approach the bars of hate.
Your eyes stared into mine.
A fairy-tale with no true beginning.
Abner Ros Nov 2020
Surrounding the family of six was a woodland,
shrouded in shrubbery and
trees which seemingly rose upward forever,
linking the earth to the heavens.
The forest wrapped around the castle like a bandage on a wound,
isolating them from those far beyond the greenery and
obscuring the perfect orange circle which did not
shine upon the bitter Hold.
Charlotte Huston Sep 2020
Our love was a BATTLE;
Between our two hearts
Swords clashed together
Of clanging steel

I refused to bow,
To your royal seal
My sword raised
And cut our love in two;

The battle ceased,
Victory rang prosy
And all I feel
Pain -
Of what I had to undo
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